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Chapter 1295
Chapter 1295 – Clear Spirit Pool (4)

Therefore, these wind knives were blocked by the guards .

Nangong Liuyun deliberately exposed a flaw, and his figure flashed by as he then turned to run!

"There's an assassin! Quickly, go chase after the assassin!" The captain of the guards shouted .

All the ten sentries in the open didn't move, the hidden sentries received the captain of the guard's order, and one after another, shot towards mid-air like the legendary bird spreading its wings, and chased after that strange figure to kill .

Speaking of Su Luo's side .

She had used the moment when these guards' eyesight was blocked by Nangong Liuyun's wind knife earlier, and quickly flew into the gate .

Because Su Luo used Nothingness of Space to envelop her body, so, this difficult step for many people, was easy for her .

Many people were trapped on the side of the iron lock, but this simply was not a concern for Su Luo .

But this skill, besides Su Luo, very few people knew of it . These guards outside the gate certainly didn't know this .

Guard A was puzzled endlessly: "Just now, was that assassin trying to create a diversion? Is it possible someone ran into the Temple?"

Guard B rightfully answered: "What the fart is the use of creating a diversion? Our Clear Spirit Palace's lock is made by the number one locksmith in this world . Unless you have the key, otherwise, no one should even think of entering . "

Guard C agreed with what Guard B said: "That's right, this lock, no one can open without the elder committee's agreement . Therefore, Buddy A ah, you should stop worrying that the sky is falling . "

Inside, separated by the gate, Su Luo covered her mouth and started to laugh softly .

She had clearly entered, and they still confidently said that it was simply impossible for someone to enter . Just let these confused eggs think like this, it also made it less troublesome for her .

However, when thinking of Nangong Liuyun, Su Luo could no longer laugh anymore . Don't know how he was doing now .

But with his current strength, as long as he didn't meet that old madman, he ought to be able to deal with all kind of situations .

When Su Luo thought of Nangong Liuyun's superb IQ, she immediately felt relieved . Nangong Liuyun was the kind of awesome character that, even if all the people in the world died, he could still sit there, calmly drinking tea . Not to mention his military strength, just his wise, farsighted and shrewd schemes could kill off a large area .

Therefore, instead of worrying about Nangong Liuyun, she should first worry about her own situation .

After laying down the worry in her heart, Su Luo started to inspect the surrounding environment .

Inside the Clear Spirit Palace, there was nothing around, it was just the huge surface of a lake . Presumably, it was because first, there was this lake, then after, the Clear Spirit Palace was built along the lake .

But comparing to the azure lake outside, this lake water was too… . . strange, right?

It actually was an surface of bloody red-colored lake water .

Although it was clear, because of its crimson color, one simply could not see to its bottom .

Su Luo lifted up a handful of water and sniffed it, before she was somewhat reassured . Fortunately, this wasn't blood, there was no strong odor of blood .

Without Snow Spirit Crystal Stones, this Clear Spirit Pool, with regards to Su Luo, was useless .

Su Luo sat along the lake's shore, her two little feet crossed and stuck into the water's surface, and entertained herself happily .

At this point, a small sound came from outside the door .

"Did you guys hear it? There seem to be sounds coming from inside . " Guard A always felt that someone had ran inside .

"What sound? Is it because your ears are having hallucinations?" Guard B, from the beginning, firmly believed that no one ran inside .

"There isn't even a ghost inside, how could there be a sound?" Guard C still firmly stood on Guard B's side .