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Chapter 807

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Chapter 807 – Dark Forest (6)

Su Luo bent down at her waist and began to search for the Golden Crowned Snake King’s crystal stone .

Generally speaking, the crystal stone would all be on the forehead .

Su Luo used a sharp dagger to cut across and, as expected, found a reddish-orange-colored crystal stone in the Golden Crowned Snake King’s forehead .

This Golden Crowned Snake King was not merely a fourth rank, rather, it was just about to step into the fifth rank . However, what a pity, it just failed like this through that last bit of effort .

The weak were prey to the strong, this was the inherent law of survival .

Moreover, it was the Golden Crowned Snake King that had first besieged her . If her strength hadn’t been enough, the one collapsed on the floor right now would be her .

As a result, Su Luo collected that stone without even a little bit of guilt in her heart .

Just when Su Luo was preparing to leave, from the corner of her eyes, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the edge of clothing .

Why was there the edge of clothing here?

Su Luo very curiously walked over, walking until she reached the back of a large tree .

She raised her eyes towards it and unexpectedly saw a corpse that was dripping with blood .

This corpse was male, approximately twenty years old .

He was dressed all in black, sturdy clothing . A black cloth covered his face and his entire body was shrouded in darkness . Quite clearly, this was an assassin .

The condition of his death was very bitter .

A sharp sword passed through his chest to his back . The wound at his chest was gapingly big, the size of a bowl, and blood had flowed all over the ground .

Apart from the mortal wound at his chest, there were still nearly ten wounds of all sizes located on his body .

It could clearly be seen that when he was fighting for his life, how desperate the battle was .

After Su Luo examined it, she realized that the time since the death of this corpse was within a day .

Momentarily, Su Luo’s eyebrows knitted together slightly .

Ahead of her, there was an intense battle . If she walked along the path she had originally planned, she could rashly encounter a disaster .

Just right at this moment, Zi Yu’s voice came through faintly from the direction on top of a tree: “Go according to the original route . ”

Su Luo put both her hands on her hips, raised her eyes up and glared at him unhappily .

She just knew it!

Senior Brother Ice Cube was longing for her to participate in a fight . The more intense, the closer it was to a life-and-death crisis, the better it would be .

“Alright, then I’ll just go according to the original route . ”

However, today, it was somewhat late . At night, the Dark Forest was very dangerous, unsuitable for hurrying on a journey .

Consequently, Su Luo took the opportunity to camp out and rested at her original location .

In areas outside the city, she immediately reflected upon the importance of being a space mage .

Space, for people who were leaving home for a journey, they would kill for this absolutely amazing equipment .

Su Luo took out the tent she had already prepared from within her space and placed it on level ground .

She felt that her stomach was somewhat hungry and decided to light a fire to make a pot of fresh, aromatic and delicious snake soup .

As for raw materials, they were naturally drawn from local resources .

Such a huge Gold Crowned Snake King, even if she ate it for a month, she would not be able to finish it .

From a pile in the corner of her space, Su Luo took out a simple iron rack and hooked up the iron pot to the pitchfork-like rack . Then, she began to deal with the snake meat .

Snake soup was not at all easy to make .

Su Luo took hold of the softest part of the Golden Crowned Snake King’s body, skinned it then threaded the flesh . Afterwards, she used snake fat to roughly stir-fry it once through .

Because she had her space, she definitely brought along cooking wine, scallion, ginger, garlic and other seasonings .

Thus, she poured in the cooking wine, coarse salt, and then added sliced ginger, thin strips of scallion, ground pepper and so on .

This area was still considered the forest’s outer surroundings, so she could still light a fire for the time being . In another two days, Su Luo would not dare to light a fire so openly and without fear like this again .

In any case, the time in her space was slowed down by tenfold . As a result, Su Luo decided to make several pots of soup then keep them inside her space . So when the time came, it would be convenient to eat .

After approximately one hour, the fresh, aromatic and delicious snake soup was done .

Zi Yu, who liked to pretend not to be around when Su Luo was fighting, now actually quietly showed himself .

A hint of a smile appeared in Su Luo’s eyes . Smilingly, she called out to Senior Brother Ice Cube to come over and eat snake soup together .

Seeing the clean bowl and chopsticks placed neatly in front of him, the corner of Zi Yu’s eyes ticked slightly .

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