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Chapter 167

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Chapter 167 – The final craziness (9)

Su Luo saw that the time was ripe . The corner of her mouth perked up into a sinisterly cold smirk .

Su Wan, the time to enjoy yourself is finally here . Are you ready?

Su Luo did not remain hidden, she pushed open the door and directly tossed the unconscious black-clothed man towards Su Wan .

Su Wan was hit by the heavy weight . Originally, she was very annoyed . However, something fantastic happened when she came into contact with the other person’s fervent skin . A hard to describe feeling of heat started to rise up from the soles of her feet .

Her body tingled, numbed, and itched but an unusually comfortable feeling also rose .

Su Wan was already somewhat delirious now . She was completely immersed in the dreamland of her own weaving . That place was a charming, gentle, and fantastic world .

She unconsciously, instinctively, and wildly tore apart the black-clothed man’s outer robes .

She seemed impatient and urgent . Her movements were wild, coarse, and crude .

The black-clothed man right now could not be called the black-clothed man .

All the clothing on his body from top to bottom had been peeled off by Su Wan .

He remained unconscious as he laid on top of Su Wan’s soft couch .

Su Wan instinctively climbed up on the black-clothed man’s body though she still did not know how to relieve her own body’s suffering .

The black-clothed man had already inhaled some sleeping gas before and at the moment, the entire room was filled with hints of sleeping gas . He opened his eyes . They were scarlet red, as if a raging inferno had been ignited .

His reasoning had long ago abandoned him .

Su Wan was in so much pain that cold sweat kept pouring down . However, no matter what she did, she could not stop the pain .

With a taunting smile plastered across her mouth, Su Luo burningly watched this lavish, lively exercise show that was occurring in front of her .

Su family’s third Miss had lost her body’s purity to a black-clothed man of unknown origin . If this matter was to spread out…it was indeed something good to look forward to .

Such a good-looking action movie was being enacted on the bed . Su Luo was a very generous person, how could she enjoy it alone?

Su Luo thoughtfully gathered all the clothing they had taken off aside . The bed sheets, quilted cover, and everything that could be used to cover up the body were all without exception lit on fire by Su Luo .

Once the flame rose, the hint of sleeping gas would be swallowed up by the fire .

Star-like speckles of flame jumped up, shining upon Su Luo’s face which was suddenly dark then light . At this moment, her expression was hard to see .

Because it was all flammable material, the fire rapidly began to expand .

Su Luo ultimately left just an ice-cold smile to remember her by . She locked the door, turned around, and flew over the wall .

The fire spread endlessly to the surroundings . However, the male and female on the bed whose bodies were red like fruit were as tightly intertwined together as before . They were stubbornly pursuing the most primitive joy . The action was explicit and intense, wildly coarse like a bomb setting fire to the earth .

They were both totally oblivious to the spreading fire . Nevertheless, this did not mean that other people wouldn’t notice .

These two people were not the only ones in the Hibiscus courtyard . There were many servant girls and old women stationed in the courtyard to wait upon Su Wan .

Within the room, the fire was fierce and intense . From the beginning when the flames were star -like speckles to when they burst into a violent blaze afterwards, the time that had passed did not exceed the brief period required to burn a stick of incense .

A servant girl saw the lively flames in the night and immediately started to yell out loud .

“Fetch water! Fetch water! Quickly put out the fire——” Having been scared out of her mind, the servant let out a penetrating scream that ripped through the quiet night sky . It woke up everyone that was fast asleep .

Consequently, each and every one of them, with dishevelled hair and without time to properly put on clothing, had all rushed out .

Most people in the Great General Su’s Manor practiced martial arts .

The patrolling guards had also discovered the particulars over in the courtyard . The captain led the troops and rushed over . They joined the procession of rescuers .

La Mei kept watch at Su Wan’s doorway . Towards the captain of the patrol troops, she anxiously spoke . “Captain Li, quickly go and save the third Miss . The third Miss is still locked inside!”

Su Wan’s door was locked . It may have been melted by the fire into another shape . Therefore, no matter what, La Mei was unable to open it .

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