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Chapter 1554

Chapter 1554 – Talk about marriage, how to hold the marriage (5)


Only Grandmaster Rong Yun would be so generous as to be able to take out ten vulture eggs all at once . Thinking up to here, Emperor Jing was even more firm in his plan to get Su Luo married through the door to Nangong Liuyun as soon as possible .

As for his original choice of Li Yaoyao, from the moment her cultivation was wasted, Emperor Jing had already tossed her far to the back of his mind long ago .

Su Luo smiled faintly .

“First, take these vulture eggs and hatch them . If you can tame them, then at that time, there will be more . ” Su Luo promised .

At that time, they gathered a lot, and there was still Li Yaoyao’s that was also in her space . Large and small, nearly several hundreds . These ten vulture eggs were merely a drop in the ocean, moreover, placing them there really took up too much space . Su Luo tossed it to Emperor Jing as if discarding scrap material, while Emperor Jing wanted to enshrine and worship Su Luo .

This matter had been completed . Nangong Liuyun stood up and pulled Su Luo up to leave .

But Emperor Jing called them to a stop: “The banquet is already prepared . You guys… . ”

His son and future daughter-in-law really made him proud, Emperor Jing naturally wanted to show them off . So this time, he invited a lot of people, including people from the ten powerful families .


But Nangong Liuyun’s gaze was like cold frost, sweeping a gloomy glance at Emperor Jing: “You can enjoy it by yourself . ”

Afterwards, he pulled Su Luo along and was about to leave .

But before he could leave, a burst of jumbled sounds of footsteps could be heard coming from outside .

Su Luo’s brows started to pucker up slightly, because just based on the sound of the footsteps, she had recognized who it was .

The crown prince Nangong Liujue’s figure appeared at the door .

At the crown prince’s side was the Empress’s dignified and solemn face .

The Empress saw Su Luo and Liuyun, her indifferent expression, with great difficulty, squeezed out a smile: “The time for the banquet is almost here, the guests have already arrived . How about just this…”

The Empress clenched her teeth, looking at the two people in front of her .

These days’ competition, the Empress had secretly watched everything very closely . Every time, she would make heavy bets, betting Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun would lose . After this series of competitions completed, the Empress lost nearly all her family fortune . Now, seeing the two people, naturally, the new hatred and old hatred all rushed up .

The crown prince’s gaze burned as he stared at Su Luo . His heart had a mixture of all the flavors and was extremely painful .


Two years ago, she was the girl he discarded and ruined . Now, she had grown to the stage that he had to kneel and look up to .

Once, he was the sky and she was the weeds . Now, she was the sky and he had been reduced to the weeds at the side of her foot that she was too disdainful to even step on . Such a large gap, that the crown prince almost couldn’t return to his senses . His pair of eyes burned with light, unblinkingly staring at Su Luo .

Nangong Liuyun walked to in front of Su Luo, blocking the crown prince’s gaze that was shooting light in all directions . He coldy cast a glance at the mother and son pair, soon after, he pulled Su Luo along and left .

He wanted to go, who dared to block him?

The Empress and the crown prince had thought to stop them, but Nangong Liuyun’s pair of pitch-black eyes shot over a glance . Immediately, the mother and son pair became peaceful .

Seeing the backs of their leaving figures, the crown prince had a very complicated expression in the depths of his eyes . He heavily slapped his own head .

“Jue’er, what are you doing?” The Empress, with one grab, stopped the hand Nangong Liujue used to slap his own head .

This child didn’t know the degree of seriousness, one palm slapping down . If it was a bit heavier, his brain would have been cracked open by his slap .

“Mother Empress…” Nangong Liujue’s face was full of despair and sorrow . His smile had a thick mockery, “Mother Empress, once, I actually fought over things with such a strong expert and used all kind of crafty plots, machinations against him . You say, am I foolish or not?”


Now, thinking about it, indeed, he was thoroughly foolish .

The Empress tragically shook her head: “Mother Empress is more foolish than you . ” Actually thought you could overtake him . This really was the most laughable jest in the whole world .

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