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Chapter 523-525

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Chapter 523 – After the victory (2)

Elder Beichen curled his lips and teased: “Oh, I say, Elder Nangong, aren’t you giving yourself too great of an importance? Maybe this little young lady’s thoughts are entirely different from yours?”

Elder Nangong nearly flew into a rage from humiliation, and he slapped the table heavily: “Beichen Mu, I order you to shut up!”

“Ok, ok, already so old, what’s the point of quarreling . Not afraid of being made fun of by the younger generation . ” The president and minister of education at the top Imperial Academy hurriedly tried to smooth things over . He hit at both parties, and then all smiles, looked at Su Luo: “Su girl, this duel, it can only be said that Su Qing feared to fight and slinked off . We will start to offer a bounty for her and place her on the wanted list, letting everybody in the continent participate in hunting her, what do you think?”

Su Luo’s complexion restrained the coldness, quietly looking at the Venerable president of the top Imperial Academy .

His hair and beard were all white, and he showed a childish countenance . He had a touch of imposing dignity of being a leading person within his kind appearance, making people’s hearts feel reverence, not daring to exceed half a step out of bounds in front of him .

Worthy of being the Venerable president of the top Imperial Academy .

However, Su Luo was not a student of the top Imperial Academy, why should she fear this Venerable president?

Su Luo nodded, her voice light: “No need, after all, she is still my sister . Even though she is heartless towards me, but I cannot treat her with injustice . Please dismiss the wanted notice and bounty for her arrest . ”

Once Su Luo said these words, it immediately caused an uproar in the fully packed stadium . Before, Su Qing wanted to kill Su Luo at any cost, so everybody had thought that Su Luo would also be the same . However, no one had imagined her to be so magnanimous!

A thread of astonishment also flashed through the Venerable president’s eyes: “Are you saying you are giving up the right to put the opposition on the wanted list? Are you certain?”

“Yes, I am giving that up . ” Su Luo stood straight, her gaze was gentle yet tranquil . Her expression was serene and reserved, her voice was even more ordinary, like that of the wind .

Elder Beichen stroked a few strands of his goat-like beard, appreciatively nodded his head slowly, “As expected of the woman His Highness Prince Jin fancies, having a calm and impressive air that makes people accept willingly . ”

Su Luo indifferently smiled, her expression calm as ever: “Senior’s praise is too much . ”

But Elder Beichen merely continued to stroke his white beard, smilingly shaking his head .

This girl clearly knew that the person who saved Su Qing had outstanding martial arts and that even if Su Qing became a wanted person in the entire continent, it wouldn’t really have any meaning . That was why she pardoned the opposition and also showed off her own benevolence and righteousness . This was killing two birds with one stone .

This girl’s age might seem young, but she had wisdom, courage, insight and drive . She knew to conceal her strength and bid for time, and also the time to show off; she was quite good . If Little Shadow also had this kind of good fortune in the future, then that would truly be the Beichen family’s blessing .

Recalling Beichen Ying’s frivolous, loose and casual appearance, Elder Beichen worriedly breathed out a sigh .

After the three elders left the stage, the masses of spectators were also asked to leave .

Just when Su Luo wished to walk forward, all of a sudden, a few extra black shadows appeared in front of her, directly blocking her exit .

Su Luo looked at these people before her, her eyes narrowing slightly . She remained calm and collected .

“You dare to injure Qing’er, I, Lin Zixuan, will definitely not let you get away with it! Su Luo! Right now, I challenge you to a duel! Will you accept or not?!”

Lin Zixuan, Su Qing’s number one admirer, has been secretly in love with her for a long time .

When he saw Su Qing’s appearance being ruined in front of his own eyes, her leg damaged, that kind of bone-piercing heartache, others simply could not understand . Therefore, he wanted to take Su Qing’s place to find Su Luo for revenge!

“Purple Sunflower Sect?” Su Luo calmly and collectedly shot him a glance . These few people were Su Qing’s seniors and fellow disciples? Coming to find her to carry out their revenge?

“The thirteenth generation disciple of the Purple Sunflower Sect, Lin Zixian, formally challenges you, Su Luo, to a duel, a life-and-death agreement, do you dare to accept it or not!” Lin Zixian’s eyes had a menacing and ominous glint .

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Character 524 – After the victory (3)

After hearing Lin Zixian’s words, Su Luo frowned slightly .

Standing in front of her was not only Lin Zixian, there was still another Elder and two more young women . At this moment, the two young women were glaring at her, yet the Elder did not block them .

This must have been deliberately connived? That’s also right, the Lindworm was such a huge embarrassment, and Su Qing as well . These so-called famous and upright sects attached the most importance to their reputation . It would be strange if they didn’t come to trouble her .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth slowly spread open into a smile . She raised an eyebrow and looked towards Lin Zixian: “Purple Sunflower Sect? Life-and-death agreement? Haha, aren’t you afraid of losing? Are you prepared for that person to appear again at the moment you are facing death?”

When Su Qing was at death’s door, she was rescued by another person, nobody knew where that immortal-like person came from . But, Su Luo, without the slightest hesitation, placed this debt on the Purple Sunflower Sect .

That sect uncle (1) frowned, glaring at Su Luo with displeasure . Lin Zixian immediately continued, angrily rebuking Su Luo: “You have great courage! You have the impertinence to slander the Purple Sunflower Sect!”

Su Luo unhappily rolled her eyes at him: “If you have the ability, then prove that the person who saved Su Qing is not someone from the Purple Sunflower Sect , otherwise…” Even if I falsely accused you, so what?

“You——!” Lin Zixian was so furious that his whole face was beet red, and his finger tremblingly pointed at Su Luo . Being led by Su Luo, momentarily, he really could not provide the evidence .

Su Luo snorted softly, turning around and was about to leave .

“You stand still!” Lin Zixian pointed to Su Luo, loudly shouting, “Su Luo! You still haven’t answered me! Do you dare to fight with me or not! Don’t tell me that you only dare to bully the weak and not dare to challenge the strong?!”

Su Luo paused her footsteps, turned her body around, indifferently looked at him, raised her palm and said: “One, if I respond to everyone that wants to challenge me, wouldn’t I be exhausted to death? Two, when Su Qing proposed the life-and-death duel, she was fourth rank and I was third rank . I must trouble you not to distort the truth and treat everyone like a fool . Three, are you saying you are strong?”

Su Luo raised her eyebrow, on her face was an indifferent smile . She sized him up from top to bottom, finally sneering: “Just based on you?”

“Just based on me, then what!” Lin Zixian arrogantly cast sidelong glances at Su Luo .

Su Qing lost because she was too careless, falling for this loathsome girl’s tricks . Currently, he was at the peak of fifth rank . He didn’t believe that by relying on his wisdom, cautiousness and cultivation, he would lose to this kind of silly little girl!

Su Luo sneered and once again turned her back to him . Without leave, she took large steps forward . While walking away, she confidently waved her hand back at them: “Wait until you can defeat that Lindworm before coming to challenge me . ”

Right now, she did not have the time to deal with these people who had nothing to do .

Hearing Su Luo’s words, Lin Zixian’s face momentarily went rigid, his complexion becoming ashen .

Not only him, even the sect uncle standing beside him, his complexion also changed in a flash .

The Lindworm was originally the Purple Sunflower Sect’s spirit pet, one of the three high-level spirit pets . Because Su Qing’s duel this time, and Su Qing being Grandmaster Lan Hai’s personal disciple, therefore, she was granted that kind of honor .

But now……… . . The Lindworm was incited to rebel!

These people from the Purple Sunflower Sect silently cast their gaze towards the Lindworm, but only saw that originally hard-to-tame, unruly and arrogant dragon, now grovelling and following behind the little puppy, like a lowly servant…… . . Such a hard-to-imagine situation, unexpectedly, really happened .

“No way, the Purple Sunflower Sect’s spirit pet, how could we let other people walk away with it?” Lin Zixian angrily shouted .

His sect uncle looked at the bouncing and vivacious little puppy, the corner of his mouth hooking into a greedy and sinisterly cold smile .

“What you said is exceedingly right . ” This sect uncle completely agreed with what Lin Zixian said, “Not only must the Lindworm be returned to us, that little puppy… . . We must also have it, to compensate to us, the Purple Sunflower Sect!”

1) Sect Uncle: This guy entered the Purple Sunflower sect in the same generation as Su Qing’s teacher . So he would call Su Qing’s teacher brother . The Chinese means teacher and uncle . I have no idea if Su Qing’s teacher has become an Elder of the sect then this person would also have the title of Elder . So for now we are calling him Sect Uncle since he is of the older generation in the sect and probably a teacher there also .

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Chapter 525 – Interrogation (1)

Nangong Liuyun quietly stood there…

He was wearing a black like thick ink, brocade gown, with the sleeves elegantly dancing . His face was handsome, smart, clear and peerlessly beautiful . His perfect lips smiled in the shape of water caltrop, with those deep eyes laughingly watching her .

Su Luo stood firmly in front of him, raised an eyebrow and smilingly said: “How was that?”

Nangong Liuyun indulgently and in a spoiling manner, rubbed her hair: “Not bad, at least you didn’t lose this king’s face . ”

“What do you mean ‘not bad’? It was very good, okay!” Su Luo wrinkled her nose, in her heart, she couldn’t help but be pleased with herself .

His family’s Luo girl . Nangong Liuyun lifted up the little divine dragon from Su Luo’s embrace, voluntarily carrying it in his hands, with his other hand holding Su Luo’s hand: “Go, let’s return home . ”

Under so many gazes, Su Luo’s subconsciousness wanted to shake off his hands, but suddenly, her mind recalled the three-month agreement between her and Nangong Liuyun .

Since she must fulfill the three-month agreement, then, borrowing his power now should not be a problem . In any case, Nangong Liuyun as a behind the scenes support was wide and sturdy, and very useful .

Su Luo easily held on tightly to his wide and warm palm, with a calm expression, she sauntered forth at his side .

At an angle that she could not see, Nangong Liuyun’s long and narrow eyes slightly hooked up .

Momentarily, the spectators that had not yet left, had a complicated expression on their faces as they looked at this pair of jade annulus couple, consciously opening a path for these two people .

A crowded tide of people, in the middle, was a wide path .

Under the convergent gazes of countless people, if it was a timid young lady who had never seen the world, naturally, she would not dare to walk this path .

“Are you scared?” Nangong Liuyun’s eyes smiled, his pupils drooping down to look at her . His gaze was warm and gentle like water, as if at this time, he was looking at the most precious treasure .

“Are you making a joke?” Su Luo faintly curled her lips, “I am not even afraid of death, how can I be afraid of this?”

She, Su Luo, had already seen the world, ok?

“Worthy of being the future Princess Jin, really bold enough . It seems that this king’s foresight is truly good . ” Nangong Liuyun said with an air of complacency .

Su Luo irritatedly rolled her eyes at him: “If you want to praise me, then praise me, why do you have to include yourself? There is no other person who is more narcissistic than you . ” There was also no one who could compare to him in the skill of praising others .

Under the convergent gaze of countless people, these two people charmingly walked away, hand in hand .

The two people’s topic strived to be opposite of each other, but their bearings were extremely intimate . It seemed, from every vantage point, that they were full of strong passion for each other, simply making others admire to the point of being extremely jealous .

Besides those spectators, at this moment, there were several blazing hot gazes that were attentively watching the pair’s gradually disappearing backs .

Purple Sunflower Sect, that sect uncle, firmly clenched his fist, his complexion ashen .

Court Elder Nangong Yu greedily looked at the little divine dragon being carried in Nangong Liuyun’s hands, but did not dare to act blindly without thinking .

In the second floor private room, that woman with a peerlessly beautiful face, was now grinding her teeth . Her features were sinister, the originally pretty eyes that were like water so clear you could see the bottom, now contained a vicious, scorching radiance .

“Su Luo! You are good . You . Are . Very . Good!”

The Jade Lake’s Fairy firmly clenched her fists, with a sinister gaze firmly fixed on the pair of hands that were firmly holding each other . In her eyes, was a murderous aura that made people tremble in fear .

“If I don’t kill you, I, Li Yaoyao, swear that I’m not human!” Jade Lake’s Fairy raised two fingers on her right hand, swearing an oath to the heavens .

Li Yaoyao looked at Su Luo and Nangong Liuyun’s perfect rear view, seeing that one high and one low, harmonious and incomparable figures . She saw them talking and laughing intimately, an appearance as if nothing could come between them . Li Yaoyao wished she could throw herself at Su Luo and tear her to pieces .

Su Luo was completely unaware that she already had so many people fixated on her . She also did not know that Li Yaoyao was currently spitting out fire directly at her back . At the current point of time, her mood was quite good .

This time, going to Amethyst Thorned Island, it was crisis after crisis, with dangers spring up all around . Several times, she was hovering on the edge of life and death, however, only with great risk did great opportunities lie . Her harvest and gains were pretty good .

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