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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:16:35 PM

Chapter 777

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Chapter 777 – Last disciple of a master (6)

“What congratulations?” Su Zian’s gaze was gloomy and cold, and the furious intent in his eyes soared .

“Your family’s daughter by a concubine is now the last disciple of Grandmaster Rong Yun . From now on, your Su Manor will soar to the sky . In the capital, aside from the imperial family, who else could rival you?”

The person who said this was a high official from Nangong Liuyun’s faction .

Su Zian, having heard what was said, his complexion immediately darkened, it was as black as the bottom of a pot .

However, before waiting for him to speak, another minister came over, smiling while happily saying: “Oh, Venerable Wang, to some extent, you don’t know this ah . Before, Great General Su had expelled Su Luo from the Su family . ”

“Oh, really?” Minister Wang’s entire face was astonished, pretending to be puzzled .

“Naturally it is true . At that time, our Great General Su, in front of everyone, had personally crossed off Miss Su’s name from the genealogical records . General Su, I didn’t say anything incorrectly, right?”

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Having heard what was said, Su Zian’s complexion became ashen, then turned very red again . For a short while, it was extremely ugly .

“Get the fuck away!” Su Zian fiercely sent a glare at Su Luo . He tossed these words out while fuming in rage and grinding his teeth . He then wanted to leave immediately .

This loathsome girl, how was it that she survived? How did she become Grandmaster Rong Yun’s last disciple?

Was her existence only to slap him in the face? Recalling this, the rage in Su Zian’s heart became even more vigorous .

However, Su Zian might want to leave, but in fact, it was not that easy .

Able to stand in the throne room, none of them was stupid .

Among them were people that would change with the situation . They saw Su Luo’s current status and were itching to rush up to fawningly stick to her .

This was the so-called the wall will fall with everyone pushing, and Su Zian was the wall that toppled over .

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Compared to the identity of Grandmaster Rong Yun’s last junior disciple, Su Zian with his identity as the Great General, clearly was not enough .

As a result, when Su Zian was taking large strides to leave while fuming in rage, suddenly, a leg extended out from the side .

“Thump——” Su Zian, who had his chest out and head high, did not discover it and was tripped,directly staggering and nearly falling down .

“General Su, be careful!” Beichen Ying was very close to Su Zian . He loudly shouted with deep concern, extending his hands to pull him up!

However, if he hadn’t pulled, then it was good . By him pulling, Su Zian who had now stood straight again, didn’t know what happened, and he abruptly threw himself forward .


Right after, Su Zian’s butt sat on the ground and he was sprawled out on his back .

The stately and grand Great General that protected the country, was messed around with by the morning court until he cut such a sorry figure . It really was slipping from on top of the world to greatly bowing to the ground .

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However, many people stealthily turned their face away, nobody stepped forward to give Su Zian a hand .

After all, few would provide help in someone’s hour of need, but many would throw stones when someone is down .

At this moment, Emperor Jing, who sat up high on the dragon throne, supported his slightly wrinkled forehead . He heavily slapped the armrest of the dragon throne: “Disgraceful! Quickly help Great General Su up!”

The grand and stately great general was toyed with until he fell like this . The face that was lost wasn’t just Su Zian’s face, there was also his face as the emperor .

Now, Emperor Jing’s heart was very complicated .

Just like Su Zian, no matter what, he also would never have imagined that in the end, Su Luo would become the dark horse .

The him right now was incomparably glad, fortunately, at that time, he didn’t have a brain fart and go to the Jade Lake’s Li family to send the betrothal gifts .

Otherwise, his situation would be even more embarrassing than Su Zian’s .

The court eunuchs had already run over to help support Su Zian up .

However, Su Luo lifted her hands to stop them .

She leisurely walked to in front of Su Zian . From high above, she looked down at the him who had fallen and who was sitting on the ground . The corner of her mouth slowly perked up into a mocking and ridiculing arc .

“Su Zian, I heard you had expunged my name from the genealogical records?”

Su Zian’s expression was extremely embarrassed .

Su Luo’s smiling expression was as beautiful as blooming summer flowers . She unhurriedly squatted down and met Su Zian’s gaze at the same level .

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