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Chapter 768-769

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Chapter 768 – Cultivation breakthrough (6)

She felt puzzled as she stared foolishly at Fairy Yan Xia, then looked at Grandmaster Rong Yun who stood with hands behind his back nearby . She anxiously said: “I already formally became an apprentice to a master! This, this in the end, what’s going on?!”

Fairy Yan Xia flung her sleeves, ice-cold eyes casting a disdainful glance at Li Yaoyao: “At that time, Grandmaster Rong Yun mistakenly killed the beloved disciple of this Fairy . Consequently, he promised that in the future, when he had a disciple, he would allow this fairy to choose . And now, this fairy has chosen you!”

Faced with Fairy Yan Xia’s hardly-concealed disdain, Li Yaoyao was suddenly scared witless from the bottom of her heart .

“Master… . ” Li Yaoyao, who had already performed the ceremony to become the formal disciple of a master, wanting to sob and with weeping eyes, looked towards Grandmaster Rong Yun, crying for help .

Grandmaster, not without some regret, said: “You showed a lot of potential, in the future, properly follow Little Yan . She will not treat you unfairly . ”

“This, this is not…” Now, there was a very complicated expression in Li Yaoyao’s eyes .

She had been through may trials and tribulations, passing one test after another . Could it all be just to pay her respects to Yan Xia, this huge witch, as a master?

This… . Grandmaster Rong Yun was simply playing with her ah!

“No, out of the question! I’m not going to pay my respects to a master!” Li Yaoyao directly stood up, promptly shaking her head .

Yan Xia, this malicious witch, since the beginning, hasn’t liked her . If she was to follow her, in public and in private, she would never let her off!

Who knew that a malicious expression flashed through Fairy Yan Xia’s eye: “Just now, you had already entered under Rong Yun’s door . Want to back out? Hehe, does the Jade Lake’s Li family not want to exist on this continent?”

Under Grandmaster Rong Yun’s door, was it something you wanted to become apprentice to and could be apprenticed to? Want to back out and you can back out of the promise?

Having heard what was said, Li Yaoyao’s complexion immediately became white .

Her body was nearly on the verge of collapse .

At this moment, she really hated herself . Hated herself for being this stupid, why blow up Su Luo in the Demon Cave?

If Su Luo was now alive, she would have someone to replace her in this position!

In the audience, Li Yaoxiang and Li Aoqiong were also stupefied by this unforeseen event that suddenly arose .

No matter what, he would never have imagined that with victory in sight, unexpectedly, Fairy Yan Xia, this misfortune, would appear!

“Grandmaster Rong Yun, this, how is this okay? How could our Yaoyao formally become the disciple of Fairy Yan Xia?” Li Yaoxiang took a step forward, his brows were wrinkled until they nearly tied into a knot .

In his heart, he simply hated Fairy Yan Xia to death .

Who would have thought that Grandmaster Rong Yun would slowly shake his head, his voice clear and cold as ice: “Li Yaoyao has already entered under this apothecary’s door, and cannot be altered . ”

“But…” Even though Li Yaoxiang knew it could not be altered, however, wasn’t this too unreasonable?

How could his family’s Yaoyao be this unlucky?

Grandmaster Rong Yun waved his hand to stop his words, frowned and said: “Just now, this apothecary had already repeatedly asked, she definitely agreed to it . ”

“But…” Li Yaoxiang tried to explain .

“There’s no but . ” Fairy Yan Xia looked down from up high . She smilingly looked at Li Yaoyao, “Do you want to formally become a disciple or have us as the enemy of the Jade Lake’s Li family?”

To have Fairy Yan Xia as an enemy, that was what kind of dreadful matter?

With Fairy Yan Xia’s temper of unfeelingly killing her superiors, and that unfathomably deep cultivation level, who would dare to leave the Jade Lake’s Li family to go on a journey to cultivate through experience?

To have Grandmaster Rong Yun as an enemy, that kind of consequence was even scarier than having Fairy Yan Xia as an enemy!

Confronted with a tangled dilemma to choose from, the Jade Lake’s fairy nearly collapsed .

She had painstakingly become a candidate in the selection process . Passing one test after another, ultimately, how could she have gotten this kind of result?

Grandmaster Rong Yun… Grandmaster Rong Yun was that kind of person with deep plans and distance thought . It seemed as if earlier, he had already guessed what would happen today?

And as for her, was she just a piece on his chess board?

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How could Fairy Yan Xia be the main female character’s mother? The author is still trying hard to make her word count quota… .

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Chapter 769 – Cultivation breakthrough (7)

Thinking up to now, the Jade Lake’s fairy lifted her eyes to look at Grandmaster Rong Yun .

Yet, at this time, Grandmaster Rong Yun also looked at her, his eyes revealing a touch of regret and a sigh .

The Jade Lake’s fairy shook her head in her heart .

No, Grandmaster Rong Yun must not have known ahead of time that Fairy Yan Xia would come, everything must have been coincidental!

But, what should she do now?

Fairy Yan Xia glared like a tiger watching her prey, even though Grandmaster Rong Yun was regretful, he still did not make a move…

The Jade Lake’s fairy, wanting to sob, weepingly looked towards Grandmaster Rong Yun . Her eyes looked at him with appeal: “Master…”

But Grandmaster Rong Yun slowly shook his head, lastly, he even patted her shoulder: “Obedient disciple, in the future, you will be under little Yan’s door . Go and properly follow her . ”

Having heard what was said, both of the Jade Lake fairy’s legs weakened and nearly collapsed .

This kind of result was not the one she wanted from the beginning!

She wanted to rebel, but…Li Yaoxiang used his eyes to hint to her, asking her not to act blindly without thinking .

After all, having both Fairy Yan Xia and Grandmaster Rong Yun as enemies at the same time, this kind of price, even if it was the Jade Lake’s Li family, they still could not afford it .

How could it be like this…In the end, how could this matter have changed to the current situation? Li Yaoyao continuously cried out in her heart . This kind of indignation pressed down until it nearly destroyed her heart .

Fairy Yan Xia grabbed Li Yaoyao single-handedly, the corner of her mouth hooking into a cold smile . She coldly said: “Let’s go!”

Just at the moment Fairy Yan Xia was leaving, when she took a last look at Grandmaster Rong Yun, a surprised expression flashed through her eyes .

This appearance of Grandmaster Rong Yun’s…

Wasn’t Li Yaoyao the disciple he had chosen since the beginning? The disciple he favored being snatched away, even though he seemed regretful, but he also didn’t resist .

This doesn’t seem right oh…

Just at this moment, from outside the throne room, came the sound of two people’s slow and gentle footsteps .

However, speaking of Su Luo and Beichen Ying who were trapped within that little room .

After five days of working hard .

Uh, no, with regards to Su Luo, she had worked hard for five hundred days .

Su Luo finally, with a spurt of energy, fused all one thousand and twenty-four silver threads into five hundred and twelve threads .

At the same time, the Nothingness of Space that was originally only the size of a watermelon, now was already the size of two people .

Su Luo pulled Beichen Ying to enter the Nothingness of Space together .

As to the size of the Nothingness of Space, it was just able to cover the both of them .

“Let’s go! We are returning!” Su Luo raised her head . Her pair of eyes was extremely quick-witted, burning and shining with the splendor of the stars .

The corner of Beichen Ying’s mouth revealed a smiling expression .

Really didn’t expect, such a mystical thing actually really appeared on Su Luo’s body .

Being a space mage was fine, but she was actually able to cultivate out a Nothingness of Space outside of her space .

The gaze that Beichen Ying looked at Su Luo with was abstruse and distantly remote . It seemed somewhat complex .

Su Luo didn’t think much of it, after all, these marvels, with regards to others, were unimaginable, but with regards to her, was simply like a common occurrence . She was already used to it .

“Come on, hold on tightly, you must by all means, not let go . ” Su Luo indicated briefly at Beichen Ying, who somewhat did not dare to get close to her .

“Okay . ” Beichen Ying’s hand reached out to wrap around her lovely slender waistline . In the instant it wrapped around her, on his always happy and smiling face, unexpectedly, an inconceivable blush appeared .

If it was found out by Lan Xuan and them, wouldn’t they have laughed to death at him? He, as the grand and stately young master of Beichen, because of this kind of limbs touching, would unexpectedly blush?

Beichen Ying held back his expression, deadly earnestly standing up straight . However, he who had the dominance in height, would always unconsciously cast glances at Su Luo’s body from the corner of his eyes .

Su Luo clearly took him as a good brother, and completely did not think elsewhere .

She even disliked the fact that Beichen Ying wasn’t holding on tightly enough, afraid that halfway through, they would be stuck in the middle of the wall .

Consequently, her hand turned over and strongly seized hold of Beichen Ying’s lean waist intimately, “Are you prepared?”

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