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Chapter 193

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Chapter 193 – Unexpected surprise (3)

Beichen Ying’s favorite hobby in life had always been to pick fights with the crown prince . Since the crown prince took the initiative to provoke him, if he didn’t counter-attack, then wouldn’t he be losing face?

The corner of Beichen Ying’s mouth rose into a careless smile, his liquid eyes flickered with a mocking overtone: “His Highness the crown prince is not long-winded, but you only do things and not speak of them, having done all kinds of misdeeds to exhaustion . You should take care that after you birth a son, nothing would happen to him . ”

“You court death!” The crown prince did not speak but the imperial bodyguard at his side pulled out his long sword and thrust towards Beichen Ying .

However, before that imperial bodyguard could get close to Beichen Ying, a black-clothed person flashed out from behind Beichen Ying . Both of his fingers were like iron clamps, pinching towards the throat of that imperial bodyguard .

In merely a split second, that imperial bodyguard’s body folded onto the ground . Both of his eyes were tightly closed, his body was stiff, forever unable to wake up .

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The black-clothed man noiselessly withdrew to behind Beichen Ying’s back, so faint as if he didn’t exist .

Killing a person without a trace, killing a person as if it was nothing…killing a person without regard for life and without any scruples, unrestrained, uninhibited!

Beichen Ying smiled with great sincerity and kind-heartedly . His manner was so happy and content, as if the person on the ground was just sleeping, not that he had lost his life .

His Highness the crown prince was so angry that his face became red . However, he was self-aware . Even adding all the people behind him together was not enough to kill the black-clothed man .

Also, Beichen Ying’s methods were very ruthless, he really would kill every one of the crown prince’s subordinates without any qualms .

Su Zian hurriedly came to smooth things over . He said a lot of words and was finally able to get the crown prince to step down while getting back a little of his face .

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Su Luo’s gaze landed on Beichen Ying’s body . At this moment, she started to became a little interested in this sunny youngster, whose red-robed body seemed to be possessed by the devil . She was very curious about what kind of stuff he would do next to stupefy everyone .

“Venerable Beichen,, since we are here to search, then can we start now?” Su Zian indifferently asked .

He repeatedly had to lower his face, even if Su Zian wanted to curry favor with Beichen Ying, it was also hard for his heart to take it .

A smile appeared on Beichen Ying’s handsome face which was white as jade . His smile had a tint of mystery within . He was only seen opening his sleeves widely and carelessly saying: “This is the General’s manor, when to start the search, naturally General Su has the final say . Why would you come and ask this lord?”

Su Zian was almost infuriated to the point of falling flat on his face .

What kind of person was this! Since he entered Su Manor and until now, when did he act like a guest? Now contrary to expectations, he considered himself to be a guest!

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Su Zian’s heart was very angry, but a smile appeared on his face: “Then since it’s like this, let’s start now . ” So that he could make this murderous star leave at the earliest time and have Su Manor’s peace be restored earlier .

Under Su Zian’s command, a group of grandiose soldiers charged into that dilapidated courtyard .

The corner of Madam Su’s mouth lifted into a sneer that was seemingly not there .

Today she had suffered quite a bit of anger, but if she could eliminate Su Luo in one stroke, why should she care about this little bit of anger?

There were about thirty soldiers that went in . They thoroughly searched Su Luo’s stuff in her room . They even dug out the corner wall, however——

Very quickly, all the soldiers came out . Headed by that captain Zhao whose complexion was evidently, at a glance, not so good . With a few steps, he arrived in front of Su Zian . The corner of his eyes however, made contact with Madam Su’s eyes . He shook his head slightly, almost indiscernible to others .

Madam Su’s complexion immediately became ugly!

Su Zian didn’t notice Captain Zhao and Madam Su’s dialogue . His bearing was imposing, and in a cold voice, he said: “Did you find anything from the search?”

Even though Captain Zhao was reluctant to say it, nevertheless he still shook his head: “Reporting back to the Great General, there are no gold coins in the room . ”

“Then are there any valuable treasures?” Madam Su inserted a sentence .

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