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Chapter 381-382

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Chapter 381 – Amethyst Fish Palace (3)

Li Aotian let out a cold humph, and stamped his feet after concentrating strength into his soles . He drew the huge, double-edged sword he carried on his back . That sword, like a cold streak, flashed past with a threatening chill .

One could only see Li Aotian lifting that huge sword up high and brandishing it towards that solid palace gate and chopping down!

A burst of violent force rippled through the air, and it seemed as if the ground was vibrating . However, that seemingly thin palace gate didn’t even move an inch . On the gate, not a trace of it having been chopped could be seen .

How could it be like this? He was a sixth rank expert oh! This was impossible!

Li Aotian did not believe it was possible . Once more, he concentrated all his spirit power and poured it completely into that huge sword . The tip of the sword shot out an explosive force——

One could only hear ‘swoosh, swoosh, swoosh’, the ear-splitting sounds of the atmosphere being fractured .

This single chop was unsurpassingly vigorous and deft .

However, when this sword chopped down, the vermilion red-colored panels of the hinged gate seemed to be emitting a faint radiance . It seemed like a skin-like coating was wrapped entirely around its body as a protective layer . Not only was there no trace of any difference to the gate, on the contrary, Li Aotian’s huge swords was heavily ricocheted back .

If it weren’t for Li Aotian’s speedy reaction and promptly grabbing hold of the handle of that huge sword, then this time, he would have lost a lot of face .

“This hinged gate was sealed by an expert . ” Li Aotian, with extreme anger, bellowed out loudly .

The crown prince’s expression immediately became somewhat malicious .

Their yacht had tightly sailed forward and slowly overtook everyone to be first, just so they could reach the Amethyst Fish Palace a step ahead of everyone else . It was in order to be the earliest to enter the Amethyst Fish Palace .

Countless people from the older generation left behind directions saying that for the earliest ones to enter, their odds of obtaining treasures would be that much greater . But no one ever said that to enter the Amethyst Fish Palace, you still needed to open the seal on the gate .

But now, with this delay, Nangong Liuyun’s yacht, in the blink of an eye, had arrived .

Beichen Ying was the first to jump out of the yacht .

Beichen Ying took it upon himself to constantly strike at the crown prince, smiling happily, he said to Lan Xuan: “Oh, I was under the impression that some had already gone inside the palace earlier . I didn’t expect that instead, so many people would enthusiastically stand in front of the gate to wait for us . ”

Lan Xuan raised an eyebrow and smilingly said: “Idiot, do you really believe they are standing in formation to welcome us? They are wishing that we could disappear at once for good . Of course, it is because they couldn’t enter . If they could go in, they would have already run in until we couldn’t even find their shadows . ”

The crown prince’s complexion was ashen as he slanted a glance at Lan Xuan .

This despicable fellow again emulated Beichen Ying’s inclinations, all of his words were very poisonous .

The corner of Lan Xuan’s mouth hooked into a shallow smile, and his chin was tilted up as he slanted a glance at the crown prince . That posture exhibited the air of a young master from an influential aristocratic family, and as an elder brother, it was one hundred percent emphatic .

Li Aotian’s tries were no good, adding in the Jade Lake’s Fairy was also no good . Finally, they added the group of people the crown prince brought, and as before, it was still no good .

The crown prince became somewhat anxious .

This was owing to the fact that the amount of time the Amethyst Fish Temple stayed was limited .

Every one hundred years, it would appear once . Every time it appeared, it would stop over for one day . Therefore, every minute and every second was precious .

Whenever the crown prince thought of that pile upon piles of treasures that he had no chance of obtaining, it was like his heart was crying blood .

Ever since Nangong Liuyun appeared, afterwards, the Jade Lake Fairy’s gaze would unblinkingly stare at him with beautiful, luminous eyes .

Since young to adult, she had liked him for so many years, how could she give up just because of one sentence of rejection from Nangong?

Even more so because although Li Yaoyao’s outward appearance was extremely delicate, her heart was strong and unwaveringly determined, such that many men could not hold a candle to her resoluteness .

Seeing Nangong Liuyun so naturally holding Su Luo’s hand as he slowly walked over, the Jade Lake’s Fairy sucked in a deep breath . She calmed down her heart and state of mind, her face blossoming with a light and pure smiling expression: “Third senior brother, since everybody all came because of this Amethyst Fish Palace, why not open this seal together?”

Nangong Liuyun originally ignored her, until Su Luo bumped his arm, only then did he indifferently cast a glance at the Jade Lake’s Fairy . He noncommittally raised an eyebrow .

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Chapter 382 – Amethyst Fish Palace (4)

The Jade Lake Fairy’s appearance stiffened for a split second, but she still maintained that arc at the corner of her mouth . Her smile was as gorgeous as a flower, as if the unpleasantness on the yacht from before never happened .

“Could third senior brother still be taking offense at Yaoyao’s lack of manners from before? If that is so . then Yaoyao fairy will apologize to Miss Su . ” The corner of the Jade Lake Fairy’s mouth contained a shallow, indifferent smile, with a composed expression on her face .

It seemed as if she was still that extraordinary and refined Jade Lake’s Fairy . and he was still that third senior brother who pampered and spoiled her .

Nangong Liuyun gave a smile that was not quite one as he cast her a glance, but he did not speak .

Su Luo saw this, and a trace of precaution flitted across her heart .

If the Jade Lake’s Fairy was still pretending to be that lovely, pitiful, delicate white lotus flower from before, then she would be easy to deal with .

However, she could calm her mood within such a short amount of time, giving a tranquil and calm appearance without a ripple, as if nothing had happened . It was just like the first time when Su Luo saw her, so extraordinary, refined and above-the-common-people, that Jade Lake’s Fairy .

This kind of forbearance, this kind of shrewdness, really made people afraid of the consequences .

Recalling before on the yacht, able to upset her until she exposed her real nature, it could clearly be seen how seriously upsetting those words by Nangong Liuyun were to her . However, from now on, if Su Luo wanted to see the appearance of her losing control, then it certainly would be difficult .

The crown prince clenched his teeth, he squeezed out a trace of a smile from the corner of his stiff lips, and said to Nangong Liuyun: “Second younger brother, looking at the time passing in seconds and minutes, don’t tell me you are not anxious? Wouldn’t it be better if we all work as one to open this seal together?”

Nangong Liuyun indifferently cast a glance at the crown prince, lowered his gaze and in an indulgent and spoiling manner, rubbed Su Luo’s hair: “This king’s Luo girl has the final say . ”

Immediately, the crown prince’s expression hardened .

The Jade Lake Fairy’s expression, for only a split second, was simply, extremely ugly . She grinded her teeth before her face perked up into an unperturbed, smiling expression as if nothing happened, and said: “Miss Su, behind us, there are so many people watching impatiently, you wouldn’t let everyone be disappointed, right?”

Su Luo glanced back for a look, sure enough, she saw a large group of densely crowded people . Following the Jade Lake Fairy’s words, they violently nodded their heads towards her .

Their movements were so in sync as if they were one, very much identical, as if she was blocking their path . It was as if she was a heinous, great sinner .

Su Luo rolled her eyes at Nangong Liuyun in disgruntlement . “Who wants me to be the villain in your place? Wishful thinking! I order you to get out of my way . ”

Once these words were out, everyone present immediately sucked in a cold breath of air .

This was merely ordinary dialogue in Su Luo’s eyes, but looking at everyone’s eyes, this was completely not like that . No, they were like all the people in Su Manor on that day, their hearts were trembling at least three times, having been shaken by Su Luo’s remarks .

His Highness Prince Jin was what kind of savage and bloodthirsty person? Able to make him indulge her to this degree, speaking based on reason, that Miss being loved so much ought to burn incense and worship Buddha in thanks, right?

However, this Miss she actually still had a scolding tone, not only that, she also had an unhappy appearance!

Who did she think she was!

But she was confronting Prince Jin, the temperamental, with his moods indeterminately going from overcast to clear, savage and ruthless, that His Highness Prince Jin . She was simply courting death!

Now, practically everyone was regretfully looking at Su Luo, because in their eyes, how could His Highness Prince Jin not get angry?

Even the Jade Lake’s Fairy, who had always been familiar with Nangong Liuyun, now, that pair of quick-witted, beautiful eyes had a burning radiance, similar to the rainbow-colored sunlight . It was brimming with expectation, hope, happiness, and rejoicing-in-other-people’s-misfortune kind of expression while looking at Su Luo… .

In her eyes, Nangong Liuyun’s temperament had always been bad, and what he hated the most was disobedience and refusal .

However, what made everyone be taken aback, and also made the Jade Lake’s Fairy bite her gums until they tore into pieces, was that the scene that their eyes had expected completely did not take place .

On the contrary, Nangong Liuyun moved in closer still, more intimately smiling at her, in a fawning manner as if trying to win her favor .

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