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Chapter 1513


Chapter 1513 – Showdown between experts (1)


After returning, everyone got together to count money .

Seeing the piled-into-a-mountain crystal stones, Su Luo immediately beamed with joy .

Recently, don’t know what’s up with the little divine dragon and them, their appetite was very good . Everyday, every hour, they would gnaw on crystal stones .

Before, she took out ten thousand crystal stones in advance and placed it into her space, but it has only been how long ah? Su Luo checked her space, and only a few hundreds remained of those ten thousand crystal stones . It wasn’t enough to stuff the cracks in their teeth . If Su Luo didn’t make an effort to earn more crystal stones, everything would be empty .

Su Luo also didn’t understand why those several pets in her space would eat so much recently . But these kind of circumstances, in her heart, Su Luo liked to see it . Able to eat a lot was good fortune, the more they eat, the faster they would be promoted .

She took out twenty thousand crystal stones in advance from Beichen Ying again, before Su Luo left, perfectly content .

Today’s battle spread through the entire Eastern Ling with the quickest speed, then to the entire world .

Everyone knew that another young kingly expert emerged . Her name was——Su Luo .

This day, every nook and corner in the imperial capital, over tea after a meal, were all talking about Su Luo .

From her beginning as a good-for-nothing, till later when she was still not recognized . Then, till now, where her name soared to the sky from one battle . In this complicated and strange route, came out completely different versions, one after another .

But without a doubt, at the core of these versions, were all praises and reverence for Su Luo .

At this moment, the label of a good-for-nothing stuck on Su Luo was torn, subsequently, the imprint of gifted talent was stuck to her .

This time, after competing against Li Aochen, Su Luo had a feeling of a heavy weight being lifted from her mind . However, immediately following, she was somewhat worried again .

In another month was Nangong Liuyun and Dongfang Xuan’s competition .

Could Nangong Liuyun win?

Su Luo didn’t know, at this moment, everyone present also didn’t know .

A month’s time passed very quickly in an instant .

Southern Mountains .

Beichen Ying handed over a thick account book over to Su Luo, with brows wrinkled: “This time’s competition bet on Second Brother to win against Dongfang Xuan is a lot more . ”

Like this, if they were to also bet on Nangong Liuyun, then there wouldn’t be that much profit to make .

Su Luo stroked her chin and sank into deep thought .

“What do you think?” After quite a while, Su Luo came back from her thoughts . Her crafty eyes look towards Beichen Ying .

“Not easy to manipulate . ” Beichen scratched his head: “Could it be we still let Second Brother continue pretending to be heavily injured? But it can’t be repeated again ah . ”

Su Luo unhappily shot a glance at him: “I feel…you forgot the most important point . ”

“What?” Beichen Ying’s eyes were bewildered .

“A lot of people don’t know Dongfang Xuan’s information right?” Su Luo hooked her finger towards Beichen Yng . Beichen Ying eagerly went up .

Su Luo muttered several sentences in his ear .

Beichen Ying’s pair of pitch-black eyes immediately lit up .

“Good idea . ” Beichen Ying snapped his finger . Two shallow dimples appeared on his snow-white cheeks . He was as happy as a big boy full of sunshine .

Two little heads gathered together, muttering for a while before agreeing on a plan .

“What are they discussing?” Zi Yan walked over from far away .

“Testiing Dongfang Xuan’s strength . ” Su Luo proudly lifted an eyebrow .

“Who should go?” A trace of worry appeared in Zi Yan’s eyes, “Senior Brother’s strength is extremely terrible . Even those elders in the Elder Union would praise Senior Brother . ”

Su Luo softly said three words by her ear, and Zi Yan immediately laughed .

“His honorable elder going, it couldn’t be better . ” Zi Yan said with all smiles .