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Chapter 1575

Chapter 1575 – Master instructs (10)


Outside of Nothingness of Space, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s brows were wrinkled slightly .

Luo Haoming exploded out with seventy percent of his strength at first meeting, although Su Luo’s body had gotten a little stronger, but… .

Grandmaster Rong Yun’s eyes half-narrowed dangerously, unblinkingly watching the changes in his Nothingness of Space .

The Freezing Ice Palm Strike was already sent out, there was no reason it wouldn’t land .


The very fierce Freezing Ice Palm directly hit Su Luo’s shoulder .

“F*ck!” Su Luo only had the time to say this, soon after, a mouthful of blood burst out wildly .

“Pff——” Fresh blood sprayed out like a mist ahead, within a range of thirty meters, it was covered with bloodstains .

“Cough, cough, cough——”Su Luo was choked by her blood and coughed up a floor full of blood, she almost stopped breathing .

Just now, Luo Haoming’s Freezing Ice Palm Strike almost smashed her back into mush . Fortunately, her foundation was strengthened and had a little bit of defense . Otherwise now, Su Luo would turn into a pool of mud .

“Eat another one of my Freezing Ice Palm Strike!” Luo Haoming leaped up and hacked down another Freezing Ice Palm Strike from above .

“Damn! Still coming!” Su Luo was so angry that her eyes had become bloodshot .

If she had enough strength, she was itching to split Luo Haoming in two!

Just at this critical moment, a snowy sword suddenly flew from Su Luo’s body .

Cheng Ying Sword!

Su Luo’s heart rejoiced, the tension in her heart loosening a bit .

Remembering yesterday’s battle where she couldn’t use anything in Nothingness of Space and she couldn’t summon Cheng Ying Sword, Su Luo almost lost all hope . But she never expected that this time . at the critical moment, Cheng Ying Sword would fly out to protect her . Worthy of having her apply Celestial Spirit Water daily to Cheng Ying Sword .

Cheng Ying Sword soared to the sky and rushed towards Freezing Ice Palm Strike .

There was a strong crash .


The intense colliding sound came from above Su Luo . Momentarily, sparks flew everywhere, with cold air dissipating everywhere too .

Su Luo reacted very quickly, just when Cheng Ying Sword flew up, she rolled on the ground and had already rolled far away .

It’s not because Su Luo had no destination, when she fell, it just so happened to land behind Luo Haoming’s back .

Don’t know when a dagger appeared in Su Luo’s hand .

“Swoosh!” Su LUo stood at Luo Haoming’s back, almost skin to skin with him . Before Luo Haoming could react, the dagger had already entered Luo Haoming’s hips .

Because when Su Luo used her Nothingness of Space to envelop Luo Haoming, she used all of her strength to control Luo Haoming’s speed .

Although it was a short fleeting split second, but for Su Luo, she could do a lot of things in this little bit of time .

The dagger entered without the slightest warning and buried deep in his flesh .

Luo Haoming’s defense was very strong, his neck had the strongest defense, so last time, Su Luo wasn’t able to stab in . But this time, Su Luo learned to be smart, Su Luo didn’t stab his neck and directly stabbed his hips .

Because for many people, the hips was also a weak spot . When cultivating the body, it was very hard to increase the defense when cultivating the hips . Su Luo was merely trying her luck, didn’t expect to really let her find his weak spot by blind luck . The dagger entered deeply, leaving behind only the hilt outside .

The hips ached dully .

Luo Haoming lowered his head and saw blood rush out like spring water .

His body went rigid . He slowly turned around and saw Su Luo not far from him . His expression was full of disbelief and looked sluggish .

An ant-like loathsome girl from his point of view, actually had the strength to wound him?

Su Luo quickly retreated, retreating outside Luo Haoming’s attack range .

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