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Chapter 778
Chapter 778 – Last disciple of a master (7)

“In fact, I had known earlier that I am not your, Su Zian’s, daughter . ”

“Originally, I was still tangled on how I could break away from Su Manor . I didn’t expect that you would actually wordlessly and silently act . ”

“Frankly speaking, this action of yours, I really like . Because it lessened a lot of troublesome things for me . ”

For every sentence Su Luo said, Su Zian’s face would darken a bit .

Until when Su Luo finished speaking, Su Zian’s face could be compared on equal terms to the darkness of night .

Su Luo stood up and smoothed out the non-existent wrinkles in her dress . Afterwards, she turned around and left .

It really was with one wave of the sleeves it dispersed, leaving without taking a bit of clouds .

The high officials and ministers with their gazes normally so high, including emperor Jing, all watched as Su Luo left .

Alas .

Who would have imagined that the daughter of a concubine who was determined to be an idiot good-for-nothing, would mature to this degree in a short time frame of less than one year .

Everyone shook their heads for lack of better option .

After leaving the imperial palace, Su Luo exhaled out a deep breath .

Having been busy for so long, and concentrating at such a high degree that her mind was stretched taut . Now, it appeared that this matter had finally come to an end .

It was merely that…Su Luo could feel faintly that Fairy Yan Xia was not this simple .

In the future, they would certainly meet again .

“What are you thinking about?” Under the sunlight, an out-of-the-ordinary, handsome and bright youth lifted his hand to pat Su Luo on the shoulder .

When Su Luo turned around, she immediately saw Beichen Ying’s mouthful of pearly white teeth . That bright and cheerful smiling expression was like sunshine .

“Thinking about…where to stay tonight . ” Su Luo spread out her hands .

She was expelled from the family by Su Zian, naturally, she could not go back to Su Manor .

Lan Xuan and Anye Ming came and circled around her . Lan Xuan was the first to speak: “How about stay at my place?”

Beichen Ying slanted a glance at him: “If you want to stay somewhere, it should be at my place . ”

Lan Xuan was unconvinced and said: “That maid, I had taken in on Sister-in-Law’s behalf . ”

“Are you talking about Lu Luo?” Su Luo frowned slightly .

After she heard she was expelled from Su Manor by Su Zian, her first worry was about Lu Luo .

This girl was faithful and devoted to her, how could Su Zian let her off easily?

“Little basket (1), this time, I need to give many thanks to you . ” Su Luo said sincerely .

Lan Xuan, being so seriously thanked by her, was somewhat embarrassed at being thanked: “Sister-in-Law, you are being too much of a stranger, when Second Brother left, he especially warned us for Sister-in-law to not suffer even a bit of hardship . ”

This Nangong Liuyun! Why was it that he left words to so many people!

However, recalling how arrogant and pampered he was, telling each and every one of these people, a sweet feeling bubbled up from Su Luo’s heart .

However the second day .

Before Su Luo could go look for Apothecary Leng, the latter had voluntarily come to call on her .

“Junior sister apprentice, you have stayed really calm . ” Once he saw Su Luo, Apothecary Leng’s anti-social, rigid face unexpectedly perked up into a smile .

It could clearly be seen that he was in a very good mood .

“Aren’t we going to see the master three days later?” Su Luo’s face had a bewildered expression .

Apothecary glared at her in annoyance: “Your temper how is it that it’s neither fast nor slow? Do you know where Master lives?”

“Where?” Su Luo really didn’t know .

“Cloud Mist Peak!” Apothecary Leng directly glared at her, “Where Cloud Mist Peak is, you ought to know, right!”

Su Luo was immediately struck dumb .

Cloud Mist Peak, that was the number one highest peak within the borders of Western Ling . The distance from the imperial capital in a horse carriage would require three days’ time .

Apothecary Leng almost rolled his eyes: “You didn’t think our teacher would live in the capital, right? How is this possible!”

Su Luo recalled the first time she saw Grandmaster Rong Yun .

That time, he easily and calmly walked down from the clouds as if walking down steps, as if the entire sky was within his control .

That’s right, this kind of him, how could he reside in a place like the bustling imperial capital?

After exchanging greetings with Beichen Ying and them, Su Luo then jumped up on the Dragon Scaled Horse, leaving together with Apothecary Leng .

1) Little basket refers to Lan Xuan . Because, when you take Lan Xuan’s name ‘Lan’ and add the Chinese ‘child’, you get Little basket… Same idea with Beichen Ying . Little Ying is translated as little shadows .

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