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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:12:47 PM

Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032 – Between life and death (4)

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If all three of them were killed together, then it would be fine, but Nangong Liuyun just so happened to let one go .

Su Luo knew—considering Nangong Liuyun's strength, knowledge and experience, how could he have let one go?

It was because he had seen her in danger that he had abandoned the third Snow Lion and turned around to save her .

Nangong Liuyun sent an endless stream of spirit strength from his palm to Su Luo's chest cavity .

Originally, after soaking in Grandmaster Rong Yun's medicinal bath for seven days, Su Luo's body had already gotten a little better and no longer needed to have spirit strength injected into her everyday .

However, after going through this battle, Su Luo's body returned to the state it was before her liberation from the bath . In a single night, beaten back to its previous state .

At this moment, a lustrous radiance circulated between the two figures, as spiritual energy flowed all over the place .

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Yet, speaking of that snowy mountain peak…

Li Yaoyao watched everything unfold before her eyes with a dumbstruck expression . It was simply too hard to believe .

She stared until Situ Ming once again called her name .

"Yaoyao, Yaoyao——"

At this time, Li Yaoyao had already bitten her lip until a trace of blood appeared .

"Why is it like this…?" Li Yaoyao's figure trembled slightly, almost on the verge of collapse .

Her voice was very soft, as if asking a question, but also seemed as if she was muttering to herself .

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At this moment, she was engrossed in her own world . Confused and in disbelief, no matter what, she couldn't walk out of it .

Situ Ming's heart ached as he watched the Li Yaoyao before him, unsure how to comfort her .

"Why? Why didn't she die? Why?!" Li Yaoyao frantically shook Situ Ming's arms with great strength in her grip, nearly pinching into Situ Ming's flesh .

"Little Junior Sister, calm down, calm down!" Situ Ming stroked Li Yaoyao's hair, consoling her in a soft tone, "The matter is already like this, you should just accept the reality . "

The fact that Su Luo wasn't killed allowed Situ Ming to let out a breath of relief inwardly .

Because, when he saw Su Luo, he would always think of his master's secretive, measuring and mysterious eyes .

Every time he thought of Master, his heart couldn't help but to hold Master in high esteem and to revere him .

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"Second Senior Brother! I'm unwilling to accept this! I'm really unwilling to accept this!" Li Yaoyao's pair of eyes was scarlet red, deranged like a lunatic .

"Yaoyao, how can your…" appearance become like this now?

The second half of his sentence—Situ Ming's mouth opened slightly, but couldn't say a word . He was afraid he would hurt Li Yaoyao .

"Second Senior Brother, help me! Help me one more time, okay?" Li Yaoyao continuously beseeched him, both of her eyes were full of appeal, hope and expectation .

But Situ Ming slowly turned his face away .

"Second Senior Brother, even you don't like me anymore? Boo hoo——" Li Yaoyao pulled out her final trump card . Crying with the tear-stained face of a beauty, she looked very pitiful .

How could Situ Ming endure the pleas and tears of his goddess?

His stroked Li Yaoyao's soft hair and finally made a firm resolution: "Don't cry anymore . Second Senior Brother promises you, okay . "

Situ Ming suddenly thought of his master's pair of deep, pitch-black eyes .

However, he deliberately ignored it .

What could be more important than Little Junior Sister's smiling face?

"Second Senior Brother treats me the best!" Li Yaoyao sniffled as she got rid of her tears and smiled . She pulled on Situ Ming's arm intimately, acting like a spoiled child as she rubbed against him, "With Second Senior Brother by Yaoyao's side, then Yaoyao won't be afraid of anything . "

Looking at this childish girl before him, Situ Ming laughed bitterly again and again . If he was really this great, then why didn't this girl choose him instead?

At this time, Situ Ming, who was gazing at Li Yaoyao with deep emotions—the hand at his side clenched tightly into a fist .

Everything he did was by following his heart . It shouldn't be… wrong, right?

However, Situ Ming had never expected how the person he gave everything to love, cherish and protect, would ultimately treat him in the not-too-distant future .