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Chapter 1550

Chapter 1550 – Talk about marriage how to held the marriage (1)


Having heard Master’s words, three black lines appeared on Su Luo’s forehead .

“Master…” These words were rather too explicit ah .

Who knew that not only didn’t Grandmaster Rong Yun’s expression ease, on the contrary, his brows wrinkled even more tightly: “If it is before…it will only harm his body and not help him, understand?”

A streak of scarlet flashed across Su Luo’s face as she immediately nodded her head: “This disciple knows . ” How could this kind of thing be said so clearly .

Grandmaster Rong Yun muttered to himself for a while before saying to Su Luo: “The situation in the future might be far from good . If possible, you must quickly upgrade your fighting strength . ”

“Master?” Su Luo blinked her eyes .

She didn’t understand some of Master’s words, but in the wake of these words, Su Luo’s heart had a bad premonition . She had a premonition that not far in the future, the entire world would get caught up in a reign of terror .


“Go . ” Grandmaster Rong Yun clearly didn’t want to say more . He waved his hand and made Su Luo leave .

Su Luo bit her lower lips, hesitated for a while but still silently left .

Master still didn’t want to tell her all the facts, but at that time, Master clearly told Nangong Liuyun but refused to tell her . It was because her strength was too weak right… . Su Luo lifted her head, a thread of firmness flashing through her eyes . She made a firm resolution to cultivate seriously .

Watching Su Luo’s leaving back, Grandmaster Rong Yun smilingly shook his head as he sighed . Immediately, as if he thought of something, his expression gradually darkened .

Right now, Grandmaster stood under the cherry blossom tree, full of the light pink petals floating down one after another . But not a speck of dust stained his pure and holy body .

Don’t know how long this kind of serenity would last, Grandmaster Rong Yun sighed .

Su Luo returned to Southern Mountains .

Today, the Southern Mountain didn’t look very peaceful, outside the wall, several luxurious horse carriages could be heard . Seeing this show of extravagance, it was certainly because someone came from the palace .

Before Su Luo could react, she saw an eunuch with a horse whisker rod and a smiling face as he ran towards Su Luo: “Princess, you finally returned . This insignificant person has waited for you for a long time . ”


Su Luo unhurriedly swept him a glance: “Princess?”

If someone from Prince Jin’s manor was to call her this, then it’s nothing . But coming from this eunuch’s mouth was quite interesting . If she didn’t remember wrongly, this was the most favored Eunuch Lin by Emperor Jing’s side .

“Princess, His Majesty asked to see you . You see…” The normally arrogant Eunuch Lin very carefully accompanied this with a smile .

“His Majesty asked to see me?” Su Luo unhurriedly walked into the great hall while Eunuch Lin almost had to run to follow behind Su Luo . He had lived for fifty years and was hunchbacked at the waist, like a little eunuch who had just entered the palace .

“His Highness Prince Jin and Princess made it to the first two places . His Majesty is very happy, since earlier, he had ordered the imperial kitchen to prepare a feast . Ask His Highness Prince Jin and Princess to do me the honor to go . ” Eunuch Lin’s voice was very careful, afraid of angering Su Luo, to make her unhappy .

Su Luo carelessly took a look at him .

She remembered that two years ago, when she entered the palace, this old eunuch actually slanted a glance at her, refusing to look straight at her . He had his nose up and refused to acknowledge her, full of disdain and despising her . But a mere two years, his attitude had really changed quickly .

Su Luo gave a humph and didn’t speak . She lifted her head and entered the great hall .


Inside the great hall, Nangong Liuyun was sitting, leisurely drinking tea . Seeing Su Luo return, his handsome face blossomed into a brilliant smile .

But his smile was very stingy, was only given to Su Luo, her alone . So when he saw Eunuch Lin following behind Su Luo, his face seemed to be immediately enveloped by frost . He coldly humphed in annoyance .

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