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Chapter 315-316

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Chapter 315 – Returning to Su Manor (15)

This glance, although cursory, yet it frightened Su Zian’s heart and made him jumpy beyond flustered .

Su Zian urgently bellowed at Su Jingyu in fury: “Why are you still staring blankly? Go and fetch all of your younger sisters now without delay!”

Su Jingyu had a somewhat stupefied look with a complicated expression . He silently took a quick glance at His Highness Prince Jin, lowering his voice to nervously ask: “Who should I fetch?”

“All of them!” Su Zian saw His Highness Prince Jin sipped a mouthful of tea with his indifferent expression . This made his heart all the more terrified . God knows once this Yama, King of Hell, was annoyed and provoked, what kind of crazy stuff he would do?

Su Jingyu muttered apprehensively to himself: “Is this necessary? Isn’t just asking fifth younger sister to come fine?”

In any case, Su Wan was already a fallen woman and Su Luo was basically a good-for-nothing, what’s the point of asking these two to come?

Su Zian saw His Highness Prince Jin frown, and he panicked . The palm of his hand hit towards Su Jingyu’s forehead, while angrily roaring: “I ordered you to go, so you should quickly scram for your daddy!” While speaking, Su Zian heavily kicked towards Su Jingyu’s ass and directly kicked him out the door .

Su Jingyu massaged his thoroughly aching buttocks . He had a gloomy and malicious expression, extremely unhappy, but regardless of his mood, His Highness Prince Jin was still sitting in the reception hall . None of them could afford to offend him .

If they caused His Highness Prince Jin to be unhappy, Su Manor’s entire residence would be wiped out to disappear in the vastness of history . This was also not something that was hard to imagine . After all, it wasn’t like His Highness Prince Jin hadn’t done something like this before .

Alas, the pitiful second younger sister, heartfeltly studying for such a long time, in the end it was all wasted effort . Ultimately, she still let fifth younger sister take the cheap advantage right? Only the fifth younger sister…Su Jingyu was once again tangled .

Fifth younger sister and the crown prince already had a vague relationship, father and the emperor also already reached an understanding . Within the next few days, the imperial edict would arrive to grant them the marriage . Now, His Highness Prince Jin came to make this move, catching them completely unprepared . This also made it difficult for them to choose .

In addition . there was still His Highness the crown prince…Su Jingyu fidgeted as he kneaded his throbbing and jumping temple .

Even though he himself felt that His Highness Prince Jin was someone the crown prince was unable to reach, however on the surface, he was clearly still a man on the crown prince’s side .

The crown prince also hated His Highness Prince Jin, to the point of gnashing his teeth . He and His Highness Prince Jin could not coexist . This point was one he understand clearly better than anybody . However now, this situation… just thinking about it would give anyone a headache .

At once, Su Jingyu subconsciously determined that the person His Highness Prince Jin wanted to see was Su Xi .

Because from his point of view, Su Wan’s body was already ruined, in this lifetime, it was impossible for her to turn it around . As for Su Luo, she was simply an idiotic good-for-nothing . Even he wouldn’t glance at her, let alone His Highness Prince Jin’s type of god from the ninth layer of heaven, okay?

If he was to bring Su Luo in front of His Highness Prince Jin, that would be dirtying His Highness’s eyes .

However, even though Su Jingyu was very unwilling to ask Su Luo, while following Su Zian’s command from before, he had no choice but to go and ask . Consequently, he instructed two servants to go and invite Su Wan and Su Luo . He personally strolled towards the courtyard Su Xi resided in .

“Bang——!”The crisp sound of porcelain hitting the ground echoed within the room .

Again, it was followed by the sharply clear, crackling and rattling sounds of things smashing to the ground . Hearing it made a person’s heart panic and body jump in fright .

Su Jingyu’s eyebrow knotted slightly, he had an annoyed expression, so with quick steps, he walked inside . When he saw the scene inside, his sword-like eyebrows wrinkled into the Chinese character ? .

Now on the ground inside the room, were broken pieces and fragments of porcelain . Every kind of thing that could be smashed was all smashed, even the table, chairs and furniture were all shattered into pieces . It almost looked like it had gone through a large earthquake .

“Su Xi, why are you again throwing a fit of anger?” Su Jingyu glared at Su Xi with extreme displeasure .

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Chapter 316 – Returning to Su Manor (16)

Now, the whole family was messed with by His Highness Prince Jin until they were in terrible shape . And she was still here smashing antique and chinaware to vent her feelings . What did you call this?

Su Xi turned her head around to glare hatefully at Su Jingyu, she fumingly said: “You, leave me alone! You go and kiss up to second older sister! She will be flying up to the top branch in the position of the phoenix! All of you should go fawn up to her, that will be good . Why come to look for me!”

Su Xi was pampered and spoiled since childhood by Madam Su and other enabler . She had always been unable to hold back her words, all of her emotions would be displayed on her face .

Merely hearing her words, Su Jingyu immediately understood . It turned out this girl was drinking Qing’er’s vinegar . Unfortunately, this girl didn’t realize how difficult Qing’er’s situation was right now .

Su Jingyu, with both arms crossed, coldly cast a glance at Su Xi: “She is your second older sister, if she can be Princess Jin, our entire family will rise along with her like the tides . Besides, aren’t you and the crown prince exchanging flirting glances? You can become the crown prince’s imperial concubine and still not content?”

“Before His Highness Prince Jin appeared, the crown prince is not bad, but now, how can the crown prince compare to His Highness Prince Jin? Can he? Older brother, you use your own conscience and speak, can he?”

Su Xi was very forceful, drawing closer step by step, a pair of almond-shaped eyes glaring until they was huge . Both of her cheeks were puffed up, giving off a panting with rage appearance .

“You are such a bad girl, indeed really crafty and unruly . ” Su Jingyu poked her forehead and took her hand, “All right, come walk with older brother . ”

“Where to?” Su Xi clearly was unhappy, with one move she shook off his hand .

“Reception hall, a certain someone wants to see you . ” Su Jingyu’s smile was somewhat enigmatic .

“Not going!” Su Xi fumingly sat on the headboard of her bed while hugging the bed’s pillar with her head leaning on it, “I’m not going! Not happy going! Not willing to go! Who likes it, is who should go!”

“Oh? Really not going?” Su Jingyu felt that teasing this little girl was extremely amusing . The messy chaos in his heart was swept clean . In any case, whether it was Qing’er or Xi’er, both of them were his younger sisters, moreover, both of them liked His Highness Prince Jin . It was better that he as their older brother to not control so much .

“Yeah, don’t want to go . Older brother, go quickly, quickly go . Just seeing you irritates me!” Su Xi impatiently waved her hand .

Su Jingyu lifted his foot and was just about to leave . When he walked to the doorway, he unhurriedly gave a sigh: “Alas, His Highness Prince Jin doesn’t want such an outstanding Qing’er, how could he have fallen for you, such a bad girl? Really incomprehensible for people . Fine, since you won’t go…”

“Ah, ah, ahhhh!!!” Su Xi immediately jumped up about a meter high, her head knocked against the bed pillar . It hurt so much that tears were about to come out .

However, she simply did not have the time to deal with the pain . She threw herself directly towards Su Jingyu . Her face was so excited that the muscles were trembling: “Older, older brother! What did you say just now? What was it that you said?”

“Nothing, I didn’t say anything . ” Su Jingyu spread out both hands and innocently shrugged his shoulders .

“Older brother!!!” Both of Su Xi’s hands clutched towards Su Jingyu’s neck . She looked fierce and feigning anger, said: “Quickly speak, quickly speak, you want me to go mad from being so worked up!”

Su Jingyu somewhat helplessly let out a sigh .

How could His Highness Prince Jin have such great charisma and allure?

These girls from his family, everyday, each and every one of them was aloof, icily arrogant, high and mighty to an extreme . They wouldn’t buy anyone’s account, but once they come across His Highness Prince Jin, every single one of them would curl up like a little kitten that was exceedingly cute and well-behaved .

Sure enough, that phrase was said correctly . Seeing His Highness Prince Jin, they would avoid previously arranged marriages .

In fact, it wasn’t only these girls, even Father, Mother and including him, would also not dare to breathe heavily in front of His Highness Prince Jin, right?

It was clear, there was a type of people, at birth, their body had a kind of charisma that would make people acknowledge and serve them .

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