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Chapter 304

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Chapter 304 – Returning to Su Manor (4)

Su Luo washed off her disguise and changed back into what she normally wore everyday . She quietly and without rest slipped back into Su Manor .

Seeing Su Manor’s current condition, Su Luo couldn’t help but to suck in a breath of cold air .

She hadn’t left for that long, counting with her fingers, it was only one night and nothing more . However, wasn’t Su Manor’s change rather too large?

Originally, Su Manor had a towering, majestic and luxurious atmosphere, but owing to the berserk fifth rank fierce panther going crazy, more than half of Su Manor had been destroyed . Now, what appeared before her eyes was an ash-gray scene of devastation that made people unable to bear to look .

However, Su Luo’s luck was still considered pretty good .

Because the fierce panther was collared by Su Qing, therefore its hatred for her was the greatest . So it had only attacked the courtyards surrounding Su Qing’s . Su Luo’s courtyard, meanwhile, was separated from Su Qing’s courtyard by a huge distance, therefore, it had avoided the main disaster area . Her courtyard appeared to be undamaged .

Originally, when she saw this kind of situation, Su Luo’s mood was still very good . However, when she entered Wisteria Park, in a split second, her face pulled down .

At this moment Lu Luo’s hand and foot were being forcibly held down by two maidservants . And in front of her, Su Xi was just standing there, strutting around while blustering to the servant Xiao Yu at her side: “Beat her, heavily beat her for this Miss! Today if this loathsome girl is not beaten to death, then this Miss won’t go back . ”

While speaking, Su Xi was also satisfiedly sitting on a chair holding a little teacup leisurely and contentedly sipping tea .

As she listened to the crisp and melodious sounds produced from Lu Luo being slapped, her mood became even better . It seemed that her face was simply glowing and she was even leisurely crooning a little song .

When Su Luo took a step to walk into her courtyard, the first thing she heard was the sound of Lu Luo being slapped .

Her long, shapely eyebrows wrinkled slightly, as she coldly shouted: “Stay your hands!”

Seeing that Su Luo had appeared, Su Xi seemed to be somewhat surprised . But very quickly, the corner of her mouth was brimming with a mysterious sly grin, “Oh? Take a look, who is it that had come back? You still know this is your home? Still know to return to the manor?”

Su Luo’s eyes indifferently swept a glance at her, her thin eyebrows knotted . She also swept a glance at that Xiao Yu: “This lady told you to desist, didn’t you hear?”

Who knew that Xiao Yu would lift her head and mockingly smiled at Su Luo: “Is the fourth Miss speaking to this servant? This servant is not your servant girl . Naturally . I do not need to listen to your orders . ”

Even though she kept using the courteous ‘you’ for Su Luo, yet at the same time . Xiao Yu’s expression didn’t have a little bit of respectful deference . While returning Su Luo’s words in a subversive manner, at the same time, she lifted up her palm to slap towards Lu Luo’s cheek!

She was certainly not a good-for-nothing who didn’t know any martial arts . Not to mention, even she was a first rank martial artist, which was far more impressive compared to this good-for-nothing fourth Miss .

Just when Xiao Yu’s hand was only a tiny distance away from Lu Luo, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into an apathetic sneer . Not knowing how she moved, one could only the brutal afterimage of a leg float pass . Then afterwards, was only a violent blood-curdling shriek that came from Xiao Yu’s mouth .

At this moment, the Xiao Yu who hadn’t had time to react was kicked flying by Su Luo . After that, her back heavily smashed on top of the wall, finally, she slid down tumbling to the ground, motionless from passing out .

Momentarily, almost everyone stared at Su Luo with an incredulous expression…with a kind of expression like seeing a ghost, they appallingly staring at her . Their eyes were opened wide into huge circles .

Wasn’t Su Luo a good-for-nothing? Wasn’t it that she didn’t have a little bit of cultivation strength? When all was said and done, how did she accomplish this? How could she directly kick a first rank Xiao Yu flying and unconscious?

Was this still a good-for-nothing?

Su Xi’s reaction was the largest, first she stared blankly, then a sinister expression flashed through her eyes and she angrily ranted: “Su Luo you slut, you dare to hit my servant girl? I will kill you!”

Hardly finished speaking, Su Xi directly slapped towards Su Luo with her palm .

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