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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:09:02 AM

Chapter 137

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Chapter 137 – To have come about with no effort (5)

“A man of character once said that promises must be kept . ” Su Luo smiled slyly .

“Fine, whoever renegades on the promise is a little dog!”

A devious smile appeared in Su Luo’s eyes, she laughingly opened the sack and unhurriedly pulled out a green-colored crystal stone . She proudly waved it in front of Ling Feng . “See here, such a beautiful green-colored crystal stone . Someone actually said that he doesn’t want it . ”

Such a verdant and glistening green, the green was dazzling to the eyes .

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Ling Feng stared with astonishment at the sparkling and translucent green-colored crystal stone in Su Luo’s hand . In the next second, a joyful ecstasy flashed through his eyes . He snatched the green-colored crystal stone from Su Luo’s hand, and unable to contain his joy, said . “ It truly is! It actually is a green-colored crystal stone!”

“That’s right, even you admit it? I say, Ling Feng you slave, shouldn’t you now be carrying over some tea and start pouring some for me, your master?” Su Luo leisurely sat on the stone bench in the courtyard, her face smiling with a manner showing that she had gotten away with an evil scheme .

Since the beginning, Ling Feng had an attitude towards her of finding fault from her nose to her eyes . Now it was all well and good, he was trapped by his own words .

Embarrassment flashed across Ling Feng’s ice-cold face, however, emotionless cold people deserved to be called thick-skinned . He automatically ignored Su Luo’s words and yelled loudly at her . “Only one? Is there more? Where did you get it?”

Su Luo merely fiddled around with the bag, not saying a word and just smiled .

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Ling Feng was naturally a wise person, he snatched the bag from her hand, and directly opened it to look inside .

With just one glance, he immediately became dumbfounded!

How, how could it be! How could such an ordinary cotton bag be stuffed with such priceless crystal stones?

It was not limited to just green-colored crystal stones, but it even contained cyan-colored crystal stones? No, no, no, that was clearly blue-colored…it couldn’t really be a blue-colored crystal stone right?

Ling Feng felt that his brain was about to quickly explode . He stupidly stood there and idiotically stared at those exceptionally rare crystal stones . Once again, he dazedly lifted up his head to stare at Su Luo .

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Even such an ice-cold and cheerless man, couldn’t speak clearly . “ This, all of this, all of this is from, where is it from?”

From this, it was sufficient to see how moved and excited he was .

Su Luo casually waved her hand, she calmly shot him a quick glance, while even putting on an appearance that showed she did not care even a bit . “Isn’t it just a few worn out stones? Look at you, how can you be so excited to such an extent?”

“Worn, worn out stones!” Ling Feng’s first reaction was to cut open this fourth miss from the Su family’s head to have a look inside . How was her brain constructed? She had actually said that these crystal stones were worn out stones!

“What, aren’t they worn out stones?” Su Luo’s smile was very infuriating, it was the very model of someone having taken convenient advantage and flaunting it .

“Do you know, by adding together all the crystal stones in here, it is enough to buy an entire city!” Ling Feng reproached her loudly . “Do you know, His Highness, in order to obtain one blue-colored crystal stone, how much had he spent on manpower and physical resources, and yet he still couldn’t get one . You can actually say that it is a worn out stone! Do you know, just this one blue-colored crystal stone, is sufficient to cause a lot of sects to fight over it? Do you know… . ”

“Stop——” Su Luo made a ‘stop’ hand gesture . “I don’t know anything, but I only know one thing, if you continue to yell loudly, then you won’t be able to safeguard these crystal stones . ”

Immediately, Ling Feng’s excitement came to a grinding halt .

He inhaled deeply, he controlled his excessively excited mood . Afterwards, with trembling hands, he counted one by one the crystal stones in the bag .

He counted no less than ten times before finally confirming . “One piece of blue crystal stone is equivalent to twenty-five pieces of green-colored crystal stone . Three cyan-colored crystal stone is equivalent to fifteen green-colored crystal stones . Moreover there was an additional five pieces of green-colored crystal stones…”

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