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Chapter 24,25,26

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Chapter 24 – The crown prince unexpectedly… can’t raise it up

If she didn’t even care for the position of the crown princess, why should she care for this false position of a non existent concubine . In her heart, Su Luo secretly laughed at this crown prince’s self-righteousness .

She feigned a smile and cast a sidelong glance at the crown prince . “Your highness the crown prince, since the position of concubine is so precious to you, you can keep it . It can not be awarded to just anyone, and your subject’s daughter is afraid that she can’t assume the responsibilities . ”

“What an audacious woman!” Before the crown prince could speak, the imperial bodyguards at the crown prince’s side, had already furiously shouted as the tip of their long swords pointed straight at Su Luo’s vital point, the throat . As long as the crown prince give the order, the sword point would, without difficulty, pierce her throat .

Su Luo’s back was perfectly straight . Her eyes remained cool as she calmly stared at the crown prince, and tauntingly said: “What’s wrong? In the presence of so many people, is our wise, good at martial arts, clever and farsighted crown prince trying to intimidate his subject’s daughter? Easy to say but not good to hear . ”

The crown prince was humiliated into anger . He coldly snorted: “Intimidate my subject’s daughter? You’d need to be worthy of it first! Since you failed to appreciate my kindness, why should this one give you face?’

That said, the crown prince coldly waved his hand, and issued an order .

Very quickly, a palace eunuch walked forth while holding an imperial edict in his hands, and loudly started to read: “From heaven’s mandate, the Emperor’s imperial order says… The Fourth Miss of Su family behaves improperly… and was not brought up virtuously… Thus, it is impossible for her to assume the position of the crown princess . This thereby invalidates the engagement set years ago . Henceforth, there is no mutual responsibility for them to participate in this wedding, please rise——”

An imperial decree, was even more difficult to alter .

At this time, it was rare that both Su Luo and Su Xi breathed a sigh of relief at the same time .

The crown prince coldly glared at Su Luo, leaned near her ear, clenched his teeth, and said in a low voice: “Girl, in the future, do not appear in front of this king!”

“What?” Su Luo seems to be shocked and scared silly enough to repeat: “Your highness the crown prince, your reason for breaking off the engagement, it’s because, it won’t… won’t raise up?”

Once the words left Su Luo’s mouth, a deafening silence instantly surrounded the air . Everyone quickly stopped breathing, casted their eyes down, and did not dare to look at the crown prince .

But the corner of her eyes and the tip of her eyebrow, were unable to conceal her smiling expression that clearly explained everything implied within those words .

What a great clever and eloquent loathsome girl!!! The crown prince’s face looked as if it had been whipped and was terrifying as dark clouds; it was as if a storm was imminent .

This really was nothing more than Su Luo’s scheme to slander . It was the so-called open conspiracy . As the name implied, it was to openly, without tricks, arrange a conspiracy .

If the crown prince was to punish her, it would clearly show that he was trying to cover it up and thus, make it more conspicuous . Was it really because he lacked the confidence and stamina?

But if the crown prince did not punish her, he would lose face .

No matter what the crown prince did, he did not have any ground to stand on . No matter how he answered, he would not be able to clear up this misunderstanding .

It’s like yellow mud dropping from inside his pants from the crotch area . Even if it was not poop, it was still considered to be poop .

The crown prince’s face went from blue to red . He fiercely stared down at Su Luo, until finally, he harshly flinged his sleeves and strode away .

Su Jingyu admonished Su Luo with displeasure: “Terrible girl, how could you speak like that? How can you speak to the crown prince like that? The crown prince did not punish you because of him being merciful, you should reflect on it!’

After he finished speaking, Su Jingyu pacified Su Xi with a glance, then quickly followed the departing crown prince .

As for what exactly he was trying to pacify, perhaps only he knew .

“How… How could you… ” Su Zian unwaveringly glared at Su Luo . He stared at her like he wanted to swallow her whole, “How could you be this shameless!”

Su Luo sneered in her heart . On the surface, her lips were flat, as if she had been wronged, “But… But honorable father, the crown prince he, he really said that… ”

When the crown prince leaned close to her ear and said something earlier, only the two of them knew what had been said . If the crown prince wanted to deny it, hahaha, there’s no chance of that now!

Chapter 25 – Stop indulging in your wild fantasies!

Su Zian grinded his teeth . He wanted to be angry, yet he had no grounds to be angry . In this situation, on the surface, it seemed as if Su Luo did nothing wrong . She only repeated the words after being scared… . But unfortunately, why did the person have to be the crown prince?

Su Zian could only mercilessly lecture her . “How did your mother educate you everyday? Don’t you know even a little propriety? You can’t even restrain any of your words . It serves you right that the crown prince canceled the engagement .

Su Luo’s coldly smiled in her heart .

You can’t even restrain any of your words? Doesn’t that mean he also thought that the crown prince… Pfft, Su Luo felt that it was hilariously funny . Presumably, this rumor regarding the crown prince would quickly spread everywhere .

However, this father’s heart was truly bias, huh .

He already knew that an engagement with Su Xi would be set up soon after the crown prince broke his engagement with her . What was the point of deliberately putting on an air of the dignified patriarch now? Was he really taking her for a fool?

Pretending to have been wronged, Su Luo looked at Su Zian . “Father, is it because I don’t know propriety that the crown prince doesn’t want me? If I learned propriety then the crown prince will want me?”

Su Zian’s expression suddenly become tense .

The reason why the crown prince wanted to cancel the engagement was not only because of this, the other reason was easy to say, but it did not sound good…

Su Zian’s aged face hardened . He heavily flung his sleeves as his expression became angry due to shame . “If you worked harder, how could you have ended up in this position? Who can you blame?

What was wrong with this daughter today? The words she said were as cowardly as usual, but these words could actually make him choke .

“What if my innate spiritual talent now reaches the purple rank? Will father value me then? And would the crown prince still break off the engagement?” Su Luo’s face had a naive romantic expression . Those vivid eyes seemed to be full of expectations and yearning .

“Purple rank?” It was as if Su Zian had heard the world’s biggest joke . He bursted into loud laughter .

After a long time, he mockingly scoffed at Su Luo . “Do you even know what having purple ranked innate talent means? Not to mention purple rank, just a blue rank, no, even cyan . If you really have cyan talent then I, your father will personally kneel down before you and pour water for your tea!”

Speaking of Su Luo’s spiritual talent, it was the most humiliating topic for Su Zian .

At that time, because of this good-for-nothing Su Luo, he was mocked by his colleagues for half a year . This matter became his nightmare; even now, when this affair gets mentioned, he couldn’t help but feel deep hatred .

Su Luo raised her palm sized small face that looked lovely and pitiful, and weakly asked . “But father, if I accidently become a wood and fire dual elementalist, and also incidentally become an Apothecary, would you treat me very well?”

“Wood and fire dual element?” Su Zian stared at Su Luo as if observing an idiot . He did not have the heart to laugh at this stupid daughter of his .

But she was still quite pitiful to be born a natural good-for-nothing .

He could only reply, “Wood and fire dual element? Luo Luo, ah . You really want to become so strong that you became crazy just from thinking about it, right? Do you even know how rare it is for a wood and fire dual element to appear? The reason why our Su family can achieve such a position we have now, could be because of your grandfather’s Sea Stabilizing Divine Needle, but the most important reason, was because our Su family had a wood and fire dual element Apothecary . Do you understand? Also, about becoming an Apothecary, stop indulging in your wild fantasies!”

Although the Apothecary in the Su family was still only an Intermediate Apothecary, he was still someone that various powerful families were trying, with utmost effort, to win over . The reason why the royal family wanted to woo the Su family was mostly because of the Su family’s Apothecary .

This Apothecary was none other than Su Zian’s biological older brother .

He was infatuated with refining medicine all year round, and worked hard for a few decades, only to finally ascend to become an intermediate Apothecary .

Chapter 26 – I really must thank you!

Indulging in wild fantasies? Su Luo’s vision fell upon the center of her fair hands . The results of the assessment told her that the talent within these hands were no less inferior than anyone else’s . Not only that, it was actually the talent of a genius among geniuses, a kind that rarely appears once every few hundred years .

Even though… . a slight problem had appeared at the moment . But she would definitely find the reason .

Her innate talent must not be left buried . She wanted to stand on top of the world and let those people who trampled over her regret raising their head to look down at her .

Seeing the dazed Su Luo, another fit of anger emerged inside Su Zian’s heart .

This disappointment of a daughter, I seriously suffocate from anger every time I look at her .

“There is nothing more for you here, leave quickly . ” This father impatiently waved his hands, like he was chasing off a beggar, and dismissed Su Luo .

“Oh . ” Su Luo walked a few steps, then stopped to turn around and stare deeply at her father . Suddenly, a smile manifested on her face, a smile like the sweet and alluring Queen of the Night that was dazzling to the eye . “Honorable father, today you told me to leave, but you must not regret it afterwards . ”

“Humph . Father indeed has regrets; Father’s deepest regret was that he allowed you, a shameful good-for-nothing, to be born back then . ” Su Zian did not speak and it was actually Su Xi who answered . She taunted her by sneering with her lips as she arrogantly raised her chin .

Su Xi sneered with a towering arrogance as she observed Su Luo . Her arrogant expression looked as if she had been observing a little ant . “Su Luo, it is important to know one’s own limits . Since you are the lowest of all losers, then scram and go back to your lowly livelihood that’s no different than a dog’s . Hurry up and scram! Just seeing you makes me angry!”

Without the crown prince present, Su Xi’s gentle ladylike manners completely disappeared as she exposed her spoiled and unreasonable true nature .

Even though Su Xi hurled abusive words at Su Luo and said that she was a dog, Su Zian did not refute a single word . This was sufficient to illustrate where Su Luo’s existence in this family placed in his heart .

Su Luo did not bother to trade insults with Su Xi . She only took a deep glance at Su Zian . The deep meaning in her eyes fixed onto Su Zian until his heart grew nervous .

Just when Su Zian was about to speak, Su Luo immediately turned around without hesitation . With big strides, she left this coldly indifferent and suffocating place .

While walking, she secretly laughed grimly in her heart . Su Zian, since you chose this today, don’t even think about borrowing my, Su Luo’s light in the future .

Su Zian was completely unaware of what he had lost after his previous cold apathy towards Su Luo .

If he knew that he would be losing a purple ranked innate spiritual strength genius of a daughter, a wood and fire dual elemental Apothecary, perhaps he would regret it until his intestines became greenish black .

Sadly, the world did not have medicine for regret . He used cold detachment and neglect to make this bitter fruit and he could only personally swallow it himself .

In the company of Lu Luo, Su Luo slowly walked out of the Main Hall .

At this time, the sun outside was at its strongest, glaring and dazzling to the eye .

Su Luo’s face carried a bland smile . The engagement had finally been cancelled . She could also finally release a breath of relief . As for the crown prince’s hatred toward her… Presumably, the crown prince would be very busy, so he should not have time to look for her .

Suddenly, Lu Luo’s eyes lit up as she pointed at the side of an underbrush where a dazzling jade pendant laid . “Miss, there’s a purple fish jade pendant over there . ”

Lu Luo picked it up and handed it to Su Luo .

Su luo looked at the purple fish jade pendent and felt that it was somewhat familiar . Suddenly, an epiphany flashed within her mind as a sly and narrow smile slowly appeared . Her eyes shined with starlight, and the corner of her mouth also curled into a mysterious smile .

“Miss?” Lu Luo did not understand . While staring at the purple fish jade pendent, why was her Mistress smiling so treacherously?

“Good Lu Luo, I really must thank you!” Su Luo gave her enormous praise .

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