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Chapter 162-164

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Chapter 162 – The final craziness (4)

A gift from the Venerable divine dragon was naturally not an ordinary item . Although it was a very short volume, moreover, it was only the beginner’s introduction part . However, this volume of the great «Dimensional Imprint» had astonishing might, the results were remarkable .

The great Dimensional Imprint, as the name implied, was divided into three stages: Width, Virtual and Space .

Width, referred to the imprint getting larger and larger, until it became limitless .

Virtual, referred to a virtual shadow . After the second stage boundary, the imprint would became a virtual shadow, a formless way to injury people .

Space, referred to the gravity in a certain space . Once the third boundary had been reached, the imprint of the virtual shadow would change into an area where the space had gravity . In this area of space, she was the master!

And right now Su Luo… .

Within her space, Su Luo watched her own successfully condensed imprint in her palms . Three black lines formed on her forehead and she was rendered speechless .

Because that so-called imprint was only the size of a tadpole .

Yes, that’s right, it really was only the size of a tadpole…

However, compared to a few days ago, this was already considered pretty good . Now she had already condensed out something, a few days ago, she couldn’t even see a shadow of an imprint .

Furthermore, this method of cultivation was effortless . At any time or anywhere, and even when sleeping, her spirit could enter her space to practice . Therefore, compared to other people, in terms of time and place, she would have the absolute advantage .

It was also because her innate talent and mental power were both super strong . Thus when she started to cultivate, she had to put in half the effort to get twice the result .

What Su Luo did not know was that the great Dimensional Imprint’s most difficult part was to enter the door of this cultivation .

An outstanding aptitude like Su Luo’s actually entered the threshold of this cultivation in less than seven days . She was able to condense an imprint in the palm of her hand, although small, it had still actually appeared .

A slow-witted person’s aptitude, even if granted seven months or seven years, they still wouldn’t be able to condense out an imprint the size of a melon seed .

Deep, dark night .

Not a sound could be heard all around .

The night sky appeared to be covered by a thin, cotton-like layer of dust . In the middle of the lonely sky hanged a few remnant stars . The clear and cold moonlight was bleak, devoid of any brightness .

Su Luo laid on the bed sleeping soundly . However, her spirit had already entered her space to practice the great Dimensional Imprint .

Since that day when she was able to condense out the tiny tadpole-sized dimensional imprint, afterwards, Su Luo had a gut feeling . She felt as if she had already set foot onto the first rank of a martial artist . Moreover, her distance to the second rank didn’t seem all that far away .

This discovery immediately made her ecstatic .

These few days, what she did the most was to lie on her bed and sleep .

Lu Luo had the mistaken impression that her own Miss was tired out from going out this time . Therefore she was sleeping a lot to recuperate her body .

How could she ever even imagine that there was a fortunate person who could self-cultivate in their sleep .

She was perfectly content with Su Luo obediently staying in the courtyard and not attempting to go out . As a result, she did not bother to urge her to get up, making Su Luo happy, relaxed and at ease .

This evening, Su Luo, just like before, had already finished washing her face, rinsing her mouth and climbed onto her bed to sleep .

Early in the morning, around three o’clock, the darkness before the dawn .

This short period of time was very special, it was the darkest time of the day . It was also the time when tired people’s sleep was the deepest . It was usually the most difficult time to wake people up with noise .

In the darkness of the night, a strong and energetic figure, quick as a ravenous wolf, quietly approached Su Luo’s courtyard .

He stood at the entrance of the courtyard, speechlessly curling his lips .

There was such a broken down house in the great General Su’s Manor?

The wall was worn-out and broken as if a gentle blow from the wind would collapse it . The most marvelous thing was that there was no door . He didn’t even need to climb over the wall, he could just directly enter .

Was this really the fourth Miss Su’s home?

A touch of puzzlement flashed across the eyes of the black-clothed person . However what does it have to do with me? As long as he finished this task, he would pick up one thousand pieces of gold coins .

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Chapter 163 – The final craziness (5)

He quietly found his way into the inner courtyard . He accurately walked towards the room where Su Luo was sleeping .

If nobody had secretly told him, how could he in a short time distinguish which room was Su Luo’s?

Who was he?

Coming over in the dead of the night, what did he want to do?

Inside of the room, Su Luo, who was in deep slumber, suddenly opened her eyes . In the dark, a pair of beautiful eyes glistened brightly, with ruthless rays of light .

In her previous life, Su Luo was a top gold medal assassin . Having resided in the dark underworld for a long time, she had an instinct for danger residing in her body and vigilance .

Even though the martial arts of the black-clothed person at the door was a lot higher than hers, however, she was still awakened by her instincts . .

The black-clothed person was probably warned by someone, therefore his actions were unusually cautious . He did not take Su Luo to be someone without a bit of martial arts, a good-for-nothing .

One could only see him wordlessly poke a hole in the paper part of the window and very carefully, blow sleeping gas into the bedroom .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into a cruel and bloodthirsty sneer .

Sleeping gas! Unexpectedly, he had used sleeping gas worth a hundred gold coins against her . They really thought she was worth it .

Sleeping gas could only be refined by Apothecaries . People who inhaled the gas would go limp from head to toe . In addition, the sleeping gas was composed of a strong hallucinogen and an aphrodisiac . After breathing it in, the body would be seeped in an extremely fierce desire . To get rid of this drug, the affected person must have sex .

Su Luo faintly smiled, she slowly, little by little, approached that small pipe

Fixated on that small tube, Su Luo leaned close, and with all her force, blowed into it .

“Cough, cough, cough——”

How could the black-clothed person ever imagine that inside the room, Su Luo would be awake, moreover, she would blow the sleeping gas in the small pipe back towards him? Temporarily, he didn’t discover it and inhaled a mouthful, immediately choked and started to cough violently .

Fortunately, when he entered, he had already knocked Lu Luo out . Therefore, the servant girl was not awakened by the coughing sound . So she couldn’t shriek loudly and raised an alarm .

Taking advantage that he didn’t take her life! This opportunity only knocked once!

Su Luo also did not open the door . She took out a small incense-length pipe from her space . She quickly used this small pipe to poke through the paper part of the window and suddenly blew towards the black-clothed man .

The black-clothed person’s sleeping gas was refined by a mere Elementary Apothecary . However, Su Luo’s sleeping gas was something she roped Apothecary Leng into personally refining for her . It was colorless, odorless and the effect was wonderfully strong!

Su Luo used her martial arts to inhale, aimed at the small pipe, and blew three mouthfuls of air in a row!

“Cough, cough, cough… . cough, cough, cough… . ” The black-clothed man was choked by the suddenly rise of smoke that covered his mouth and nose . He repeatedly coughed, as if he was about to cough his lungs out .

Su Luo sinisterly and coldly smiled . Only at this time did she open the door . She kicked her foot out and sent the black-clothed man to the ground .

Su Luo crouched down and nimbly pulled off the black-clothed man’s face mask .

Right now his complexion was flushed, both eyes were red, and in its darkness hid a strange radiance .

It was quite obvious that he was infected by the sleeping gas and its poisonous effects .

This face was unfamiliar, and also very average . Such an average look among a crowd of people would be hard to pick out . It was indeed a face perfectly suited for a hitman .

Unfortunately, if it was the Su Luo before, perhaps he had a chance to win . However, the current Su Luo was almost at the second rank, plus all of her previous life’s fighting skills . The black-clothed man in front of her would only be suppressed .

Su Luo’s expression was deep and frightening . It emitted a threatening and deadly aura .

She smiled sinisterly: “Speak, who sent you here?”

Coming to her room in the dead of the night, what were they trying to do?

The black-clothed man’s face was malevolent . His entire body emitted a green light . His palm striked towards Su Luo .

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Chapter 164 – The final craziness (6)

His body was currently affected by the sleeping gas, but the black-clothed man still had not lost all rational thought . Some of his martial arts skills still remained .

He was a grand third-ranked martial artist . In his organization, the black-clothed man was also ranked near the top . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have dared to take on this task .

No matter how outsiders regarded her, Su Luo had always been the Su family’s fourth Miss . She still represented the Great General Su’s Manor .

This palm strike contained all the black-clothed man’s formidable power, he had used all his remaining strength .

The black-clothed man had originally thought that even if this palm strike couldn’t kill the opponent, it would still inflict serious damage .

However, the reality stunned him .

He could only look on as Su Luo moved to the side to avoid his strike . At the same time, the hollow of her palm suddenly had a tiny black dot . This black dot was very strange . It seemed to glitter with a tiny halo . It carried a trace of virtual shadow as it smashed ruthlessly on the head of the black-clothed man!

Who would have thought that such a tiny black dot would be so hard . Only the crisp sound of the strike was heard, then the black-clothed man’s eyes immediately shrank to mosquito size . He swayed, feeling somewhat dizzy and confused .

When Su Luo saw this, her heart became overjoyed .

She had never thought that such a tiny black dot would be so miraculous . Seeing the effects, this small dot’s actual might was not small at all .

Also, it came and went without a trace . It could appear and disappear unexpectedly and change rapidly . It was simply impossible for the enemy to guard against .

She had taken out the tiny black dot to put it through a practice run to test it a out . Now, she was really satisfied with the result of the test .

Su Luo with a delighted disposition observed the black-clothed man . In her hand, she held a handful of red pills . She counted each one in front of his face . “I don’t want to kill you, but I do want you to swallow something . Look here, this is a heartbreak pill, this pill disperses five poisons, this is a hold back the heart pill, this is…”

These bright red medicinal pills were all violent and slow poisons . All the pills had been made especially for Su Luo by Apothecary Leng grudgingly after she had pestered him non-stop .

Each time Su Luo said a name, the black-clothed man’s body would shiver once .

As a hitman, he was not afraid of death nor pain . However, he was afraid of being tortured to the point that he wanted to die but still could not . These medicinal pills were all toxic but not fatal . There were no antidotes to these pills . Moreover, the poison would strike intermittently, bringing random bouts of continuous pain .

He was simply very baffled . Every single one of these pills were priceless . How could the fourth Miss Su in this run-down courtyard have them? If she sold only one, it would be sufficient to buy a manor bigger than the Su Manor .

Therefore, this situation was very hard for him to comprehend .

Su Luo looked at him . The corner of her mouth lifted into a sneer that was cold and extremely dangerous . “You can choose not to tell . However, the consequences of this choice, I hope you will be able to bear it . ”

She had specifically asked for these poisons from Apothecary Leng . The purpose of the poisons was for when she met with a situation like today where they could be used to extort a confession . Therefore, each poisonous pill had been carefully selected by Su Luo .

She believed that medicinal pills was useless against someone of Nangong Liuyun’s level of expertise, someone that had firm willpower . However, regarding the overwhelming majority of people, a hundred tries would result in a hundred percent success .

Sure enough, the black-clothed man’s sinister appearance glared at Su Luo with alarm . He stated one word at a time . “You must guarantee that after I finish speaking, you will absolutely not force me to swallow any of those poisons!”

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth shifted into a sneer .

Apparently, the person behind the scenes was just so-so . The so-called expert he or she had invited over was only a common martial artist . Moreover, the integrity of the hitman was very weak .

According to principle, hitmen had harsh occupational ethics . Even if they died, they absolutely could not reveal any of their client’s information . This was the standard practice and an unbreakable rule in the world of the hitman .

“You said it before, these poisons are all very expensive . Do you feel that this lady is a wasteful type of person? Speak! In the end, who hired you?” Su Luo had both arms crossed in front of her chest and lazily casted sidelong glances at him while speaking .

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