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Chapter 1585
Chapter 1585 – Triumph over him with one move (4)

“Cough, cough, cough… could it be that you ate a miracle medicine or elixir?” Beichen Ying covered his chest with his hand, and walked to in front of Su Luo unsteadily .

“How about it? Are you convinced or not?” Su Luo smilingly happily as she tossed him a healing pill . Master gave her a whole bottle, and now Beichen Ying was injured by her, so Su Luo wasn’t a bit stingy and gave him an Emperor level medicinal pill .

“Convinced, convinced ah, really convinced . That’s right, this is?” Looking at that colorful plump medicinal pill that seemed about to burst into the sky, Beichen Ying’s gaze flicked with light . Seemed to be crying, laughing and also pleasantly surprised .

“Emperor level Spirit Pill . ” Su Luo carelessly replied .

“Emperor, emperor, emperor level? Sure enough, it’s Emperor level!” Beichen Ying’s hand that clasped the spirit pill trembled non-stop as if it was convulsing .

“Why are you convulsing? Do you need to be excited to this extent?” Su Luo was puzzled .

“Big Sister! This is Emperor level, emperor level spirit pill ah . You actually just in passing gave it to me?” Beichen Ying nearly kneeled towards Su Luo .

Su Luo blinked her eyes, looking at Beichen Ying doubtfully: “If you don’t want it, then… . ”

“How could I not want it!” Afraid that Su Luo would ask for the spirit pill back, Beichen Ying opened his mouth and took a bite out of the spirit pill .

Three black lines appeared on Su Luo’s forehead .

Beichen Ying, this fool, did he think this was like playing house when they were young?

“This spirit pill is mine, you can’t snatch it away!” Beichen Ying had a death grip on the spirit pill, afraid Su Luo would snatch it . He had an expression that it was a treasured object .

Su Luo helplessly shook her head: “Since I already gave it to you how could there be a justification to ask for it back? You should quickly swallow it, your injuries are not light . ”

In Su Luo’s eyes, this was merely a medicinal pill that had really good result in healing injuries . Therefore, she didn’t mind giving it out . But Su Luo didn’t know that an Emperor level Spirit Pill almost didn’t exist in this world . Everyone of the pill was incomparably precious .

“I . . it’s better that I save it . If I get injured in the future, maybe it could save my life . ” Beichen Ying carefully looked at the Emperor level Spirit Pill with a devout expression .

Su Luo unhappily took out the jade bottle Master gave her and waved it in front of Beichen Ying, “I have so many, there are more in the future . Quickly swallow this one, if it’s not treated and left behind residual effects, it would be bad . ”

Su Luo knew the effect of this spirit pill, the healing injury speed was very fast . You could immediately see the results . Even though Su Luo’s body contained Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, the kind of spirit medicine that defied nature, but its healing speed wasn’t as fast as this spirit pill . If she relied on the Scarlet Blood Ningpo Figwort, at minimum, it would take a day and night before her body’s functions were completely restored . But the Emperor level Spirit Pill’s medicinal effect could very quickly restore everything completely .

Now, Beichen Ying was shocked stupid by Su Luo’s bottle that was full of the spirit medicine .

“These, these, all of these are… . ” Beichen Ying swallowed his saliva with difficulty . He discovered he had already become a person who stuttered .

Born into one of the ten great families, moreover, in Beichen Palace whose power was towards the front . What kind of treasure hadn’t Beichen Ying seen? That pair of eyes had seen everything in the world . But compared to Su Luo’s great show of wealth, Beichen Ying felt that the first half of his life was spent no better than a dog .

Even his grandfather, a Emperor level Spirit Medicine wasn’t something he wanted to take out and could take out . Now, Su Luo actually, in passing, tossed him one, this was fine, but immediately after, she took out a whole bottle . A full bottle of Emperor level Spirit Medicine was waved in front of his eyes ah . It dazzled his eyes okay?

“These, where did you get these?” Could it be stolen? But where could you steal it from?

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