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Chapter 1472

Chapter 1472 – Duel (3)


That person was impersonated by Elder Ancestor Mo .

That formidable strong pressure being issued out could be felt by the entire capital .

When everyone found out and rushed over, they could only see that black figure flying fast into the distance . And His Highness Prince Jin was covering his mouth, with faint specks of red that could be seen on his sleeves .

As a result, the matter of His Highness Prince Jin being attacked by a person halfway back spread through the entire imperial capital .

Only, this matter, in the end, it was spread askew .

Some said His Highness Prince Jin was seriously injured . In the end, the rumor that was spread changed to His Highness Prince Jin being seriously injured, in a coma, laying on the bed and unable to get up . Later, the rumor changed to His Highness Prince Jin was about to forfeit .

In the wake of this news being spread more and more like rain by the wind, Nangong Liuyun’s compensation rate became higher and higher . From the beginning of 1:2, until later it was 1:3, and finally set to 1:4 .

“Not a waste of us energetically promoting this in such a short time period . Finally stabilized at 1:4 . ” Beichen Ying rubbed his hands, “This time, we can really earn a huge profit . ”

Because this match, the entire population was interested in and all the influential families were also interested in it, there were an unprecedented amount of people making bets .

“Then that’s best . ” Su Luo mockingly smiled, “But the first match in this competition of four to advance from seven, is between you and me oh . ”

Having heard what was said, Beichen Ying’s joyful expression dropped in an instant .

“Anyway, it will be a loss . How about we don’t compete ah?” Beichen Ying used a ‘let’s discuss it’ tone .

“Out of the question . ” Su Luo’s manner was firm, “How could we not compete?”

“Then, I voluntarily forfeit?” Beichen Ying had an expression of suffering bitter hardship .

At that time, he, as the menfolk, being struck down the stage by a little girl . Just thinking of it, he felt embarrassed .

“Out of the question . At that time, what if others once again spread rumors of dirty tricks?” Su Luo strongly disapproved .

“Must fight?” Beichen Ying scowled miserably, finding things extremely difficult .

“That’s right, otherwise, everyone will think you automatically yield . How bad is that to my reputation ah? With great difficulty, I was able to counterattack the rumor, you say, am I right?” Su Luo smiled happily as she patted Beichen Ying’s shoulder, flaunting how obedient she was when she got off lightly, “Therefore, you must prepare well when you get back . Tomorrow is the start of the match . ”

Beichen Ying dejectedly ran away .

The second day, the match scheduled was held on time .

The betting closed before the two people got on the stage .

For this match, everyone’s attention wasn’t very high . Because everyone knew, Su Luo and Beichen Ying were from the same group . A lot of people were suspicious of Su Luo and Beichen Ying’s relationship, so after delaying, they still didn’t dare to bet on it .

Based on the statistical result before they get on the stage, this time, the people betting were unprecedentedly low .

On the stage, Beichen Ying and Su Luo stood firmly .

Before they made any move, don’t know who shouted this from under the stage .

“Beichen Ying, don’t deliberately throw the game ah!”

This sentence destroyed the good atmosphere .

Su Luo looked in the direction of that voice, but couldn’t find the person .

Because after that person finished yelling this, he directly stood in the crowd of people and disappeared in a split second .

But when Su Luo’s gaze swept over, she just so happened to meet Li Yaoyao’s gaze .

Li Yaoyao’s face had a taunting and mocking sneer, her gaze flashed with sinister light, unblinkingly staring at Su Luo .

When her gaze met Su Luo’s, Li Yaoyao’s gaze became provocative, with her eyes full of ridicule .

Su Luo’s gaze had no regard for anyone else as it swept by her face . She didn’t even stop over for half a second, as if in her heart, Li Yaoyao was merely a non-existent stranger .

To humiliate a person, the best method was to ignore them .

Therefore, Su Luo ignored Li Yaoyao .

Just having prepared for a battle of the gazes, but was completely ignored, made Li Yaoyao furious!

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