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Chapter 1257

Chapter 1257 – A matter of life or death (1)

"What's going on, ah?" Like a curious baby, Beichen Ying stood on the tips of his toes and looked around in all directions . When he finished doing that, he even jumped up on a tree and looked towards the east .

"It's definitely Old Man Mo howling madly . " The corners of Su Luo's lips raised into a complacent smile .

Consequently, Su Luo seized this opportunity to tell the others about the sinister thing she did to Old Man Mo .

Su Luo had always been an eloquent speaker . On top of that, this matter was to the satisfaction of everyone . As a result, Beichen Ying and Zi Yan listened until they were fired up, wishing they could personally go and tease Old Man Mo until he ran around in circles .

"Really fun! Simply too amusing!" Zi Yan waved her fist around excitedly, her eyes twinkling like stars, "How unfortunate . At that time, why wasn't I at the scene? If I could personally see that Old Ancestor Mo, who always had his nostrils pointed up to the sky, eat a loss, how amusing would that be?!"

Nangong Liuyun stroked Su Luo's head helplessly . With regards to this girl, he was simply speechless . If she wanted to play with fire, then fine . However, to think that she went as far as to set the forest on fire…

"Girl, don't tell me you don't know what is called playing with fire?" Nangong Liuyun's words carried a touch of helplessness .

"Huh?" Su Luo glanced back at him in puzzlement, the bewilderment clear in her eyes .

Nangong Liuyun explained patiently while stressing each word, "The Divine Spirit Tree was dug out by you . All the elixirs inside the Central Palace's Treasure Storage Pavilion were also all taken by you . Now, Old Ancestor Mo is ill . You say, what do you think Central Palace will do?"

Zi Yan, in a schadenfreude manner, said: "Haha, to not have spirit medicines at the crucial moment, also serves that Old Ancestor Mo right!"

Nangong Liuyun knocked Zi Yan's head unhappily, "Spirit medicine? Right now, there's a living spirit medicine right before our eyes . "

Very clearly, these few excited guys had forgotten about Su Luo's situation quite thoroughly .

"Ah!!!" Beichen Ying returned to his senses and immediately shrieked, "Right now, Luo Luo is the only elixir . Then doesn't that mean——"

Beichen Ying's pair of bright, pure, and limpid like glass eyes, stared at Su Luo foolishly and blankly .

Su Luo immediately stiffened on the spot .

She… she… she… had actually forgotten… this… matter… entirely!

Right now, Old Ancestor Mo was ill, and Central Palace didn't have any spirit medicine they could take out . So, wouldn't they directly set their plans on her? Su Luo pulled her hair in annoyance .

If she had known earlier that it would be like this, then she would have left a bit of spirit medicine for treating the mind . Unfortunately, it was too late to do anything now .

"He came, he came, he came!" Beichen Ying nervously made a big fuss, "The First Elder just came over!"

Beichen Ying's words had just finished, when First Elder appeared before everyone .

The First Elder's expression was black, his ice-cold gaze stared at Su Luo like a viper . Traces of dark radiance flickered in his eyes .

"What do you want to do?" Beichen Ying took a step forward, blocking the completely unconcealed gaze which the First Elder used to look at Su Luo .

Su Luo felt a chill in her heart . First Elder had arrived very quickly, and seeing his appearance, there was no leeway to discuss this issue .

Su Luo was afraid Beichen Ying would get hurt by accident, so she walked out from behind him and looked at First Elder with a water-like shallow gaze . Although, in terms of strength, Su Luo wasn't a match for this First Eder, but the expert aura she was emitting from her whole body, gave birth to a restraining fear in people .

First Elder was slightly shaken by Su Luo's gaze . When he opened his eyes wider to take another look, that kingly power pressing down on him had vanished without a trace .

"Su girl, take a walk with this elder . " The First Elder turned around and wanted to pull Su Luo away . However, before his hand could touch Su Luo's right arm, he was obstructed by someone .

Nangong Liuyun hooked his lips up into a smile that wasn't a smile . His distinctly handsome appearance carried a hint of cold intent: "First Elder came here so hurriedly, don't know what brought you here?"

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