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Published at 7th of December 2018 09:28:29 AM

Chapter 749
Chapter 749 – The final match (4)

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And now, Li Yaoyao had just tossed a spirit pinball at her!

It was only now that she knew just how great the power of a spirit pinball was!

That earth-shattering wave of energy came to engulf her!

That intense power from the sudden explosion was like swallowing the blue dome of the heavens, scattering ashes and dispersing smoke!

Su Luo collided with this wave of energy, her entire person was flung up high, then heavily thrown down .

A stream of blood spat out violently from her mouth .

However, this was only the beginning .

A huge frantic blaze enveloped towards Su Luo!

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Su Luo’s entire person was trapped inside the raging inferno . She was surrounded by an endless sea of flames and she had no way out!

Speaking of Li Yaoyao .

She had calculated it very accurately . Only after her body had leapt out did she smash the spirit pinball towards Su Luo .

In this way, when the spirit pinball exploded, with her speed, she wouldn’t be affected .

She had calculated it very well . Just as she ran one hundred metres away, the spirit pinball exploded with a loud bang .

In that very small room, within that sealed area, Su Luo still wanted to survive? Dream on!

Li Yaoyao’s mouth hooked into a bloodthirsty sneer, and the speed of her feet accelerated .

Since Su Luo was already dead, then there was no longer any need for her to stay here .

As a result, Li Yaoyao decided to leave the Demon Cave immediately .

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In any case, at this time, she already had three Fire Source Stones in hand . Since her competitor was already dead, then her three stones was considered a certain win .

At this time, Li Yaoyao’s mood was very cheerful . It could be said that she was unprecedentedly relaxed and happy .

As for Su Luo, who was trapped inside that sea of flames .

Will she really die just like this?

Quite clearly, Su Luo was like a cat, having at least nine lives .

Just when Su Luo was almost dead, burnt alive by the endless flames surrounding her, she suddenly recalled that strange piece of stone .

Before, that strange spirit stone had saved her life in the cave of flames .

Su Luo suddenly threw out that spirit stone .

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Just at this moment, the entire spirit stone shone with the luster of gems, didn’t know how it accomplished it .

Just when Su Luo almost suffocated, that spirit stone decisively absorbed the flames from the explosion until there was practically nothing left!

However, even though the spirit stone had absorbed the explosion’s flames in time, it was unable to stop the room from being on the verge of collapse .

At this time, because of the explosion, countless stones continuously dropped from the ceiling .

Su Luo stood up, wanting to escape, but realized that in every direction was a wall . Where was there still a way out?

Just at this time, a huge piece of rock attacked directly towards Su Luo .

Before Su Luo could react, the little divine dragon had already swatted it away with one claw .

The rocks continued on, uninterrupted . Only after quite a while did it finally settle down .

At this time, it was very quiet all around .

Su Luo, who had been swept into a corner by the wave of energy, slowly crawled up . Wiping away the traces of blood from the corner of her mouth, she walked over with a limp towards that stone .

She crouched down, wanting to pick up the spirit stone . Before she even touched the spirit stone, she withdrew her hand out of reflex .

Because, she realized, the spirit stone was extremely scalding hot at this time .

It was very clear, this time, the raging flames from the spirit pinball’s explosion were too fierce . To the extent that after the spirit stone absorbed it, that originally transparent white jade colour, was now filled with a fierce red-colored aura .

Not to mention her hand, even the floor the spirit stone was lying on, at this moment, was also being heated until it nearly melted .

Su Luo sat quietly in front of that spirit stone with a very complicated expression in her eyes .

If she hadn’t had the spirit stone to save her life at a crucial moment, very likely, she would have lost her life .

Li Yaoyao, originally, was fully aware that Su Luo had the little divine dragon by her side . The reason why she still dared to move against her was because of that spirit pinball .

This spirit pinball was at least a ninth rank in strength . If she hadn’t had the spirit stone, she definitely would not have been able to escape .

However, Li Yaoyao’s luck was really bad! It was simply extremely bad!


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