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Chapter 217

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Chapter 217 – Playing tricks on the pretty­-boy (5)

It shouldn’t be this way, in theory, this young lady’s choice was from a pretty good raw material . How could there not be a single crystal stone? This was really too unbelievable .

“Quickly cut it, what are you doing still staring distractedly about?” Someone anxiously said .

“If it has it, then it is there . If it doesn’t have it, then it’s not there . Even if you hesitate for a short period of time, a crystal stone not being inside it would unexpectedly change to there being one . So don’t delay and cut down with your knife . ” This person’s meaning was clearly that the earlier his demise, the earlier his rebirth .

Hou San’s heart was still very tangled and confused . However, under the pressure and force of thousands of eyes, he continued to cut the stones… .

“Nothing…Cutting six lumps of pretty good raw materials in succession and still can’t find a single crystal stone . ”

“Right, if we were to buy these from Hou San’s shop, then we would have lost really badly . Fortunately, this old man was just looking around and didn’t randomly make a purchase . ”

“That’s right . It seems like this batch of Hou San’s raw materials aren’t very good . ”

The numerous sounds of discussion spread to Hou San’s ears . It made him so angry that he almost started to shout out loud . The person here who was restraining the most aggravation was him, Hou San, okay?

You guys don’t spend money and are only here to watch the fun . But this uncle spent money to invite you all to watch the fun and still has to listen to your derision . Who did this uncle provoke and stir up for things end up like this!

Naturally Hou San only dared to say these words in his heart . If you really wanted him to say it out loud, as if he was courageous enough?

Now, Su Luo wrinkled her brows, as if she was unhappy . She waved her sleeves and casually said: “Forget it, forget it . Your luck is really bad . Such good source stones in your hands, and couldn’t even cut out a single crystal stone . Forget it, don’t cut it . I don’t want to cut more . ”

Hou San immediately became worried, with a sobbing voice, he said: “Great aunt, it’s not my hands that have bad luck . It’s this source stone that just don’t have any crystal stones . What can I do!” He was also innocent okay?

Su Luo mockingly and sarcastically raised her eyebrows, and unhurriedly said: “Oh, then your meaning is that your batch of source stones’ quality is not very good?”

Hou San was immediately at a loss for words, how could this young lady’s words be so sharp?

Finished, once again, he had been successfully attacked . This young lady was indeed attacking with a spear while defending with a shield . No matter what was said, the one out of luck was him, Hou San!

“But, Miss… . you must let this lowly one finish cutting the rest of the stones, all right?” Now, Hou San was not afraid if Su Luo took advantage of him . He only seeked to cut out a crystal stone, trying to retrieve some confidence for the customers of his shop .

Su Luo’s thin eyebrows moved slightly: “Cut all of them? If it was all cut to nothing by you? Forget it, forget it . Seeing that you are not living well, just cut another one then . ”

Su Luo used her toes to kick a source stone that rolled into his arms: “Okay, don’t gripe so much, just cut this one . If it has it, it’s there . If it doesn’t have it, then it’s not there . ”

Holding this good quality source stone, Hou San’s heart became delighted: “Good! Then it’s agreed!” This source stone had all kinds of spots, bands and colored patches . Also, the lines were clear at first glance, and you could tell it had a high probability of having a crystal stone . This piece was clearly selected by that girl from among the highest grade raw materials pile .

Hou San right now became a little more cautious and careful . His gaze was serious and cautious as he looked at this piece of source stone for a while . Then, he fixed the stone onto the cutting machine .

He measured it once in all directions . Finally he decided to follow along the band to start cutting from the upper left .

Normally, following the direction of the band was the direction of the crystal stone .

All the surrounding people were also infected by Hou San’s caution and seriousness . Everyone held their breath in rapt attention, both eyes full of lively spirit . All of their expectations were placed on this piece of source stone . .

The knife descended and the dust flew upwards .

After waving aside the dust particles, almost everyone’s gaze was concentrated on that evenly cut opening .

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