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Chapter 325-326

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Chapter 325 – Returning to Su Manor (25)

Su Luo had gone insane!

She actually dared to directly call His Highness Prince Jin by his given name; that was a taboo! Moreover, she also used that kind of arrogant tone that sounded quite disdainful . She actually dared to use this kind of attitude to speak to His Highness Prince Jin, simply did not want to live!

Just a moment ago, Su Zian had viewed Su Luo in a new favorable light, now, he was itching to beat this daughter who had just popped up to death . He had said it before, not well-mannered enough to bring out in public, just could not be brought out in public . She didn’t even understand a little bit of etiquette!

Su Zian immediately kneeled on the ground in reverence and fear, and kowtowed to beg for forgiveness: “Your Highness, please calm your anger, Su Luo, she is ignorant, her mind is not very bright . Normally, she is always erratic and uncivil, she doesn’t think before she speaks . Your Highness, you must by all means not lower yourself to her level!”

Su Zian was begging for forgiveness on one hand, while on the other hand, he wished he could directly strike Su Luo dead .

This pest of a spirit that harmed people, did she not know, that very possibly just because of this sentence, in an instant, the entire Su Manor would be a bloodbath .

Su Zian saw His Highness Prince Jin had no reaction since the beginning, couldn’t help but to take a furtive look towards him .

But he only saw that remote and aloof His Highness Prince Jin, that was always calmly drinking tea with an uninterested expression that lacked any emotion . It was as if the matters taking place around him had nothing to do with him .

Seeing this, Su Zian’s mind became even more anxious . He lifted his hand, grabbing towards Su Luo: “Loathsome girl, why haven’t you already quickly kneeled down to beg for forgiveness from His Highness?”

Who knew that this grab of his would actually come up empty . Then when he lifted his eyes to look, he found that now, he had already lost sight of Su Luo’s figure .

At this moment, Su Luo had already moved to Nangong Liuyun’s side with her quick steps . This high and mighty person towering above very unhappily glared down at her .

Su Zian, upon seeing this, could only feel his mind darken . It was a scorching thunderous lightning that exploded, splitting open his brain . Oh heavens, this loathsome girl simply was leading Su Manor directly on the road to extinction . She actually still dared to stick her hands at her waist and glower at His Highness Prince Jin…

At this moment, it was not only Su Zian, there was also Su Jingyu and Madam Su kind of people . They were all looking at Su Luo with a dumbfounded expression . Rays of extreme fear flashed through their eyes .

Because this action of Su Luo’s, in their eyes, appeared to be simply too brazen, too disgraceful, and too much like courting death .

Su Wan pushed Su Luo with a very displeased expression: “Why did you come over here? The one His Highness Prince Jin fancies is me and not you, get lost!”

Saying this, Su Wan very rudely lifted her palm to slap towards Su Luo’s face .

Su Luo casually extended her hand, effortlessly and with great ease, she captured Su Wan’s moving hand . She cast her a quick glance with smile that was not quite a smiling expression: “Someone just like you, Nangong Liuyun would actually fancy you? Su Wan, don’t forget, the you right now is a fallen woman, oh . Your body was already sullied by another man, oh . ”

“You——”Su Wan was extremely angry, this matter was something she could not bear to recollect . Now, it was laid bare and revealed in front of everyone by Su Luo .

“Su Luo, it was you, right! That affair was you who did it, right?!” A crazy malicious radiance shone from Su Wan’s eyes .

“On that day, that killer was clearly going to your courtyard to rape you, this slut . However finally, in an unfathomable, mysterious way, he appeared on top of my bed . Furthermore, you know martial arts, you obviously knows martial arts, and not at a low level either… . It was you, clearly it was you! Su Luo, you slut, you ruined me! I want to kill you!”

Even if Su Wan was not completely right, but her guess was pretty close . On that day, it really was Su Luo who had set up that maneuver . It was also Su Luo who had reversed their roles and drugged her .

At this moment, Su Wan’s rage was difficult to manage, she was making threatening gestures to Su Luo and was about to claw at Su Luo’s face . But now, her martial arts ability just couldn’t be compared to Su Luo’s . Therefore, Su Luo easily and effortlessly flung her away, as if throwing away a coarse sack .

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Chapter 326 – Returning to Su Manor (26)

Su Wan was flung to the ground . It hurt so much tears were about to come out of her eyes . However, her hatred had already blinded her eyes .

She knew that the her right now was no match for Su Luo . Moreover, the her right now had already broken away from Su Manor . Therefore, Su Zian and his people simply would not stick up for her again . What to do?

No, no, she still had Prince Jin, His Highness Prince Jin would help her!

She was already His Highness Prince Jin’s people now, wasn’t she? He would even bestow such a precious medicinal pill to her . Why wouldn’t he help her again to kill such a little minor person like Su Luo?

As a result, Su Wan didn’t have time to deal with the pain, crawling and moving towards His Highness Prince Jin, she complained tearfully: “Your Highness, I beseech you, help me kill Su Luo, that little slut . As long as you kill her, in the future, regardless of what you want me to do, I am completely willing . I beg you to help me avenge this hatred…”

Su Wan wept like a pear blossom in the rain, right now, she truly had some delicate fragile beauty that made the heart of people watching feel tenderness towards her .

However, it was a pity…she was wrong . She was wrong from the onset, moreover, she was outrageously wrong .

“Alas . ” Nangong Liuyun finally put down the teacup in his hand, his gaze landed on Su Wan’s body light as a feather . His intoxicating pair of eyes carried a touch of a smiling expression, seemingly ridiculing and mocking . He leisurely repeated what she said: “Kill Su Luo on your behalf?”

Su Wan thought that His Highness Prince Jin had already agreed, immediately, her grief turned into happiness: “Many thanks to Your Highness, many thanks for Your Highness’s help to accomplish this!”

After she was finished thanking His Highness Prince Jin, Su Wan immediately turned her head around and sinisterly stared at Su Luo with a cold and malicious smile said: “Little slut, you will die for sure . ”

Indeed, people that His Highness Prince Jin was set on would always die very tragically, quite inhumanely…

Both of Su Luo’s hands were holding her arms, and with a faint smile, she cast sidelong glances at Nangong Liuyun: “Oh, His Highness Prince Jin’s charismatic beauty really is limitless . In the beginning, I heard people say you had deep feelings for second elder sister and that it was serious . Afterwards again, rumor spread that you were infatuated with fifth younger sister . Now, what’s this? You won’t even let Su Wan, a fallen woman, slip by?”


Everybody at the scene inhaled a cold breath of air .

Brave, too brave, simply full of bravery!

This absolutely was the number one bravest person since the beginning of history .

This absolutely was the first time since the beginning of history that someone dared to speak like this to His Highness Prince Jin .

Su Zian saw Nangong Liuyun slowly stand up, his heart was extremely plaintive and aggravated: Finished, finished, finished…Su Manor was about to be done for…

However, Nangong Liuyun’s movements afterwards surprised him until his chin almost dropped to the ground .

He only saw that remote and aloof, godlike Nangong Liuyun smilingly rub Su Luo’s head: “Oh, this king’s Luo girl is jealous, really hard to come by . ”

His Highness Prince Jin’s devilishly charming voice also carried a touch of tender sentiments . That tone clearly had hints of a spoiling, indulging and conniving expression .

In addition, there was also his ecstatic address of her as ‘this king’s Luo girl’ .

At this moment, in all directions around, it was quiet . It was so quiet that the people watching could hear the sound of each other’s heartbeat .

This was because this situation was really too strange, so strange that everyone was incredulous . They were all staring outrageously at the couple in front of their eyes who were like a pair of jade annulus .

However, what made them even more stunned was what was still to come .

They only saw Su Luo directly step on his foot, her tone was ice cold as she said: “Who is your Luo girl? In your dreams . Humph, you are such a womanizer, attracting the bees and butterflies, one on the left and another on the right non-stop . ”

Su Luo, she stepped…stepped on His Highness Prince Jin’s foot .

It was absolutely the truth, because on His Highness Prince Jin’s black leather boots, there was clearly a distinct mark of a footprint .

His Highness Prince Jin that was just stepped on, this time ought to get angry, right? Everyone present all looked towards His Highness Prince Jin expectantly .

Su Luo deserved to die, too deserving of death! She actually went and stepped on His Highness Prince Jin’s foot? Could it be that she didn’t know, the thing that annoyed His Highness Prince Jin the most, greatest, and utterly, was when someone stepped on his foot, okay?

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