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Chapter 207

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Chapter 207 – Skyrocketing Luck (1)

The fierce panther managed to stand up with great difficulty . However, even if it stood up, in front of Su Luo, no, it would be more accurate to say, in front of the adorable little dragon . Its enormous body appeared to be cowering with two forelegs lowered beneath it . Its appearance was one of prostrating in worship and being extremely deferential to the master that it served . .

This… This was simply… . Humiliating! Su Qing stared at her panther, her pair of eyes were practically spitting out fire .

After many trials and tribulations, expending large amount of manpower and resources, in the end she even had to ask her teacher for help so she could tame this panther . Who would have thought that it would be an idiot of a panther!

What was that over there? A puppy, ah, it was a puppy! A normal puppy that still hadn’t grown all its teeth! What was it afraid of? And even shivering from head to toe? Don’t tell me it actually thought that it was a dragon? A golden divine dragon?

Su Qing was really infuriated to death by this stupid panther . No matter how much she thought of it, she could not understand how this kind of reversal could have happened .

Yet, here there was someone at her side pouring salt into her wound .

Su Xi could be seen moving closely to Su Qing, tugging at her sleeve with a face full of incomprehension and asked: “Elder sister? Your panther… it’s not an idiot, right?”

An idiot? A panther, which could cultivate to the fourth rank among the magical beasts; could it be considered an idiot panther?

“Shut up!” Su Qing was obviously in a bad mood . Her beautiful eyes was ablaze as it landed on the panther’s body, she concentrated all of her spiritual power within them . Pointing at Su Luo, she was heard, though only faintly, giving an order in an imposing voice: “Go, rip her apart!”

Even the pampered and willful Su Xi would not dare to go overboard with her in public . Yet Su Qing directly ordered the panther to rip Su Luo apart?

Tsk, tsk, Su Qing was Su Qing . Nobody would think that when comparing viciousness and ruthlessness, among her brothers and sisters, she could be considered number one .

Su Luo casually gazed at the panther, believing that even without her needing to act, the panther would help in avenging her .

Sure enough, the panther did not disappoint Su Luo .

Its misty eyes looked back at Su Qing with a flash of confusion within them, as if it could understand her order .

“I said——bite her to death!” Su Qing raged from being humiliated, pointing at Su Luo and stressed each syllable between gritted teeth .

Whether or not Su Luo died was not important to her . Anyway, in her eyes Su Luo was just an ant, there was no need to be concerned about .

However the panther she had spent so much sweat and blood to tame now had a problem . This was the reason for her display of pend up frustration and irritability .

Although the adorable little dragon was still an inarticulate, infant dragon . However, understanding the human language was his innate gift . He naturally could understand what he heard .

When Su Qing pointed at Su Luo and repeatedly ordered the panther to bite Su Luo to death over and over again . As Su Luo’s spirit pet, the adorable little dragon expressed great anger .

And to make a divine golden dragon angry, even if it was an infant one, the consequences would be very severe .

The little adorable dragon could be seen climbing onto Su Luo’s shoulder . His tiny face was pinched and his tiny paw pointed at Su Qing . He angrily barked at the panther: “AWOO! AWOO! AWOO! AWOO!”

No one understood what nonsense this little thing was shouting, but clearly the panther could .

Yet on the other side, Su Qing still continued to scold the panther, commanding it to stand and attack, until even Su Luo’s chewed up bones were not left behind .

The orders from the little divine dragon and Su Qing both came at the same time, intermingled in the panther’s mind .

The panther’s expression gradually grew anxious, its breathing became heavier and heavier . It appeared more brutal and ferocious . The dangerous atmosphere on its body grew increasingly dense, and increasingly more terrifying…

“ROAR——” A deep and heavy dragon cry came from the little divine dragon’s mouth . His little body swayed around before he collapsed into Su Luo’s arms .

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