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Chapter 822-823

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Chapter 822 – Celestial Spirit Cup (3)

“Why would it not be appropriate? Before, the matter with the high grade Celestial Spirit Water made you eat a loss . If I don’t make it up to you, my heart won’t be peaceful . Do you want this matter to become a demon in my heart?” The good and honest Zi Yan blinked her clear, pitch-black eyes to persuade Su Luo .

Su Luo somewhat reluctantly sighed: “Then… it can only be this way . ”

“Uh!” Seeing this, Zi Yan finally let go of the guilt in her heart, “This snake soup is really delicious!”

“Then you should eat some more . ” Su Luo smiled .

At the same time, when Su Luo was talking with Zi Yan, an intense quarrel was also in progress inside Su Luo’s space .

However, this quarrel was very strange .

Because there was only one voice arguing noisily . The other party just had his innocent eyes open wide, staring foolishly and blankly at that stone .

This matter had to be explained from the start .

After Su Luo used the Celestial Spirit Water to exchange for the cup, that cup then justifiably belong to the little divine dragon .

However, the little divine dragon had only just gotten into her space and then met with someone blocking his way to rob him .

That chunk of lousy stone’s voice maliciously abused in an unpleasant manner: “Leave this cup behind!”

“…” The little divine dragon opened his eyes wide and looked all over the place for the voice .

“Looking at where, fart . Little grandpa is just below your claw!” The lousy stone was on the verge of a violent rage .

“…” The little divine dragon only then realized that it was unexpectedly stepping on an ugly and extremely loathsome stone .

“Hurry up, place me inside the cup!” The lousy stone instructed roughly .

Asking help from someone to do something, but using this manner of coarse tone . The lousy stone was definitely on the rhythm of courting death .

However, the little divine dragon was a good child, so he did not take offense .

The little divine dragon glanced at at the stone perplexedly, turned his head and wanted to leave .

“Stand still! Hurry up and place me in that cup to soak for a while . You little foolish dragon, are you deaf?” The lousy stone’s attitude had always been irascible and vile .

A trace of suspicion flashed across the little divine dragon’s pair of clear eyes .

He looked foolishly at that stone .

This lousy stone completely did not know how to exercise restraint, and was still over there, jabbering out commands .

“…” So noisy . The corner of the little divine dragon’s mouth pouted slightly .

This cup belonged to him, he definitely wouldn’t give the cup away . However, the little stone was always giving off steam, it was probably too hot…

Don’t keep hoping that the little divine dragon’s simple brain could think more complicatedly . His brainwaves were created in the shape of a straight line .

“Quickly!” When the proud, petite figure inside the lousy stone saw that the little divine dragon was still as blank as before, he urged loudly .

The cup was something he definitely wouldn’t give . However, the little stone was also very pitiful, about to burn up soon .

Consequently, the pure, kind-hearted and willing-to-help-others little divine dragon ran over to the lousy stone like a wisp of smoke and raised up his back right leg .

The tiny figure inside the stone was shocked stupid by this movement of the little divine dragon . Only after quite a while did he return to his senses and shout loudly: “Don’t——!!!”

But, it was already too late .

The little divine dragon had already released a stream of urine onto the stone .

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!!”

After the tiny figure inside the stone was able to react, it suddenly broke out into a thunderous bellow that frightened the heavens and the earth and made supernatural beings sob .

“You loathsome little dragon, foolish little dragon, stupid little dragon, dragon, dragon, dragon, your sister’s damn dragon! You actually dared to urinate on little grandpa! Wait after this little grandpa comes out, you’re dead! You just wait for little grandpa! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!”

“…” So noisy . The little divine dragon pursed his small mouth .

He had already helped the little stone extinguish the fire and lower its temperature . Why was the little stone still angry like this?

The little divine dragon flattened his small mouth . Both of his eyes were pure, innocent and bewildered .

“Extremely smelly, extremely smelly, extremely smelly!!!! Ah ah ah ah ah!!!! Why haven’t you already hurried to wash this little grandpa!!!! Hurry up and bring me to be washed and scrubbed, ah ah ah ah!!!”


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Chapter 823 – Celestial Spirit Cup (4)

“…” The little stone was the one that was truly the most smelly! The little divine dragon also had a temper .

Being cursed by someone but unable to retort back verbally, then just retaliate physically .

As a result, our little divine dragon, who had always been obedient and well-behaved, extended that robust little claw from his calf . Facing that stone, it directly launched it with a long distance shot!


The little stone that was still carefreely jabbering out abuse, became a throwing object that was launched by the little divine dragon and flew far away .

As for where it flew to… who knew?

Little Sky’s voice, jabbering on shouts of abuse, could be heard from a distance .

But because the distance from it had grown so far, it could not be heard clearly .

The little divine dragon simply did not give it any more attention .

At this time, Su Luo, who was in a spirit state, entered into her space .

“Eh, where is Little Sky?”Su Luo glanced left and right, looked for quite a while but still did not find that stone .

She remembered that previously, this was where she’d placed it . Could it be that she remembered wrongly?

The little divine dragon pulled back his neck guiltily . A pair of clear eyes, pitch-black as ink, stared fixedly at Su Luo .

“What’s wrong?” Su Luo sat down on the ground opposite of him, reached out her hand to stroke his little head .

The little divine dragon tilted his little face and thought for a while . In the end, he still lifted up that cup with both claws to give to Su Luo .

“Giving this to me?” Su Luo pointed at her own nose .

“Uhm!” The little divine dragon nodded seriously .

Su Luo took that cup, looked over it carefully, up, down, left and right, but still did not find anything strange .

“Isn’t it just a cup that exudes low grade Celestial Spirit Water? Are we still lacking in Celestial Spirit Water? Is it worth treasuring this much, clinging to it so rigidly and not letting go?” Su Luo sized up that cup with doubt .

The little divine dragon’s little claw snatched away the cup in Su Luo’s hand and immediately tossed it towards the ground!

“Hey, I say, you, this child, who did you learn this bad temperament from…” Su Luo had not finished speaking, when she saw that in the midst of that white jade cup’s shattered fragments, a yellow paper was flying directly towards her .

“This is…” Once Su Luo grabbed hold of the yellow paper, she just took one glance and then stopped .

For a moment, the hand holding that piece of yellow paper trembled slightly .

“This, is, a map fragment to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods!” Su Luo’s eyes were filled with astonishment . It was simply hard to believe .

This was actually a map fragment to the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods!!!

For a moment, Su Luo stood there rigidly . The nice surprise that filled her throat seemed to want to gush out .

Su Luo took out another piece of the map fragment from inside a secret shelf in her space .

These two fragments seemed to have a kind of imperceptible force of attraction . The two fragments flew into the air, suddenly twisting and dancing in the wind, and finally, actually glued together tightly .

After that, the two-joined-as-one piece of paper once again flew back into Su Luo’s hand .

“You, this little thing, couldn’t be that you have known since long ago that this cup concealed a map fragment, right?” Su Luo looked at the little divine dragon with a complicated gaze .

The little divine dragon ran bashfully into Su Luo’s embrace . His little butt turned and twisted, appearing extremely shy .

“No wonder you clung to to that cup so tightly and did not let go . So actually, it turns out, you have a unique all-seeing mind, heehee . ” Su Luo’s rubbed his head, in a very happy mood .

Don’t know for how long this white jade cup had stayed in the Jade Lake’s Li family, afterwards, it was stolen by that girl, Zi Yan .

What a pity, oh, what a pity . What a pity that they all didn’t know that this cup was actually not the most precious treasure . The real precious thing was the map of the Secluded Necropolis of the Gods concealed inside the cup .

The Secluded Necropolis of the Gods’ map fragment was the real priceless treasure . The Celestial Spirit Water simply could not be compared on the same level with it .

It was said that the Secluded Continent was an existence that transcended the endless months and years of time . It was said that the people who came out from that place, even if they were the most ordinary people, they could exterminate any of this continent’s nations as they wished with one move .

Yes, that’s right, any ordinary person was able to accomplish such a thing .

It could clearly be seen how mystical an existence the Secluded Continent was .

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