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Chapter 52

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Chapter 52 – A strong and overbearing kiss (4) His arms were stronger than a steel clamp . They firmly imprisoned Su Luo, and under their command she was unable to budge

“Let go… . wuhhh… . ,”Su Luo just opened her mouth when a full-bodied strong alcoholic drink was forcefully poured into her mouth .

The bright-red grape wine was following the corner of her mouth, and drop by drop, it tumbled down .

Nangong Liuyun’s appearance, from head to toe, emitted a majestic and imposing manner . No matter how much force Su Luo employed, he still had not moved a whisker’s width .

Su Luo’s struggle in front of him was as negligible as dust .

The feverish kiss was earth-shattering strong and overbearing .

Su Luo’s mind became an area of blank space, and in a split second, she almost lost herself .

Forcing Su Luo to swallow that mouthful of red wine, Nangong Liuyun intimately closed in . He tenderly touched the edge of her lips and wandered there, lingering .

The soft kiss was as if a feather was caressing along her mouth .

The tip of his tongue’s scorching heat burned her, and removed any resistance to the red-colored drops of wine at the corner of her from mouth being sucked clean .

Both of their extremely beautiful faces were almost within reach; close enough to feel one another’s scorching, hot breath .

All around them, there was nothing but quiet and silence .

The only thing that could be heard was the Dragon Scaled Horse’s rapidly running gallup that gave rise to a biting, cold sound of the wind .

Nangong Liuyun tenderly cupped the palm sized small face in front of his eyes, scrutinizing every delicate detail, with his obsidian eyes radiating a fascinated expression while leaving behind a strong sense of passion .

This kind of passion and intimacy made Su Luo feel very uncomfortable . It made her involuntarily think about the betrayal in her previous incarnation .

Su Luo clearly and coldly turned her head, suppressing the severe waves of nausea in the pit of her stomach . Little by little she adjusted to the extreme ****

Nangong Liuyun, however, did not let her go . A pale, moist finger detained her bright, clean, and tapered lower jaw . His voice carried unprecedented seriousness, stressing each syllable to asked, “ Am I that loathsome?”

His gaze from the beginning was firmly locked upon her face . As a result, he couldn’t have missed the disgust that flitted around inside of her eyes and her feeling of distress, just a moment ago .

Abruptly the mood dropped until it had reached the freezing point .

Su Luo slowly pushed him away . Her gaze went through the window curtains that had been tossed aside…Looking towards the distant and remote sky .

“I’ll ask again, am I really that loathsome,” Nangong Liuyun asked persistently from behind her back .

Was he loathsome? Su Luo asked herself honestly . Ever since waking up in this world, Nangong Liuyun’s assistance toward her has been an undoubtedly enormous boon . . Although he sometimes liked to ‘raise and lower his hand’*, towards her, there was never any malice .

But, how could she tell him about that matter from her previously life .

That matter, that person, she really doesn’t want to mention it .

A trace of sadness, difficult to perceive, emerged from Su Luo’s dimly lit eyes as she said, “My broken heart has nothing to do with you, so don’t ask anymore . ”

She did not expect that this sentence would act like a fuse, as all of a sudden, it had ignited Nangong Liuyun’s fury .

He pulled Su Luo in one grasp, an action that was rude and unreasonable, seized her chin, and let her look at him face to face . He very fiercely interrogated, “If your broken heart had nothing to do with me, then who was it related to?”

A moment ago, as the sadness that flited by her eyes, he seemed to understand but also not understand . But what he was confident of was, that those words to Nangong Liuyun, definitely was not a good thing .

Su Luo’s certainty and air of arrogance was aroused . Her stare obstinately forged ahead, “Nangong Liuyun, who are you to me? Isn’t your control rather too wide?”

Nangong Liuyun smiled instead of being angry . a pair of beautiful, star-like eyes were cold as ice . As he resumed detaining her lower jaw, he stressed each syllable, making a vow . “ You are this king’s wife . This point will never change!”

“Did I agree to this?” Su Luo’s thin eyebrows had been incited, and her eyes held a shallow, mocking smile .

Su Luo’s long hair fluttered in the wind . Her face faintly smiled . Her meaningful glance lacked both stormy waves and swelling water . Neither joyful nor sad, the depths of her eyes hid a horrifying expression .

Nangong Liuyun stared blankly, as he became stumped for words . After just a moment, a mysteriously cold look emerged from its serene and hidden depth . A resplendently light smile appeared from a pair of brilliant red fulsome lips, which emitted a gem like luster . The corner of his mouth hooked up into devilish flattery . He emphatically and self-confidently said, “You, Su Luo this lifetime must be mine, Nangong Liuyun’s wife!”

A pair of glittering obsidian eyes, flashed an expression . That disdainfully look at all living things, revealed a regality, insufferable arrogance and overbearing haughtiness .

“Let’s wait and see . Walking to the end of this road, what the final result will be . ” Su Luo’s pink lips rose up a little .

**** Author left out a word? Found it like this online–June ‘raise and lower his hand’ – an idiom meaning conspiring to defraud

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