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Chapter 145

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Chapter 145 – His Highness Prince Jin (3)

“… . ” Su Luo was unable to refute this . Clearly it was a fact .

“His Highness’ original injury was under control and would have remained so, wasn’t it you who punched him until he spat out blood?!” Ling Feng step by step closed in on Su Luo, as if itching to swallow her .

“……” The veins on Su Luo’s forehead was throbbing, it was in fact this way, however…

“Just now when His Highness was about to fall, the person closest to his side was you, the Fourth Miss Su . Wasn’t it you, who didn’t even try to help His Highness a little?” Ling Feng aggressively stated .

“… . . ” Su Luo heart was about to yell out she had been wronged but she choked it down . It was not because she didn’t want to help, but she was distracted by the shadow behind Nangong Liuyun’s back, okay?

How come after listening to Ling Feng’s complaints, even she herself felt that she was loathsome and deserved to be thrown into the eighteen layers of hell? Why had Nangong Liuyun became the model for the lofty figure of heroism who had sacrificed himself for others, huh?

Just when Su Luo appeared to be twisted up in confusion, Ling Feng had a sympathetic gaze as he glanced at her . He also silently looked at his master, His Highness, who was pretending to appear weak and harmless . The corner of his mouth moved silently and calmly turned around to leave . He also very kindly closed the thick black iron door while passing .

“Hey——” Seeing the black iron door was about to close, Su Luo suddenly feel like crying but lacked the tears .

This is just great, such a huge palace, with curtains flying, gorgeous, extravagant white jade, hot spring bath the size of a pond . The water from the pond size bath shone clear and crystalline, such that you could see the bottom .

A dense, hot steam, floated vaguely around as if extending everywhere within the air .

Su Luo hesitantly stood in her original spot, unable to turn around yet .

All of sudden, Su Luo heard a heavy weighted object falling into the water . She immediately turned around and could not find Nangong Liuyun’s figure . She only saw the surface of the hot spring water continuously bursting with bubbles while the water ripples reflected the sunlight .

“It couldn’t be!” Su Luo hastily rushed to the place where Nangong Liuyun was located .

The pool of water was crystal clear, so Su Luo immediately saw the apparently sleeping Nangong Liuyun sinking to the bottom .

Had he rolled into the hot spring water?

Su Luo didn’t even think . She stripped off her outerwear and gracefully dove into the beautiful hot spring water, striving to swim to where Nangong Liuyun was .

Very quickly she found him, Su Luo wanted to drag Nangong Liuyun out of the water .

When did Nangong Liuyun became so heavy? Su Luo inwardly grumbled bitterly in her heart .

She sank underwater while trying to tow Nangong Liuyun, but unfortunately she discovered that now his weight exceeded five hundred kilograms . No matter how she exerted her strength she could not move him the slightest .

Furthermore making her heart even more alarmed was that he held his breath underwater until his complexion turned purplish, as if any moment he would suffocated to death .

This man, he was fine, but how did he just roll into here?

Su Luo gave a depressed sigh in her heart! Today, how come so many strange things have happened? First was the weird shadow that appeared behind Nangong Liuyun, next, such a fine manor was destroyed successfully becoming pieces of trash . Finally, his body suddenly seem to weigh five hundred kilograms? It really was a strange day .

Su Luo felt that she really should find some time to go to the temple and pray .

But in front of her eyes, how could she watch helplessly as Nangong Liuyun suffocate to death?

Although Su Luo was almost suffocating from holding her breath, after some quick thought, she finally closed her eyes and very fiercely took the initiative to deliver her sweet lips to help pass some much needed air to Nangong Liuyun .

At the bottom of the crystalline hot spring, on the white jade that was used as tiling, there was a pair of immortal looking beautiful man and woman whose lips were locked lovingly and inseparably .

The close-eyed Su Luo didn’t notice, Nangong Liuyun who was close at hand had raised his eyebrows . An amused and interested smile flashed across his face .

He had clearly regained consciousness a long time ago! He clearly fell into the hot spring pool on purpose! He obviously calculated that Su Luo would try to save him!

But Su Luo does not know . Right now she was silently cursing him while passing air to him through the lips .

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