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Chapter 800

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Chapter 800 – On the road down the mountain (7)

This Senior Brother Ice Cube was really savage .

Before Su Luo could finish silently cursing him, Senior Brother Ice Cube’s ice-cold, heartless pair of black eyes had already shot towards Su Luo: “Still not going over?”

“Obviously, Senior Brother could kill him in the time it takes to lift a finger!” Su Luo said in a blaming tone while humphing twice .

“Don’t forget the purpose of you coming out this time . ” Zi Yu motionlessly slanted a glance towards Su Luo .

When Su Luo looked again, his figure had already disappeared from the place where he stood .

This Senior Brother Ice Cube was really too much!

Su Luo grudgingly gave a sigh .

Fine, Su Luo admitted that what Senior Brother Ice Cube reminded her was correct . The purpose of going down the mountain this time was to give her training through real fights, to enrich her battle experience .

This was also the reason why Senior Brother Ice Cube disappeared in the beginning and afterwards, would appear at the critical moment . Then, he beat Li Yaoxiang half to death before leaving it to her, and his reason for continuing to disappear afterwards .

Only, did he have to be so stimulating? The first one to come was the eighth-ranked Li Yaoxiang, Li family’s second eldest!

Now, because of the intense pain, Li Yaoxiang had howled and shouted, until he suddenly stopped .

He lifted his eyes, the scarlet pair of pupils searching all over the place for Zi Yu .

But now, how could there still be Zi Yu’s silhouette?

As a result, his pair of eyes, as if dipped in poison, stared fixedly at Su Luo . Black clouds of hatred gathered in them .

If it was not for chasing to kill this loathsome girl, how could his arm be snapped off?

Li Yaoxiang’s pair of eyes burst out with intense hatred .

“Go die!!!” Li Yaoxiang’s figure was like electricity, not caring about anything else, he rushed towards Su Luo .

The momentum of his rushing was like a tumultuous black cloud covering overhead .

“Bang, bang, bang!” Li Yaoxiang sent out a continuous stream of palm attacks towards Su Luo, as if nothing else mattered .

Now, Li Yaoxiang had sustained some serious injuries and also lost his right arm . His strength was not as terrifying as before .

But a camel that was starving to death was still bigger than a horse, Su Luo was still pressured until she repeatedly retreated back .

While Su Luo was retreating, her mind was also quickly revolving .

What to do?

It looked like in this situation, Senior Brother Ice Cube wouldn’t appear again, everything would depend on herself .

Li Yaoxiang’s wind palm strikes were hard and violent, fierce and tyrannical!

If she was to face it head on, she would absolutely lose .

Since she could not match the enemy in strength, then she could only outsmart him .

Su Luo, in her mind, rapidly tried to figure out a plan to outsmart him .

“Go die! Go die!” Li Yaoxiang saw himself come up empty, and his jittery mood was close to going insane .

While moving and dodging, suddenly, Su Luo’s eyes lit up .

After she drank some Celestial Spirit Water and advance grade Spirit Restoration Pills, the Nothingness of Space that was shattered from before could once again be condensed out .

As a result, just as Li Yaoxiang was chasing her to kill her, Su Luo, in front, dodged left then right, making him follow her in circles .

The arm Li Yaoxiang lost, gushed out with fresh blood .

But he completely ignored it, his scarlet crazed eyes were fixed on Su Luo .

Now, killing Su Luo was his only goal!

Up ahead was a fork in the road, in a flash, Su Luo’s figure had entered the towering forest .

Li Yaoxiang had chased her up to here and had already lost Su Luo’s figure .

“Loathsome girl, this daddy orders you to come out! Come the fuck out!” Li Yaoxiang clamored loudly with fury .

Just when he was howling in fury, Su Luo, who had originally hid in the underbrush, slowly stole towards Li Yaoxiang’s back .

Due to the instinct from being an assassin in the previous world, her footsteps were as light and graceful as a butterfly . Her breathing was controlled to the point of being nothing .

Consequently, Su Luo would noiselessly get nearer to Li Yaoxiang like this .

The dagger hidden in her sleeves suddenly appeared .

Even though Li Yaoxiang was seriously injured, he was still an eighth-ranked expert . With regards to his keen sense for danger, it was simply something Su Luo couldn’t compare to .

In fact, when Su Luo got within a distance of three meters from his back, he had already sensed her approaching .

But, he still stood with his back to Su Luo, his mouth hooking into a mocking and sinister smile .

Loathsome girl, this was you delivering yourself to my door!

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