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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:18:15 PM

Chapter 636

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Chapter 636 – Dispute in a love triangle (1)

Inside the Wisteria courtyard .

Lu Luo was busy with the tasks on hand, but would always raise her head to anxiously look at her Miss .

Since the Miss had gotten up in morning, she had sit under the wisteria tree to read . Now, six hours had already passed .

Su Luo was calm and composed, in contrast to Lu Luo who was very much scatterbrained .

“Miss . ” Lu Luo thought for a while, in the end, she still came over, holding an already-brewed expensive type of oolong tea, and neatly placed it down .

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Su Luo only gave a slight grunt and did not raise her head to look at her .

Lu Luo, seeing Su Luo’s quiet and peaceful expression, couldn’t help but to anxiously stamp her feet: “Miss, even at a time like this, how can you still remain so calm?”

“Oh?” Su Luo raised her head from «The Continent’s History», her eyes which were watching Lu Luo were like an ancient well without a single ripple, and the corner of her mouth had a smile .

Seeing Su Luo’s calm and collected expression which was lacking a single ripple, Lu Luo nearly became angry from being anxious: “Miss, why are you not concerned about His Highness Prince Jin? The rumors outside are going crazy . ”

“What is being spread?” Su Luo, calm and unruffled, picked up the teacup and took a sip .

“Jade Lake’s fairy ah!” Lu Luo was not very accepting, as she snorted while panting in rage: “Outside, it has already been widely spread that the Jade Lake’s fairy will arrive in the Imperial Capital . Furthermore, it’s even spread that she is the future Princess Jin!”

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Su Luo smiled but didn’t speak .

“Miss, how could the Jade Lake’s fairy be Princess Jin? Clearly, you are the true Princess Jin!” Lu Luo expressed her strong feeling of being unconvinced .

Su Luo had her head lowered as she flipped through the book, the corner of her mouth smiling carelessly: “Oh? You seem to be clearer about this than me?”

Lu Luo ran up, with one grab snatching«The Continent’s History»from Su Luo’s hands, and seriously said to Su Luo: “Miss, you can’t go on like this, otherwise, His Highness Prince Jin will be snatched away by the Jade Lake’s fairy!”

Su Luo’s smile was not quite a smile . If Nangong Liuyun was that easily snatched away by another person, then he was unworthy of having her, and unworthy of Su Luo being invested in him .

Su Luo took back that book of«The Continent’s History»from Lu Luo’s hands and unhurriedly flipped through it .

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Lu Luo saw that happy and content appearance of Su Luo’s, and she became so anxious that she kept pacing around Su Luo in circles, walking about .

Su Luo remained silent, then lifted up her head to look at Lu Luo: “With you walking around like this, it is making me dizzy, quickly stop walking . ”

Lu Luo saw that Su Luo was paying attention to her, and she hurriedly rushed up and said to her: “Miss, how can you stand it? How can you sit here in a manner of staying out of it?”

“Then, you tell me, what should this Miss do?” Su Luo closed the book, raised her eyebrows and smiled .

“You should go beseech the Master ah, doesn’t the Master also look favorably upon the matter of you and His Highness Prince Jin? No matter what, you shouldn’t just stay foolishly like this, you have to take the initiative!” Lu Luo’s eyes shone like the full moon, “Even if you act for His Highness Prince Jin to see ah . When His Highness Prince Jin sees how much you care about him, once happy, he will abandon whatever that Jade Lake’s fairy does for sure ah, and will run over here to our place . ”

Su Luo glanced at her with a smile .

Foolish Lu Luo ah, foolish Lu Luo, you still see human nature as too beautiful . Why would Su Zian help her?

“Do you still remember the matter on that day when this Miss returned from the Sunset Mountain Range . When Su Wan complained that I offended Jade Lake’s fairy?” Su Luo voluntarily tossed out a sentence .

Lu Luo’s voice started stammering: “Young, young Miss, you are saying, the Master would……”

At that time, Master believed that Miss had offended the Jade Lake’s fairy, and was itching to choke Miss to death!

Su Luo, meeting Lu Luo’s gaze, seriously nodded her head and said: “You should bear in mind, in the future, don’t seek Su Zian for anything, he is unreliable . ”

Lu Luo saw Su Luo directly calling him ‘Su Zian’, rather than ‘Dad’, and immediately, she was dumbfounded .

Momentarily, the atmosphere was somewhat strange .

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