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Published at 22nd of March 2018 04:04:14 AM

Chapter 486

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Chapter 486 – Leaving the region of flames (3)

The Weaving Inferno was altogether divided into five levels .

Su Luo now was cultivating the first level of the flaming spring state .

The flaming spring state had nothing to do with spring water, it was instead related to the range of a spring .

Within one move, the flames would be able to cover the entire mouth of a spring, then would she have succeeded .

But now, Su Luo was merely at the peak of the third rank, if she wanted to cultivate this «Weaving Inferno», she really was barely qualified to do so .

However, it was also fortunate that she was inside this cave of flames . These flames could provide Su Luo with an endless stream of fire property . This made her cultivation smooth and easy, with half the work and getting twice the results .

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The days of cultivating passed very quickly .

In the blink of an eye, more than ten days had passed .

For these more than ten days, every time Nangong Liuyun finished cultivating, he would go to explore a way out . But every time, he would return disappointed .

After these more than ten days of cultivating, Su Luo’s strength could only be described as progressing one thousand miles in one day .

Because she had the assistance of her space, Su Luo’s cultivation was different than other people’s .

Her spirit was cultivating space system laws within her space .

The Su Luo outside her space was cultivating the fire property laws .

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With both elements combined to cultivate together, complementing and helping each other, working mutually in harmony, it made Su Luo’s strength rise very quickly . It was so fast, it was simply like flying in an airplane . it even made Nangong Liuyun exclaim in admiration at her cultivation speed .

This day, Su Luo had already faintly touched upon the thin boundary for promotion to the next rank .

She believed that very quickly, she would be promoted to the fourth rank .

In fact, so to speak, she had only stayed at the third rank for a very brief period of time . It was only because recently, there were many things happening, so it felt as if she had stayed at the third rank for a long time .

For more than ten days, her mind was highly focused, therefore, Su Luo intended to relax a little and rest properly . Afterwards, she would break through that final thin layer at the boundary, so as to make a breakthrough in one go .

At this moment, in Su Luo’s space, a fair and honest but amusing thing was happening in there .

Once Su Luo saw it, she stopped her cultivating and watched, full of interest .

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The little divine dragon, ever since he was tossed into Su Luo’s space, afterwards, he became bored . But very soon, he found something he was interested in .

Since Su Luo had arrived on this uninhabited island, afterwards, she had nearly forgotten about the Amethyst Crystal Fish .

However, Su Luo might have forgotten, but the little divine dragon had dug out that Amethyst Crystal Fish she had tossed in a corner . He had placed it at the side of his little nest where he slept and stared at it all day long .

If you were to say that the little divine dragon was good to the little Amethyst Crystal Fish, this would be a misunderstanding of his intentions .

Everyday, according to the schedule of three meals a day, the little divine dragon would always appear in front of the Amethyst Crystal Fish and run around it in circles .

The Amethyst Crystal Fish would spit out crystal stones according to a schedule of three meals a day, just like a hen laying eggs daily .

As for whether the crystal stone that was spit out was high grade or not, this was related to luck and the person’s moral quality .

Whenever the Amethyst Crystal Fish spit out a piece of crystal stone that landed in the sea-colored bowl, the little divine dragon would waste no time in stretching out his paw to grab that crystal stone, and without the slightest hesitation, he would deliver it into his mouth . Chewing the crystal stones with ‘crunch, crunch’ sounds, just like a little child chewing a piece of candy .

Every time, the little divine dragon would report for duty punctually on the dot, to the extent that Su Luo didn’t even discover that occasionally, for a few times, cyan-colored and even blue-colored crystal stones had appeared .

However, without waiting for Su Luo to find them, these few pieces of crystal stones would be eaten by the little divine dragon as snacks .

If Su Luo knew that blue-colored crystal stones were eaten by the little divine dragon like sugar pills, very likely, she would cover her chest from heartache . It was a pity she was completely immersed in cultivating the space laws in her space .

Again, another day passed, and a burst of a faint spirit power fluctuation occurred in the air .

The Su Luo outside her space slowly opened her eyes, the corner of her mouth tilted up slightly . It was obvious that her mood was very joyful .

Nangong Liuyun opened his tightly closed phoenix eyes, with a very indolent, eminent, unapproachable, wild, and devilishly charming expression .

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