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Chapter 106

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Chapter 106 – Shaken to the core (4)

Recalling the Venerable divine dragon’s warning, Su Luo just wanted to spit out blood . Now, her life was inseparably linked with the adorable little dragon’s . If the adorable little dragon was harmed in any way, then she would lose her life .

Su Luo became aware of her body’s fatigue and the grumbling sounds coming from her own stomach . After a restless night of being chased by people intent on killing her, Su Luo was so famished that her rib cage was almost visible .

She placed the adorable little dragon on the ground, letting it run around and play .

Su Luo took out the magical beast eggs left over from yesterday’s meal . She dug a pit, placed the eggs inside, and covered them . Then she used a small fire to slowly bake the eggs .

Having finished setting everything up, Su Luo now had time to check up on the adorable little dragon .

After seeing the adorable little dragon’s actions, Su Luo had a strong urge to throw her hands in the air or slap her own forehead in mortification——

Couldn’t this little guy play with anything else? It had actually decided to go and chase after butterflies!

If the adorable little dragon was simply chasing after butterflies then that wouldn’t be a problem . However, the way the little guy went about it was anything but ordinary .

Its thin little legs wobbled and swayed as it bounced after the butterfly . Seeing that the butterfly was about to fly out of its line of sight, a mouthful of Dragon’s Breath containing fire puffed out . Immediately, the pitiful butterfly was reduced to ashes and blown away .

But, the little guy didn’t seem to understand what had happened .

The adorable little dragon looked in all directions searching for the butterfly that had already been toasted by his Dragon’s Breath . The little guy looked until he became quite desperate but still couldn’t find the butterfly . Consequently, the adorable little dragon’s pair of huge limpid and bright eyes contained a pitiful expression . It ran with trembling and staggering steps into Su Luo’s embrace to complain .

Su Luo didn’t even have enough energy to scold the little dragon . She could only extend two fingers and poke its head without much strength while saying only three words . “You little idiot!”

Wasn’t it said that when baby dragons were hatched, their minds already contained inherited knowledge? Weren’t they supposed to be very intelligent, full of wisdom and foresight? Why was it that her contracted little divine dragon seemed like an ignorant infant that hasn’t even been weaned yet?

A gloomy thought appeared in Su Luo’s mind . Could it be that this little guy’s intellect was so low that his dragon father wasn’t being generous when abandoning him in her care?

The little guy was unaware of the doubts going through his new owner’s head . At this moment, his little paws had dug out a magical beast’s egg that was bigger than his head . The little dragon simply opened its mouth wide and swallowed the entire egg in one mouthful .

By the time Su Luo noticed this, it was already too late… .

“My–morning—meal!” Three lines of veins burst out from Su Luo’s forehead .

“Whimper, whimper~~~~” The adorable little dragon’s pair of huge eyes had a bewildered and lost expression as it looked at Su Luo . His little tongue was still licking its lips while the little dragon grumbled in Su Luo’s head . “Hungry, eat . ”

Su Luo recalled the Venerable divine dragon’s decree . Her heart suddenly felt guilty as if she had committed a crime .

After all, the Venerable divine dragon had given her a piece of jade as payment for raising this little guy . How could she let his son go hungry?

Su Luo very quickly hunted down a rabbit and bought it back . After skinning and washing the rabbit clean, she stuffed its abdominal cavity with Red-root Gromwell and other types of flavoring herbs . She also rubbed a layer of cumin on the rabbit’s skin before finally piercing it with a twig so she could slowly roast it over the fire .

While Su Luo was roasting the rabbit, she was also instructing the adorable little dragon . “Be good and wait a little bit . It will be ready to eat soon . ”

“Awooo, awoo~~~~” Little Meng Meng in a human-like manner sat on Su Luo’s lap . Both of his little paws was placed on each side of its chin, sniffing the fragrant scent of barbecuing meat and watching the meat making sizzling sounds . Its pair of star-like eyes were filled with great anticipation and expectation .

“Oh, almost ready . ” Su Luo watched the oil sizzling on the roasting rabbit with a very good mood .

“Awoo, awoo~~~~~” A silvery line of saliva hung at the corner of little Meng Meng’s mouth . The smell was very appetizing, the little dragon really wanted to eat the meat… .

Suddenly, little Meng Meng’s nose began to itch . It became more and more itchy…

“Achoo——” A stream of Dragon’s Breath puffed out without warning .

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