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Chapter 1535

Chapter 1535 – The last battle (15)


“First Senior Brother is too hateful . ” Zi Yan bit her lower lips and accompanied Su Luo to stand up, raising their heads to look at the two people in mid-air .

“Nangong Liuyun is still holding up . ” Although he didn’t show it and the majority of the people hadn’t discover it, but Su Luo knew his situation wasn’t good .

At this moment, the people in mid-air stood facing each other .

Dongfang Xuan’s gaze was bloodthirsty and sinister, as he laughed madly: “Third Junior Brother, how long can you hold on?”

Nangong Liuyun didn’t show any weakness as he fought back coldly: “How long you can last, is how long I’ll accompany you for . ”

“But your legs are trembling in fear ah . Hahaha——” Dongfang Xuan repeatedly howled with laughter but his body gave off a murderous aura .

Nangong Liuyun’s body gave off a cruel fighting intent, the corner of his mouth hooking up into a demonic and cold arc, “Senior Brother is also scared until you are trembling from head to toe ah . ”

Dongfang Xuan’s Juesha Sword pointed directly at Nangong Liuyun: “Death is at hand and you dare mouth off!”

Nangong Liuyun’s expression was indifferent as if the Dongfang Xuan in front of him was merely a transient cloud: “Just give it all you’ve got . ”

“Fine!” Dongfang Xuan shouted loudly .


Immediately, his body moved!

Off the stage, everyone nervously watched the two of them in mid-air .

Although they couldn’t hear clearly what they were saying, but it seemed very violent .

Su Luo’s heart was also clenched tightly .

Her gaze stared unblinkingly at the two figures in mid-air .

Dongfang Xuan’s body moved . Instantly, around him in all directions, virtual images that looked exactly like him appeared . The number of virtual images continuously increased .

Nine, eighteen… . thirty-six… . forty-five… . seventy-two…

As the number of people increased . Su Luo’s face became increasingly pale .

Seventy-two, Dongfang Xuan actually condensed out seventy-two other images of him .

“First Senior Brother actually secretly already cultivated to eight turns ah!” Zi Yan’s lips trembled slightly . The words she spoke also carried traces of fear .

Eight turns of Virtual Images, what kind of strength it is ah!

Su Luo’s tone had a trace of righteous coldness: “Maybe he is still hiding his real strength . ”

Beichen Ying’s fists were clenched tightly!

Dongfang Xuan took out his trump card but Nangong Liuyun just so happened to have encountered bad luck to have his illness strike . Was there a more unfortunate matter than this?

On the VIP seats, all the Elders’ brows were also tightly puckered .

“Nangong this boy will lose for sure this time . ” Old man Luo didn’t have a good impression of Nangong Liuyun because of his grandson and granddaughter . So, he didn’t mind hitting him while down .

Jade Lake’s Li family’s old man faintly smiled: “Brother Luo’s words are true . ”

Beichen family’s old man coldy sneered . Without regard to others, he tossed a shelled peanut in his mouth: “The outcome of the battle still hasn’t been decided . The two of you guys oh, have set down the verdict too early . ”

“Sneer, that Nangong boy’s strength originally wasn’t as strong as that Dongfang boy, not to mention that he is injured right now . If he can win it like this, I, Luo Mingxu, will directly give him my family’s secret martial arts Thunder Bow!”

Thunder Bow technique was considered a high level martial arts . It was much stronger than the one Nangong Liuyun took out from the secret book collection .

“What does Brother Rong Yun think?” Old man Li smiled insincerely as he tossed the dialogue toward Grandmaster Rong Yun .

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s pair of icy, deep, pitch-black eyes gave off an elegant luster .

Among these group of old men, such a handsome male seemed somewhat strange .

But none of these old man dared to ignore his existence .

Because Grandmaster Rong Yun’s strength was profoundly mysterious . Nobody knew if he had reached the monarch rank that existed only in legends .

Because no one was able to force Grandmaster Rong Yun to his bottom line .