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Published at 4th of August 2018 09:10:41 PM

Chapter 1525

Chapter 1525 – The last battle (5)

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In the end, he waved his large hand and directly wanted to bring Li Yaoyao away and leave .

Because the night was long with lots of dreams . If some accident were to happen now, then the matter would not be good .

But just at this critical moment, the gate, with a creek sound, opened .

Dongfang Xuan was dressed in white, indifferently stood in front of the gate .

Dongfang Xuan’s face was refined, eyes often flashing with sinister light . His look was also feminine and soft, lacking Nangong Liuyun’s robust domineering aura .

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Dongfang Xuan frowned, and walked towards Li Aoqiong, step by step .

At this moment, Li Aoqiong’s heart was very nervous and apprehensive .

After his cultivation was wasted, Li Aoqiong’s strength was crippled to the bottom . From that time, it was impossible for him to advance .

And at this moment, Dongfang Xuan gave off the pressure of a strong expert expressing his discontent .

“Li Aoqiong?” Dongfang Xuan stood with his hand at his back .

If he wasn’t Yaoyao’s older brother, then he wouldn’t have recalled this insignificant person’s name .

“Yes . ” Li Aoqiong clenched his fist tightly, forcibly pressing down his rage .

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Her younger sister spent the night at Dongfang Xuan’s place and didn’t return all night . This morning, he found her stark naked on the broad street in front of Dongfang Xuan’s gate . Whereas this person looked at him impatiently .

An intense humiliating feeling made Li Aoqiong’s heart ignite into a raging flame . But the formidable gap between ranks made him afraid to move . He could only lower his head and forced the rage down .

“Yaoyao returned last night, is she okay?” Dongfang Xuan’s tone downplayed the matter as if talking about air .

The pitiful Dongfang Xuan, last night he returned early . Unfortunately his speed was too fast, in a blink of an eyes he entered the courtyard . He simply didn’t notice Li Yaoyao lying there at the corner of the wall .

At this moment, the hands at Li Aoqiong’s side clenched into fists in an instant!

What did Dongfang Xuan mean?! What the f*ck is the meaning in his words!

If Dongfang Xuan saw Li Aoqiong’s eyes right now, he would definitely discover the rage like a flourishing flame in his eyes .

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But Li Aoqiong was flexible, so he did his best to restrain that obvious anger . When he lifted his head, the rage in his eyes had disappeared .

He stiffly nodded his head: “She is okay . ”

Maybe Yaoyao’s matter had nothing to do with Dongfang Xuan . Dongfang Xuan’s strength was so strong, in the younger generation, he was the only one on par with Nangong Liuyun . Maybe his strength was even stronger .

Jade Lake’s Li family had already lost Nangong Liuyun, this perfect son-in-law, they couldn’t afford to lose Dongfang Xuan .

But when Li Aoqiong recalled Li Yaoyao, who was lying on the ground wrapped with his outer jacket, a slight chill immediately flashed through his heart .

If Dongfang Xuan was to see Li Yaoyao’s appearance right now, then would Dongfang Xuan still be Jade Lake’s Li family’s future son-in-law?

Thinking up to here, Li Aoqiong’s heart was somewhat panicked .

“What is that?” Dongfang Xuan’s gaze swept across the ground .

Although she was wrapped in the jacket, Dongfang Xuan could clearly see the curvaceous shape of a woman .

Figure wasn’t bad, like his family’s little Yao’er’s . Dongfang Xuan stroked his chin, recalling the sweetness from last night . His eyes were very lecherous . Last night, he didn’t enjoy himself to his heart’s content . Wait until after the match to find a time… .

Thinking of this, Dongfang Xuan stopped caring about who was that person lying on the ground . In a cold tone, he told Li Aoqiong: “Tell Yaoyao to directly go to the battle arena . ”

Finished speaking, Dongfang Xuan directly returned to his courtyard .

Fortunately, it was a false alarm . Until he watched Dongfang Xuan enter his room did Li Aoqiong finally slowly release a breath in relief .