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Chapter 752-753

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Chapter 752 – The final match (7)

Li Yaoxiang angrily released his hand, and shouted at Beichen Ying: “Grandmaster Rong Yun is present, how could you be so impudent!”

A cold light flashed through the depths of Grandmaster Rong Yun’s eyes, and slanting a glance at Beichen Ying, with a cold, clear voice, he said: “Let go . ”

Just one soft phrase seemed to carry an endless amount of deterrence force . Beichen Ying gritted his teeth and ultimately tossed the Jade Lake’s fairy aside .

However, he did not walk away . Rather, he towered over and glared at Li Yaoyao, who he had thrown down onto the ground .

At this moment, the surrounding masses glared at Beichen Ying, the hatred in their eyes suddenly rising .

He dared to be this boorish to their goddess, really was too despicable .

A pity, their strengths were not strong and they also feared the Beichen family’s fighting prowess, so no one dared to move .

Grandmaster Rong Yun indifferently looked at Li Yaoyao: “You can speak . ”

With Li Yaoxiang’s support, Li Yaoyao slowly stood up and raised her head . She looked at Beichen Ying, her gaze shooting out a very hateful and vicious radiance .

She suddenly smiled and leaned close to the side of Beichen Ying’s ear . She lowered her voice and blew out: “You want to know Su Luo, that girl’s, whereabouts? Is it because of Nangong Liuyun, or is it because of you, yourself?”

Her tone was very soft, seeming not to be there . However, it brought an unprecedented shock to Beichen Ying .

His entire body suddenly stood in place like a statue . He bit his lower lip and the fists at his side were tightly clenched!

Some matters he deliberately ignored, deliberately ran away from, were sharply pointed out by Li Yaoyao . Immediately, his heart had nowhere to escape and could only directly face this gloomy fact .

“Li Yaoyao, what nonsense are you talking about? Answer the question that was asked! Quickly speak!” Beichen Ying very fiercely glared at Li Yaoyao . That vengeful gaze seemed as if it was about to swallow her whole .

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And at this moment, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming were both somewhat silent .

They both silently took a glance at Beichen Ying .

Beichen Ying knew that if it were to continues like this, it would not be good .

As a result, Beichen Ying took a deep breath, restraining his mood . His pair of eyes coldly glared at her: “Grandmaster Rong Yun is watching you . Quickly get to the main point . ”

Li Yaoyao’s beautiful eyebrows rose slightly . She looked at Beichen Ying, full of smiles .

Originally, she was merely probing a bit . She never would have thought that Beichen Ying this guy’s, reaction was so big, he actually really … . .

Haha, this was truly too amusing .

She originally wanted to see a situation of brothers destroying each other . A pity, a pity…

A pity Su Luo, that loathsome girl, was already dead!

The Jade Lake’s fairy unregretfully shook her head .

“A pity…” The Jade Lake’s fairy smilingly looked at Beichen Ying, “It is impossible for Su Luo to ever come out . Beichen Ying, you will be sad and depressed for a lifetime oh . ”

“What nonsense are you saying!” Beichen Ying charged forward with one hand, lifting up the Jade Lake’s fairy’s by her collar .

Not only Beichen Ying, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming both went up to surround the Jade Lake’s fairy, trapping her in the middle!

At this very moment, having avenged her hatred, what could Li Yaoyao possibly be scared of?

Li Yaoyao pushed away Beichen Ying, and fixed her clothes . Afterwards, towards Beichen Ying who was tottering, she coldly said: “I said Su Luo has already died inside . It’s impossible for her to ever come out! Now, did you hear it clearly enough?”

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Just when Li Yaoyao said these words, a sharp and clear slapping sound came from her face .

Suddenly, five scarlet fingerprints appeared on Li Yaoyao’s tender and pink skin .

Li Yaoyao was infuriated until she nearly went mad!

“That is impossible!”

Beichen Ying’s eyes shot out with millennium-old ice-like light . It was so cold that it made people’s heart tremble .

This kind of vengeful and fierce gaze was like a trapped beast . It immediately made Li Yaoyao shrink back . Her plans of charging at Beichen Ying disappeared in an instant .

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Chapter 753 – News of Su Luo’s death (1)

Lan Xuan and Anye Ming also glared fixedly at the Jade Lake’s fairy . They were itching to squeeze her neck and interrogate her! Impossible, how could Su Luo die? If she died and Nangong returned, how could they explain…

“If you do not believe it, then I can’t do anything about it . ” The Jade Lake’s fairy coldly snorted . Afterwards, she turned around and walked towards Grandmaster Rong Yun .

Beichen Ying’s trio immediately stiffened in place . .

This was not real . Absolutely not real!

“Luoluo——” Beichen Ying roared in a heart-wrenching manner . Afterwards, he charged towards the starting-to-close purplish-golden gates, charging directly inside .

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“Beichen!” Lan Xuan and Anye Ming also followed behind Beichen Ying’s body . However, Beichen Ying’s speed was faster than both of them!

Beichen Ying was as fast as a stream of thin smoke .

Just as his body had passed through, the purplish-golden gates closed with a heavy ‘bang’ sound!

And blocking Lan Xuan and Anye Ming outside the door .

Beichen Ying had charged inside? Then, how would he come out?

“Grandmaster Rong Yun!” The two of them gazed at Grandmaster Rong Yun with appealing expressions . However, Grandmaster Rong Yun’s expression right now… . no one could see clearly .

His face was clear and cold . He lightly raised his sleeve and waved his hand: “Let him go . ”

Only, the always completely indifferent him now acted out of character . His remote and cold gaze looked at the Jade Lake’s fairy . He frowned: “Care to tell us the situation inside?”

Hearing this, Lan Xuan and Anye Ming’s deeply cold gazes stared fixedly at Li Yaoyao . Their eyes were filled with a scathing murderous intent . They wished they could swallow Li Yaoyao’s soul and skin her alive .

They vowed that if something truly happened to Su Luo, and if Beichen Ying also met the same fate, the Jade Lake’s Li family would never have peace!

Now, everyone’s gaze was cast towards Li Yaoyao .

After all, what happened inside, only she was clear about it .

Li Yaoyao stared blankly for a short time, following which she assumed a lovely, pitiful and having-been-wronged appearance .

“Su Luo, she was too despicable! Inside, she wanted to steal away the Fire Source Stones in my hand . With the help of her spirit pet, how could I beat them?”

After gaining many sympathetic gazes, the Jade Lake’s fairy’s nose gave a few sniffles then continued: “Luckily, the heavens have eyes . At the crucial point, she disturbed the demon boss inside the Demon Cave . However, Su Luo thought that having her spirit pet, she would be unrivaled under heaven . Consequently, she started to fight with the demon boss, the result–”

As she continued to speak, Li Yaoyao’s face revealed a frightened expression: “The result, who would have thought that the demon boss was so strong . He released a countless number of thunder and lightning bolts, finally directly burning Su Luo to death…”

“You are speaking nonsense!” Lan Xuan was so angry that he snarled and roared at her, “Luoluo’s speed is extremely fast . If you were burned to death, then she still wouldn’t have been burned to death!”

Anye Ming coldly knotted his sharp eyebrows . His eyes coldly glistened like frost and snow as he stared fixedly at Li Yaoyao: “Do you dare to vow that every sentence you said is true?”

Li Yaoyao was just about to speak, but Anye Ming cut in: “Use your own life to vow! If Su Luo is still alive, then you must commit suicide by slitting your own throat! Do you dare to swear or not!”

A haze flashed through Li Yaoyao’s beautiful eyes .

This kind of oath, how to swear upon it?

As expected, Anye Ming was really difficult to deal with, he heard the loophole in her words . However, so what? In any case, Su Luo was already dead .

“Fine!” Li Yaoyao raised her right hand, and seriously said, “I, Li Yaoyao, personally saw Su Luo killed by an explosion, this is the absolute truth . If it contained a lie, I will commit suicide by slitting my throat in front of everyone!”

She had personally seen Su Luo, that loathsome girl, being surrounded by the blaze from the spirit pinball’s explosion .

If like this, she still did not die, then there really was something wrong .

As a result, Li Yaoyao firmly believed that Su Luo had already died .

Anye Ming originally thought that Li Yaoyao would not dare to make the vow . This way, he could take the opportunity to interrogate her . However, he never imagined that Li Yaoyao would actually so straightforwardly make the vow .

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