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Chapter 347-348

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Chapter 347 – Fright on board (6)

Unexpectedly, there were additional things she needed to pay attention to? Then, looks like it would be very difficult to catch one .

“However, you needn’t be worried . ” Nangong Liuyun gave off a wicked radiance that was dazzlingly beautiful and devilishly charming, “This king’s little princess has always had good luck . Other people might not be able to catch any, but Luo’er will certainly return from the journey well-rewarded . ”

“How could it be possible!” Su Luo sent him a glare, “Don’t have such high expectations for me, otherwise you will be very disappointed . ”

Nangong Liuyun used his hands to stand up, he calmly said: “Time after time, when has Luo girl let this king be disappointed? Therefore, this king has very, very high expectations for you . ”

“Don’t feel like paying you any attention . ” Su Luo snorted .

Actually, truth be told, in her former life and this one, she didn’t even know how to fish . Let alone going to hook such a full-of-spirit-power Amethyst Thorned fish . Simply thinking about it gave her a headache .

Anye Ming and Lan Xuan’s thin layer of perspiration condensed into bead size, and the two of them tumbled down . In a short time, they looked extremely exhausted .

Su Luo poked Nangong Liuyun’s arm: “Aren’t you going to go up and lend a hand?”

Nangong Liuyun fiddled with Su Luo’s hair and unhurriedly let out a hum: “This king is busy keeping Luo girl company, where would I have the time to bother with them?”

Su Luo was immediately speechless, at this kind of dangerous time, this guy could be so careless as to tease her . She really should not use common sense to reason with him .

Fortunately, Anye Ming and Lan Xuan both worked hard and did not fall short . Even though they were frighteningly exhausted, nevertheless, they persevered with their teeth clenched .

Probably after about an hour later, the body of water in front of them became dead calm . Under the light of the sun, the clear and crystalline water gleamed from the reflected rays .

Who could have anticipated that in the deepest part of the waterspout-filled waters, there would be such tranquil waters, as if heaven and earth had become one . Birds were flying and fishes were jumping, the cool breeze blew gently and not a wave rippled .

Under the sunshine, the sky was clear and the air was pure . The waves were arranged like smooth lengths of silk cloths, coming slowly by sliding, then leaving again evenly . It gave people a kind of serene, peaceful and quiet feeling .

Compared to just now, being surrounded by the perilous areas of water full of waterspouts they was completely two opposite situations, a difference like heaven and earth .

Anye Ming and Lan Xuan, both of them were completely lacking in form as they dropped down to sit on the deck, gasping large mouthfuls of air and panting coarsely .

Their clothing was soaked through with perspiration from head to toe . They now appeared battered and exhausted, so weary that they couldn’t even speak . They only continued to breathe in large mouthfuls of fresh air .

“Oh yeah, at last, we have finally crossed through . ” Didn’t know from where Beichen Ying came out from, he very kindly extended each of them a cup of fresh water, but also continued to grumble: “Needless for me to say to you guys, last year, it only took a quarter of an hour to cross, unexpectedly this year, it took an hour . Do you guys not feel any shame?”

Lan Xuan directly sent a kick towards him: “You, hey, shut up for me, your daddy! Last year, Nangong Liuyun put on a one-man show, of course it was effortless . You have the ability, then next year you do it . ”

It was all very well to talk, but doing it was another matter . Last year, seeing Nangong Liuyun, that kind of effortless, at ease and calm manner, made them think it was very simple . Didn’t expect that once they took over the position, they would find out how difficult it was to control the waterspouts and the yacht speed .

Beichen Ying was nimble as a rabbit, easily avoiding the kick and pouted his brilliantly red lips, saying: “What’s so difficult about this? Next year, I and sister-in-law together, absolutely will beat you guys’ speed . ”

When Beichen Ying finished speaking, with a face eagerly attentive and trying to get the desired result, smiled towards Su Luo . His smiling expression was so radiant that only his teeth showed, while his eyes could not be seen, “Sister-in-law, you also agree right? Next year, the two of us will partner up and let them see . ”

Su Luo hadn’t even replied before Lan Xuan rolled his eyes at Beichen Ying, saying: “That’s enough, enough already, just your little schemes, who doesn’t know . Openly shouting out for Sister-in-law to partner together with you, when ultimately, the one exerting himself, isn’t it still Nangong?”

Beichen Ying’s thoughts were laid bare, but he didn’t get angry and merely gave two humphs: “Don’t you guys underestimate Sister-in-law . If I was to tell, you guys will be scared to death . ”

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Chapter 348 – Fright on Board (7)

In a single brush stroke’s worth of time, Nangong Liuyun suddenly came and cut in with a line: “That can certainly be arranged . It’s decided then, next year, it will just be you and Luo girl . This king will not interfere . ”

Just that girl?

Anye Ming and Lan Xuan glanced at Su Luo doubtfully .

According to the information they received, this fourth miss from the Su family was proclaimed as a good-for-nothing after the result of her spirit test at the age of five . Later on, although she had concealed her strength and secretly cultivated, she was still merely at the strength of a third rank .

Merely at the level of a third rank, even with Beichen Ying as a partner, how could they be able to traverse across this territory full of waterspouts in a situation without Nangong Liuyun’s help? Was this a joke?

Even the two of them, who were both sixth rank in cultivation, were exhausted to the max, alright?

Anye Ming and Lan Xuan both somewhat humorously shook their heads .

Love truly made people blind . They never thought that someone as wise and far-sighted as Nangong, would also have such muddled moments .

Su Luo originally wanted to flatly reject it, but once she saw both Anye Ming and Lan Xuan’s expressions of complete disbelief, if she was to flatly refuse now, would she not be taken lightly by them?

While she was hesitating, Beichen Ying had already agreed .

Compared to Anye Ming and Lan Xuan, Beichen Ying’s understanding of Su Luo was a little deeper . After his initial shock passed, he immediately nodded his agreement: “Good, it’s a deal!”

With that said, Beichen Ying smugly grinned at Su Luo and said: “Sister-in-law, did you hear that? Next year’s catch of Amethyst Thorned fish will be split between the two of us! He he!”

Su Luo then realized that actually, whomever put in the effort to cross the territory of waterspouts, the catch of Amethyst Thorned fish for that year would belong to them .

Nangong Liuyun’s eyes gleamed with demonic light: “You should simply focus on catching your fish . Whatever Amethyst Thorned fish you catch, will all naturally belong to you, they won’t be that shameless to snatch from you . ”

“How can you say it like that, making us seem like pirates . ” Lan Xuan indignantly said .

He turned around to heroically say to Su Luo while waving his hand: “Sister-in-law, just like Nangong said, you go ahead and fish for yourself . The Amethyst Thorned fish you catch will naturally all belong to you, we won’t take a single one . ”

Anye Ming also righteously joined in and continued: “Lan Xuan’s words are my words . We definitely do not want any of Sister-in-law’s Amethyst Thorned fishes . ”

Besides, what Amethyst Thorned fish could a mere little third rank martial artist catch? Not being caught back by the Amethyst Thorned fish instead could already be considered pretty good .

Anye Ming and Lan Xuan simply did not believe that Su Luo had the ability to catch any Amethyst Thorned fish . Therefore, the two of them vowed their refusal in unison .

The pitiful duo did not know that very soon, because of their decision, they would pay a very bitter price and regret it till their intestines turned green .

Didn‘t know how long they had traveled, when a tiny island appeared ahead .

This was the legendary Amethyst Thorned Island? Except, the island was barren, so flat that one could gallop right across, and there was absolutely nothing on it . Sparsely surrounding the island were some parked yachts .

Seeing the luxury yacht flying Prince Jin Royal’s banner, those who had already arrived on the Amethyst Thorned Island all looked over . They respectfully assembled, awaiting his Highness Prince Jin’s arrival to grace them with his presence .

Nangong Liuyun disembarked holding Su Luo’s hand, leisurely descending by stepping on the wooden gangplank .

With black as a base color and gold trims on the hems, his brocade robe was folded in layers like a cloudy fog . It had barely appeared, and it already immediately brought about a complete, dignified aura .

Su Luo originally wanted to shake off his hand . But, his arm was so strong and powerful that regardless of how she shook, she couldn’t shake him off .

Didn’t know why this time, Nangong Liuyun seemed to be especially stubborn . No matter how gently she cajoled him, his hand firmly held hers and wouldn’t loosen even for a moment .

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