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Chapter 760
Chapter 760 – News of Su Luo’s Death (8)

Hearing this, the corner of Su Luo’s mouth raised into a sneer .

“She used a ninth-ranked spirit pinball to hit me . Now tell me, how could she not think I was dead?”

Hearing what was said, Beichen Ying nearly jumped up in alarm: “She, she actually used a ninth rank spirit pinball to hit you with? Then, are you okay?”

Beichen Ying inspected Su Luo once over from top to bottom . He discovered that other than her qi and blood boiling and a few internal injuries, unexpectedly, she was in surprisingly good condition .

“That was a rank nine spirit pinball ah…In the end, how did you avoid it?” Beichen Ying covered his chest from the still lingering fears .

Previously, she had used a ninth rank spirit pinball to smash Li Aoqiong into the ninth rank, this was already beyond people’s expectations . Now, she had been hit by a spirit pinball and yet nothing happened to her?

However, a spirit pinball… . With regards to others, it was a killing weapon . When it comes to Su Luo, it’s completely useless .

“But you did not get promoted . ” Beichen Ying discovered that Su Luo’s body was full of mysteries .

“I dodged it . ” Su Luo smilingly spread out her hands, “But Li Yaoyao’s animosity, haha, I have already written it into her account!”

She believed that very quickly, she would have the ability to personally eliminate Li Yaoyao with her own hands .

“Then, should we go out?” Beichen Ying saw that Su Luo was safe and sound, so he really had no other requests .

“No, it’s still not the right time . Right now, I don’t have enough Fire Source Stones in my hands . That’s right, since Li Yaoyao had already went out, did you see how many Fire Source Stones she found?” Su Luo gazed at Beichen Ying with eyes full of expectations .

Beichen Ying cutely scratched his head, his pair of eyes were at a loss: “I was in a rush to come in to find you, that’s why…”

Su Luo shrugged her shoulders: “Before, she had three pieces in her hands, what happened afterwards I’m not too clear about it . However, I only have two pieces in my hands, no matter what, I need to at least have more than three pieces . ”

Since there was still time, Su Luo and Beichen Ying followed the passages in the maze and started to go deeper inside to find them .

The passage was not wide, but it was also not narrow, more than enough for two people to walk past, shoulder to shoulder .

In front, there were another six paths that were exactly the same .

“Which one should we walk?” Su Luo raised her eyes to ask .

“Your luck has always been good, so you should choose . ” Beichen Ying smilingly exposed two canine teeth . The corner of his mouth showed two deep dimples .

“Truly an obedient good child . Then, start walking to the first passage on the right . ” Su Luo took the initiative to turn towards it .

“What obedient good child? I am older than you by——” Beichen Ying was unsatisfied and caught up with quick steps .

“Eh——” His voice had not yet come out, before his mouth suddenly gave voice to a surprised sound .

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo, who was walking in front, saw that Beichen Ying had stopped . She couldn’t help but to turn her head to look .

Su Luo looked down and discovered that Beichen Ying had stepped on a protruding rock . And this rock gave off a dazzlingly hot radiance .

“This is …” Su Luo hadn’t finished speaking when an unforeseen event occurred .

There was no warning sign whatsoever .

It was like hailstones raining down .

“Boom boom boom——”

A countless number of rocks dropped from the sky . Their speed was fast as lightning . Just when Su Luo and Beichen Ying didn’t have enough time to react, around them, on all four sides, a stone room had formed .

The length, width and height of the stone room was all three meters .

Su Luo and Beichen Ying looked at each other in dismay . Both of them were somewhat speechless… How could such a room appear so suddenly?

Su Luo subconsciously went to push on the walls, but the stone room did not budge .

Didn’t know what materials it was made off, it was incomparably tough and durable .

Su Luo tried using her palm force to strike it . The result when the palm force striked forth, was that immediately, it was as if the palm force hit cotton, there wasn’t any reaction .

Beichen Ying also tried to use his seventh rank palm force to attack, but the result was the same as Su Luo’s .

What to do?

That’s right, she still had the dagger .

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