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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:04:25 AM

Chapter 466-468

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Chapter 466 – Mountain of flames (1)

Li Aotian, who was chasing behind her with a malicious expression and a grim gaze, tenaciously pursued any scent of Su Luo she might have left behind .

His originally sinister face right now had bloody scars scratched by sharp claws, with the flesh flipping outwards and the wound so deep that even the bone could be seen . It would cause people who saw it to be shocked by this ghastly sight and to be scared witless .

There were also many wounds on his body . Fresh blood dyed his entire robe red, and the smell of blood was very strong .

However, seeing his speed which was as fast as a stormy wind, made it seem as if it was all external wounds, while his strength didn’t seem to have suffered much .

On the contrary, there was already no silhouette of the huge, foolish bear, didn’t know what its current state was .

While Li Aotian was pursuing, at the same time, he coldly crooned: “Loathsome girl, cherish well this last bit of opportunity to breathe . Very soon, you will never need to breathe again . ”

That huge, foolish bear had been very difficult to deal with, if it was not for the fact that it had just given birth not long ago, he absolutely could not defeat it .

A magical beast was a magical beast, even under the circumstances where its strength had been reduced, it could still fight to a draw with him . Ultimately, he was preoccupied with hunting down Su Luo, that loathsome girl, so he had no choice but to toss that little foolish bear back . Otherwise, they would still be fighting .

“Loathsome girl, see where you can run to now!” Li Aotian’s expression was cold and gloomy, with a grim laugh, a vigorous spirit force condensed under his feet in a split second .

Immediately, a brilliant ray of light burst out from under the soles of his feet, his speed was at its pinnacle, leaving behind a savage . shadowy image in the sky .

That astonishing speed swept past the forest, tightly chasing after Su Luo’s back .

“Oh no!” Su Luo, by chance, turned her head around . She saw that behind her, not far away, was a savage shadow stepping on top of trees with the utmost speed, coming over and pursuing her .

Through her naked eyes, it could clearly be seen that he had almost arrived with violent speed!

Su Luo’s expression changed slightly .

She knew Li Aotian was enraged and had no plans to intermingle with her again . Rather, he was prepared to directly kill her .

His patience had already arrived at the lowest point .

The little divine dragon seemed to have sensed Su Luo’s deep worry, and gave two howls of ‘awoo’ . A white, brilliant light erupted from his body and wove towards both of Su Luo’s legs .

“Sssss——” Su Luo immediately inhaled a deep breath of air .

What did she discover?

After the little divine dragon’s white light was added to the soles of her feet, her speed actually increased . She visually estimated that her speed had increased by ten percent or so .

Su Luo was puzzled and looked at the little divine dragon: “What’s going on?”

She sensed it was not only her speed that was amplified, even her strength had followed along to also increase by ten percent .

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The little divine dragon: “Awoo, awoo, awoo——” A new ability, can increase Master’s strength by ten percent!

It really was like this! Su Luo’s expression was overjoyed and continued to inquire: “Is it just by ten percent?”

The little divine dragon: “Awoo, awoo, awoo——” Every time she rose one level, he could give master an increase of another ten percent .

If it was not for the fact that they were on the road fleeing right now, Su Luo wished she could grab the little divine dragon and madly kiss him a few times .

This reward was simply too wonderful .

When she was at the fourth rank, her strength could be increased by ten percent, when she was fifth rank, then it would be amplified by twenty percent, when she was sixth rank it would be thirty percent… . and so on, she was simply blessed .

However, it’s a pity her strength was too weak right now, even if it was increased by another ten percent, it still didn’t have much use .

All of a sudden, Su Luo felt danger getting closer .

Just at this moment, she exploited the ten percent increase in speed under her feet, and released the spirit dance steps, once again displaying this marvelous technique .

In a flash, her body leaned to the left at a strange angle and slid a far distance away .

Her speed was astonishing and also left behind a remnant shadow .


Just at this time Su Luo’s figure slid away, a huge palm strike heavily landed at the place Su Luo was a moment ago!

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Chapter 467 – Mountain of flames (2)

Momentarily, the air rolled out in waves and the atmosphere seemed to boil over . The ancient trees in the surrounding circle was uprooted all at once and shaken into pieces .

A deep hole in the shape of a palm that was enough to bury a person in remained behind .

Su Luo watched with lingering fear at that deep hole with dust flying upwards around it . She then turned her body and changed directions to rush forward with great speed .

Just a moment ago, if it was not for the little divine dragon increasing her speed by ten percent, perhaps she would have been directly slapped dizzy into that deep hole by Li Aotian’s palm strike .

“Damn it!” Li Aotian’s palm strike did not hit the target, a raging flame was ignited in his eyes .

He had calculated everything perfectly .

The loathsome girl’s speed had already soared to its maximum, he had already taken into consideration her speed and direction she was fleeing to . Once this palm strike went down, it could directly bury her alive .

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But, who would have known that her speed would suddenly increase at the last minute, causing his calculations to fail in the end?

A savage and malicious sneer appeared on Li Aotian’s face: “Good, can avoid the first time, let’s see if you have the ability to avoid it a second time!”

The first strike did not hit, Li Aotian basically had no plans to give up .

His figure launched in a flash, the toes of his feet occasionally tapping the top of the trees to borrow strength, the air had bursts of his remnant images, making a person faint from blurred vision .

He chipped away at the distance to Su Luo’s back during the chase . When he saw Su Luo’s silhouette again, the corner of his mouth hooked into a grim smile .

“Boom——” Another palm strike was slapped towards Su Luo’s back!

Su Luo could feel the danger from the approaching attack, she instinctively wanted to flee, but what made her despair was——

That palm strike seemed to be stuck to her back, no matter how she tried to shake it off, she couldn’t avoid it . Finally, she could only watch that huge shadow violently hit her back!

Its approaching strength was so severe as to be terrifying .

“Pfft——” Su Luo could only feel a piercing pain that hurt dearly coming from her back, spreading and bursting through her four limbs and hundreds of bones .

She couldn’t suppress it, a mouthful of blood wildly sprayed out .

With one hand pinching that jade piece and another hand covering her chest, her footsteps fled forward non-stop .

This jade piece was a gift presented to her by the little divine dragon’s old man, it was an introduction to the great dimensional imprint’s martial arts .

Altogether, there were three layers, it’s a pity she had only cultivated the first layer right now .

Using it now, it was true she could kill Li Aotian, but in the future, she could never hope to advance a step forward with her great dimensional imprint .

Unless it was at the last moment, Su Luo was still unwilling to part with this jade piece .

“Boom——” Another bold and powerful palm strike attacked towards Su Luo’s back .

“Pfft——” Another mouthful of blood burst forth from Su Luo; her chest was covered with blood .

Su Luo still ran as before, always running .

Even though her figure was already swaying and rocking, crooked to the east then falling to the west, yet she never had any intention to stop .

Su Luo did not take note of the fact that the fiery red stone she had concealed in her chest pocket was continuously absorbing the blood Su Luo sprayed out .

The originally fiery red stone had slowly transformed and changed into a snow-white color like suet jade, it could be seen that it was clear and transparent .

However, Su Luo was now occupied with fleeing . She basically had no time to take notice of this difference .

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The corner of Li Aotian’s mouth hooked into a cold, detached and cruel smile as he pursued behind Su Luo .

“Very amusing, it really is too fun of a game . ” Li Aotian repeatedly sneered: “Loathsome girl, to exterminate you in one move, with regards to before, is simply too much of a blessing for you . Since you want to run, then just run!”

A cat chasing a mouse would not grab it all at once . It would unceasingly tease the mouse, after having played enough, then it would catch the mouse .

Li Aotian, at this moment, also had this kind of plan .

The palm strikes he attacked Su Luo with only had thirty percent of his strength, this was why Su Luo would vomit blood time and time again while still having not yet lost her life .

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Chapter 468 – Mountain of flames (3)

If he was to attack with all of his strength, considering his strike style as a seventh rank expert, very likely, after one move, Su Luo’s entire person would become a meat patty .

The pitiful Li Aotian, he eternally wouldn’t understand what was called nip the problem at the bud, and would instead suffer harm .

At this point of time, he was toying with Su Luo, dallying with her who was under his complete control . Very soon, he would understand what was called regret .

Li Aotian slapped another attack towards Su Luo’s back .

Su Luo felt that her vertebrae on her back was about to be misaligned . She sprayed out another mouthful of blood, her footsteps stumbled and she almost kneeled on the spot .

Presently, Su Luo’s speed had already become very slow, her body was tottering on the verge of collapse . Her feet moved with great difficulty and her eyesight was blurry and hazy . She could only preserve a little consciousness, as if in the next second, she would lose consciousness and fall to the ground .

Mentally, she realized that Li Aotian was toying with her, he wanted to slap her to death like cooking a frog in warm water .

And this was her only chance to escape with her life .

Li Aotian basically did not know that not far ahead were dangerous grounds that would give her a lifeline . If he knew, very likely, he would use a killing move on the spot .

Su Luo dragged her heavy steps . Even receiving the strikes time and time again, she still moved forward with great difficulty, moving forward .

Her hand tightly clenched that jade piece .

No, no, still hadn’t arrived at the last minute, she must continue to persevere!

The road to being an expert was covered with thorns . She received such small injuries and she would take out her hidden trump card?

No, she could still hold on .

Su Luo swayed, her sweat was mixed with the blood on her face as she resolutely shook her head .

The little divine dragon had already been placed back into her space earlier, otherwise, with his protectiveness towards his master, he would definitely shield her .

Because Su Luo understood, she could not allow more meaningless casualties .

“Awoo, awoo, awoo——!” In her space, the little divine dragon stood up on both hind legs, nervously leaning on the wall in her space, excitedly slapping the wall .

Had they arrived at last?

Su Luo’s complexion was wan and weak . She wiped away the blood at the corner of her mouth as it lifted slightly into a clear smiling expression .

Looks like, this time, Li Aotian would regret it again .

Up ahead, a valley of flames appeared .

She could not see the end to this valley, it seemed endless, and just that abruptly appearing in front of Su Luo .

In its surroundings, all around was an air of miasma, a blackish area, surging with confusing, pitch-black smoke, and the air was terrifyingly, roasting hot to breathe .

If this uninhabited island still had signs of human habitation, the other side would definitely advise Su Luo against this place .

This valley of flames was the most dangerous place on this isolated island, even an eighth ranked expert wouldn’t enter it casually .

Nobody knew how strong this valley of flames was, or how wide . One only knew that the inside was very dangerous, the people who entered never came out again .

In its surroundings, besides the blackish miasma of gas, there was still another fervent, fiery, roasting heat . A broiling flaming heat that could roast a person dry .

Behind her, Li Aotian once again sent a palm attack sweeping towards her .

This time, Su Luo didn’t use any defense and loosened her entire body .

When that powerful palm wind strike got closer, Su Luo’s body borrowed the wind power under the control of this palm strike and flew up, light as a feather . She was tossed forward by the impact from the strength of this palm strike——

Only, in the effort of the blink of an eye, Su Luo’s figure now vanished into the pitch-black valley of flames .

Li Aotian saw Su Luo’s trace being lost in a flash, and he couldn’t help but be greatly startled . His pair of eyes rigidly stared at that pitch-black valley of flames .

“Loathsome girl!!!” Li Aotian shouted and snarled, finally, he firmly slapped his own head!

He was truly an idiot!!!

Why was it that he always couldn’t remember the lesson from before?

Every time, he would say to himself, it would be good to directly kill her . It would be pretty good to directly smash her into meat patty, but every time——

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