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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:09:09 PM

Chapter 1267

Chapter 1267 – Strike first to gain the upper hand (4)

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Su Luo raised her lips into a ghost of a smile, "So?"

"So! The person that stole the Divine Spirit Tree was you! The person that robbed the Treasure Storage Pavilion was also you!" Mo Yunqing's eyes were brimming with indignation, her eyes very fiercely condemning Su Luo .

It had to be said, Mo Yunqing had successfully guessed the truth correctly by a stroke of luck .

Only, this act was like adultery, if they weren't caught in the act, who would admit to it ah? Our clever Miss Su certainly would deny it to the end and would even counter-attack .

"Clap, clap, clap——" Su Luo unhurriedly clapped .

Seeing this calm and composed appearance of Su Luo's, Mo Yunqing was angered until she laughed and said in a cold, furious tone: "What are you mocking at?"

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Su Luo very innocently spread open her hands: "Where does it seem as if I'm mocking ah? You have made me seem so godlike, brave and without a rival, peerless under the heavens . I am just applauding to express my thanks, right?"

"You——!!!" Mo Yunqing glared at Su Luo, panting with rage .

"Steal the Divine Spirit Tree? Rob the Treasure Storage Pavilion?" Su Luo drew close to Mo Yunqing, step by step, the sneer in her eyes becoming clearer, "Is it you that imagined me to be so awesome, or is your Central Palace's defense like soybean pulp?"

"You!" Mo Yunqing angrily pointed at Su Luo, but was unable to say anything .

She was unable to refute every word Su Luo had said!

Su Luo cynically cast her a glance: "Mo Yunqing, you can't refute it right?"

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Mo Yunqing glared at Su Luo resentfully!

"Yes, just now, a large part of it were just my guesses, but Su Luo, you can't deny the matter of you being able to teleport, this, I have seen with my own eyes! Humph, I'll going to tell Daddy this right now!" Mo Yunqing lifted her foot and was just about to leave .

A space mage, how important was this for the entire continent? Su Luo clearly was Central Palace's enemy, could it be that they still would tolerate it and let her mature? This kind of person, naturally . should be exterminated early in the cradle . Mo Yunqing believed that her wise and good at martial arts daddy would certainly think the same as her .

However, Mo Yunqing had only walked two steps away, when her entire body suddenly stood rigidly to the spot .

Because that Cheng Ying Sword in Su Luo's hand directly pierced through her chest from her back, completely passing through .

Mo Yunqing was immediately struck dumb, she lowered her head to look at the sword point that penetrated out, and she turned her head in disbelief, staring at Su Luo: "You…Dare…Kill…Me?"

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Su Luo sneeringly curled her lips: "Some people really are extremely interesting . You are being killed and would actually still say, 'you dare kill me'?"

"You——" Mo Yunqing only felt the qi and blood fiercely roll over and over in her chest!

She was the grand Third Miss of Central Palace, she was usually the favorite of Elder Ancestor in the grandchildren generation . She was the little princess of the entire Central Palace, who didn't cup her in the palm of their hand and spoil her? Not even her dad would dare to speak a harsh word to her, but now, her body was directly impaled through by someone……

She was about to die……

Once she thought of this fact, Mo Yunqing's entire body was about to collapse .

"Su…Luo…I…Hate…You…" Mo Yunqing's figure swayed and almost fell .

The corner of Su Luo's mouth curved up, her expression like solidified ice, while the bottom of her eyes had a thick chill: "Hate, then hate, you dying is always better than me dying . "

If the matter of her being a space mage was to spread out, if the matter of her being able to teleport was spread out, the previous matter of stealing the Divine Spirit Tree and robbing the treasure storage pavilion could completely be found out . After all, Palace Master Mo wouldn't be as retarded as Mo Yunqing .

So, rather than let Mo Yunqing go tell on her and cause her death, it would be better for her to strike first to gain the upper hand .

As a result, as Mo Yunqing was turning around, Su Luo, without the slightest hesitation, ordered Cheng Ying Sword to strike . Cheng Ying Sword also didn't fail to live up to her expectations, with one strike, it penetrated Mo Yunqing's back, through to her chest . Moreover, it pierced through the center of her heart .


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