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Chapter 640

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Chapter 640 – Dispute in a love triangle (5)

Each and every one of these coarse, manly men, were all so excited that their bodies were riled up .

“His Highness Prince Jin and the Jade Lake’s fairy are truly a match made in heaven ah . ”

“Aren’t they, right? You guys look, a talented male and beautiful female, matchless under heaven, simply a pair of jade annulus ah . ”

“That’s only natural, have you guys ever seen His Highness Prince Jin smile? But now, he is standing in front of the Jade Lake’s fairy with such a tender smile . ”

“The Jade Lake’s fairy is also the same, how pure, cold and noble of a woman, in front of His Highness Prince Jin, she is like a yielding ball of water . ”

“A perfect match ah, truly a perfect match!”

At this time, visitors of the Full Moon brothel all thought the same, to say nothing of those commoners outside on the road?

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Now, in a private room on the second floor .

Lu Luo held her breath with rapt attention and seriously observed the complexion of her Miss .

She saw Su Luo’s expression was still indifferent as water, not a ripple from being startled . But she said with extreme anger: “Miss, don’t tell me you aren’t even angry? His Highness Prince Jin truly is……truly is……”

Toying with the feelings of her family’s Miss! But, these words, Lu Luo wasn’t able to say out loud .

In fact, Su Luo was not as calm as her expression implied .

She saw Nangong Liuyun with that familiar, tender light smile at the corner of his mouth . A dull ache swept through the position where her chest was located .

In the end, what was Nangong Liuyun, that bastard, doing? If he truly dared to have a foot in both camps, she would let him understand, what was called dying with an awful beat .

Su Luo’s hands which were concealed in her sleeves, suddenly clenched into fists .

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But speaking of that pair of jade annulus couple .

The Jade Lake’s fairy truly hadn’t expected, after experiencing those events from before, Nangong Liuyun would come to welcome her . Therefore, she almost couldn’t suppress the excitement on her face .

“Third senior brother . ” Her soft tone, carried a touch of joy .

Momentarily, that beautiful complexion was like a blooming epiphyllum flower, so gorgeous that it was impossible to produce locally .

However, Nangong Liuyun’s brows wrinkled somewhat .

“Now you have see this king?” The corner of his mouth hooked into a demonically charming smile, his tone had a thread of pondering thoughtfully .

The Jade Lake’s fairy was somewhat puzzled, but in her moment of joy, she couldn’t see the obvious clues . With a sweet tempered smile, she reached out towards Nangong Liuyun’s hand .

“Wow——this action of theirs is so intimate, simply makes people have wild and fanciful thoughts linking them . ”

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“What is there to have wild and fanciful thoughts about? The Jade Lake’s fairy going to be the future Princess Jin, ok?”

“Eh, you guys look——His Highness Prince Jin is looking towards us here, he, he actually smiled at me . ”

“Fart, that smile was aimed at me!”

Several normally gentle-tempered women in the prime of their youth, because of arguing about who His Highness Prince Jin smiled at, started a huge fight .

But, everyone was quite baffled, obviously, the Jade Lake’s fairy was standing in front of His Highness Prince Jin . Why would he even turn his head around to smile at them?

Only Su Luo knew, that smile at the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s mouth was raised towards her .

A thread of gloominess flashed through Su Luo’s heart, her fists clenched firmly .

Since he knew she was sitting here, he shouldn’t have done something like this that would attract misunderstandings…… Otherwise, she would certainly not be polite .

At this time, everyone was puzzled .

The Jade Lake’s fairy was also like this .

“Third senior brother…” The Jade Lake’s fairy reached out to hold His Highness Prince Jin’s hand . Her voice was soft with a touch of tempting charm .

Only in front of Nangong Liuyun the Jade Lake’s fairy, who was proud as a snow lotus, would lower herself to be submissive in order to please him .

Nangong Liuyun lowered his head, didn’t know what he said in the Jade Lake Fairy’s ear, to actually make her smile repeatedly .

But very quickly, a huge, unforeseen event appeared .

Didn’t know what the Jade Lake’s fairy had said, and Nangong Liuyun’s complexion suddenly changed, he heavily pushed away her hand without the slightest of hesitation .

As the Jade Lake’s fairy wasn’t prepared, she was pushed away several steps .

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