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Chapter 556-557

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Chapter 556 – Relationship Crisis (2)

Su Luo laughed: “Many thanks for your concern, Eldest Young Master Li, but it seems that you have forgotten something . ”

“What?” Li Aoqiong’s voice was rough, his attitude extremely impatient .

“A thousand pieces of green-colored crystal stones, oh, the stately Young Master of the Li family . You wouldn’t forget your debt after losing, right?” Su Luo said with a smile yet not a smile that was raised at the corner of her mouth, her eyes carrying a trace of careless laughter .

Li Aoqiong’s figure, in that split second, became completely motionless!

Before, he and Nangong Liuyun made a wager, the one that lost would pay out a thousand green-colored crystal stones……he was infuriated till the point of being muddle-headed by this loathsome girl, to actually forgot this matter .

Not ten pieces, nor a hundred pieces, but rather, one thousand pieces of green-colored crystal stones . Just thinking about it made his flesh ache extremely painfully .

Li Aoqiong’s complexion, in one second, became bright then dark, unable to settle on being overcast or clear, simply extremely ugly .

Seeing Li Aoqiong’s complexion become ugly, Beichen Ying, without a trace of politeness, threw stones at him while he was down .

“Hey, Brother Li from the same generation, could it be that the stately Jade Lake’s Li family is unable to take out such few crystal stones?”

Li Aoqiong, seeing Beichen Ying’s face with an annoying smile, wished he could smash forward with his fists . This Beichen Ying’s favorite thing was to jump out at the crucial point to throw stones at him when he was down .

Li Aoqiong knew, if he dared not to give these green-colored crystal stones, he feared that in the next moment, Beichan Ying would, without a doubt, proclaim this to be known by everyone in the imperial capital . Beichen Ying truly had this kind of capability!

Taking a few deep breaths and steadying his mood, Li Aoqiong indifferently glared at Nangong Liuyun, with a smooth tone, he said: “For the time being, I did not bring that many crystal stones with me . I will personally deliver it soon after to Prince Jin’s Royal Manor . I’ll take my leave!”

However, at this moment, Nangong Liuyun’s complexion was gloomy, his attention was not even on Li Aoqiong’s person, therefore, he was standoffish to him .

Li Aoqiong thought Nangong Liuyun was scorning him, with a single breath stifled in his throat, he infuriated himself half to death .

However, the winner takes all, who told him to be the one that lost? In the end, Li Aoqiong hatefully grinded his teeth, tightly clenched his fists and brought his huge group of people that arrived majestically to escape miserably from this situation . It was exactly like Li Yaoxiang’s departure from before .

However, in truth, he misunderstood Nangong Liuyun .

Now, how could Nangong Liuyun’s heart even have Li Aoqiong’s existence? Those one thousand pieces of green-colored crystal stones were not even the least bit attractive to him .

His pair of pitch-black phoenix eyes unwaveringly stared at Su Luo, without even blinking, his complexion was hazy as if overlookingthe abyss .

It felt as if a strong wind was blowing from all around .

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of pitch-black-like-ink eyes, made people’s hearts tremble with fear, and the bottom of their hearts cold .

“Cough cough——” Beichen and the three noticed something was wrong with this situation and immediately wanted to turn and slip away .

They had a lot of experience with Nangong Liuyun’s mood, if they didn’t run now, would they stay to become cannon fodder?

“Stand still . ” Su Luo loudly called out to halt them .

“Sister-in-law, what further instructions do you still have? These little brothers of yours will immediately go do it, please don’t block us, okay?” Beichen Ying gave two hollow laughs .

Su Luo unhappily rolled her eyes at them like a female gang leader as she heroically waved her hands at them: “I also won’t take advantage of you guys, these source stones that have not yet been cut open, you guys take them to divide among yourselves . ”

“Really?!” Immediately, Beichen Ying and the others’ eyes brightened, as if the clouds between heaven and earth had parted, scattering the fog . The sky suddenly opened up to a wide clearing, the air was fresh and clean with the intoxication of a beautiful spring day .

“Of course, otherwise, why on earth would I stop you guys?” Su Luo unhappily rolled her eyes at them, afterwards, she pointed at that huge chest of source stones, “Carry all of these away, I won’t be able to use them anyways . ”

“What about you, Sister-in-law?” In all honesty, these three people had already drooled at the source stones inside the chest from long ago . However, because it was their family’s sister-in-law, as a result, they dared not lay their hands on these source stones .

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Chapter 557 – Relationship Crisis (3)

If this was Li Aoqiong’s, Beichen Ying would have already organized manpower to lay down a sinister hand in ambush on the road to secretly rob them .

“I will take the ones that were already cut out, consider it the cost of my hard work . You guys don’t have any objections, right?” Su Luo looked at them and smilingly said .

“No, no, no, completely don’t have any objections . ” Beichen Ying, as the representative, repeatedly shook his head, “Even if inside all the source stones were waste materials, we also don’t have any objections . ”

Beichen Ying felt that Su Luo had roughly finished cutting most of the source stones with a crystal stone . The remaining source stones should all contain waste materials . She was too lazy to move them, so she set it aside for them, right?

If Su Luo knew what Beichen Ying was thinking, she would certainly send him flying with one slap .

Lan Xuan felt that the nice surprise came too fast, it was somewhat unreal . His thinking was the same as Beichen Ying, but when compared to Beichen Ying, his mouth lacked a filter even more . As a result, he weakly asked: “Sister-in-law, this, this is not like what happened to Wang Zhongkui, in the end, nothing was cut out?”

Does this bastard even know how to speak?

Before Su Luo could get angry and change her mind, Beichen Ying and Anye Ming’s brows immediately were beaded with sweat . With one of them at each side holding Lan Xuan by the arm, they just carried him out like that .

Now, even all the servants with no duties had already left, only Nangong Liuyun and Su Luo, the two of them, remained inside the room .

There wasn’t another person left to joke and stall for time for Su Luo .

What needed to be confronted must be confronted in the end .

“The matter is already finished, let’s go . ” Su Luo gave a slight cough pretending to be calm . She turned around, wishing to leave .

She wanted to pretend that nothing had happened, flipping past this page .

However, when she was about to brush past Nangong Liuyun, her slender wrist was grabbed by him .

His mood was coldly stiff and intensely strong . His gaze was as sharp as the edge of a blade, so sharp as if about to chop her into pieces .

“Still want to go?” Nangong Liuyun’s tone was coldly stiff, bloodthirsty and cruel .

A strong, oppressive feeling, a heavy atmosphere, a strength that would not tolerate resistance, and an unsurpassed air of arrogance .

This strong atmosphere belonged to His Highness Prince Jin .

Didn’t know why, but the bottom of Su Luo’s heart felt somewhat weak, she didn’t dare to look into Nangong Liuyun’s eyes .

Su Luo discovered that sweat was being exuded from the center of her palms .

“Raise your head to look at me . ” Nangong Liuyun was like a furious, berserk beast that had been enduring silently . His pair of eyes pierced directly at her, stabbing her until her heart beat irregularly for a period of time .

Su Luo sucked in a deep breath .

Wasn’t he making a big fuss over a minor issue? Did she really step over the line excessively just now?

Su Luo lifted her eyes to look at him: “Why should you be this furious? It’s not like I lost . ”

Nangong Liuyun’s deep eyes became increasingly dark, that trace of implied furious intent made his entire person seem bloodthirsty and cruel .

And following these words by Su Luo, it seemed as if the strongest hurricane was brewing within his eyes… .

Compared to before when he was all smiles and frivolous, it was completely two different people .

Su Luo didn’t know that her one short sentence forced the fury in his eyes to be even deeper . Her heart couldn’t help but be somewhat uncertain .

“Ultimately, what are you really mad at? It’s not like I will really lose you in a bet . ” Su Luo couldn’t make heads or tails of the origin of his rage . It made her feel very helpless .

Nangong Liuyun’s eyebrows flipped up, the furious flames in his eyes were ignited . He clenched his teeth, and stressing each syllable, slowly said: “There are always risks with gambling, how dare you say you will win for certain?”

“I…” Only now had Su Luo discovered, she forgot to tell him about the matter of the little divine dragon .

Consequently she tried to explain it to him in a nice tone and pleasant expression: “ I can not lose, just because I was certain I can not lose, therefore…”

Nangong Liuyun didn’t even give her a chance to explain, he coldly and resolutely interrupted her words .

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