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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:18:23 PM

Chapter 630

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Chapter 630 – Treasure Storage Pavilion (4)

She was just thinking of finding some time to look for a good dagger at an auction house, now that she was thinking about it, she just so happened to encounter it .

This was truly like about to doze off and someone would deliver a pillow, it couldn’t be better .

Su Luo was very happy, and reached out with her hand to take it . However, she was stunned to discover that she was unable to take it .

These small, cloud-like spheres seemed like the simplest kind of covering to protect against the rain, but were firmly protecting the treasures . Making it that even if other people coveted them, there was no way for them to take it away .

Seeing the spirit treasure that she liked in front of her eyes, but no matter what, she couldn’t even take it out, this really felt extremely unpleasant .

Su Luo’s eyes twinkled like the stars .

Since she had already entered the secret inner room of the Treasure Storage Pavilion, then she shouldn’t just enter this mountain of treasures and return empty-handed .

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Su Luo thought, at that time, the Nangong family’s Ancestor who was a space mage, this Elder used space element to make a door look like a wall, in that case, these cloud-like spheres, could they be related to space element?

Su Luo’s eyes twinkled like starlight .

Regardless of what was said, it couldn’t be wrong to try .

Su Luo gathered her space system power, stuck her palms on the cloud-like spheres, and continuously pouring the force of space into it .

However…… There was no response .

Adding more, there was still no response .

By the time Su Luo’s brows were beaded with sweat, there still was no reaction from these cloud-like spheres .

Su Luo was helpless, apparently, space element was not the key to unravel this cage, then what was the key to breaking through this?

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Su Luo powerlessly pounded on these transparent-yet-extremely-hard, cloud-like spheres up high, while gloomily sighing .

Soon after, she tried to take the entire cloud-like spheres with the treasures inside into her space, but what made Su Luo depressed was, these cloud-like spheres, imperceptibly seemed to have a kind of strange force that fixed them in place . She simply could not take them into her space .

About ten of these cloud-like spheres were suspended in mid-air, if she could not even take this one, then there was no point in thinking about the rest .

At the moment, Su Luo’s only hoped was placed on the little divine dragon’s body .

The little divine dragon’s perplexed small face, faced these small, cloud-like spheres as he looked at them left and right, up and down .

He tried to scratch them with his claws, but discovered that his claws were useless .

He tried to puff out flames, water and all kinds of elements, but as before, it was all useless .

What’s to be done?

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The divine dragon grabbed his ear and scratched his cheek, looking exceedingly depressed .

Having thought hard and still couldn’t think of a way, the little divine dragon became angry . Facing these cloud-like spheres, he simply bit down .

Su Luo saw this and hurriedly lifted the little divine dragon back up: “Careful, don’t break your teeth ah, this is very hard……”

Su Luo’s words still weren’t finished yet……

Afterwards, a scene that stunned Su Luo occurred .

The little divine dragon bit down a mouthful, then, these small, cloud-like spheres were like a white steamed bun, suddenly lacking a corner .

“This way is also possible?” Su Luo was simply speechless . What kind of thing was the little divine dragon’s teeth ah! This kind of hard stuff and he could actually bite it?

Su Luo might simply just worship the little divine dragon’s teeth .

The little divine dragon smiled towards Su Luo as if taking credit for an achievement . Afterwards, he just buried his head in these small, cloud-like spheres, unceasingly biting down and swallowing .

The little dragon’s bite was not fast at all, but the small mouth was, nevertheless, continuously moving .

Very quickly, one could see that that cloud-like sphere was missing a corner . In addition, this corner, in the wake of the little divine dragon’s nibbling and biting, continued to become bigger .

Su Luo saw that the little divine dragon directly swallowed what he bit out, and she couldn’t help but be somewhat worried: “Can you eat this?”

“Supplement, great supplement . ” The little divine dragon excitedly nodded, his two little claws holding the small, cloud-like spheres and once again immersed in pigging out .

The corner of Su Luo’s mouth pursed slightly .

Who could have anticipated, that these cloud-like spheres protecting the spirit treasures, with regards to the little divine dragon, was a great supplement?

Su Luo confiscated a tiny piece, and tested it on herself to see if it was a supplement for her .

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