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Chapter 864
Chapter 864 – A glimmer of hope (5)

Su Luo saw that the little divine dragon was also at wits’ end . Her brows knitted: “Just wait a minute, I keep feeling——”

Then, right at this moment, the little divine dragon’s expression suddenly changed .

The little divine dragon suddenly threw himself at Zi Yan .

Zi Yan was immediately overwhelmed somewhat by such favor .

This little guy had always been cold and indifferent towards her . At present, it was a rare thing for him to voluntarily enter into her lap .

Zi Yan’s mood immediately became very good: “Come, come over to Big Sister’s side…”

Before she finished speaking, the little divine dragon had brushed past her . His finger was pointing straight at the target – that stone Zi Yan was sitting on .

“Really doesn’t give one face ah… . ” Zi Yan poked at the little divine dragon’s head and also rubbed her own head .

However, compared to Zi Yan, Su Luo had a much better understanding of the little divine dragon’s temperament .

Able to make the little divine dragon’s pair of eyes shine brightly like that, he had definitely seen a treasure!

At this moment, the little divine dragon had just extended his two sharp claws . He was scratching at the stone beneath Zi Yan .

Immediately, stone fragments swirled in the air, filling the whole sky .

Zi Yan hurriedly jumped up, because if she hadn’t jumped up, the little divine dragon might have also scratched apart her butt .

Seeing the little divine dragon so excited, a bright light immediately flashed through Su Luo’s eyes . Could it be that the treasure was hidden inside these ordinary stones?

Su Luo carefully looked at that stone . All of a sudden, she let out an ‘oh’ sound of surprise . Her eyes suddenly lit up .

Oh! Just a moment ago, she really was almost fooled . These stones had an outward appearance that made them seem like ordinary stones . However, in fact, these stones had great origins!

“Zi Yan, quickly come and see!” Su Luo pulled Zi Yan up with one hand and pointed at that stone .

“What are you doing? What’s so good about this stone… I say, is it because your family’s little divine dragon has nothing better to do? To unexpectedly run over to shave a stone?” Zi Yan had an expression full of doubt .

She simply didn’t know that the little divine dragon had a special treasure hunting ability . Therefore, she was very puzzled by his behavior .

“Your luck truly isn’t bad, the moment you sat down, you sat on a treasure . ” Su Luo said in annoyance .

Zi Yan was really… Even the little divine dragon was helping her dig out the treasure . Unexpectedly, she still didn’t know… Could this be the legendary a fool’s luck?

“Treasure? Where?” Zi Yan had an expression full of disbelief .

Su Luo’s gaze was looking at that stone .

It seemed as if Zi Yan was choking . She pointed at that stone, “You’re saying this one?”

Su Luo nodded her head in a deadly earnest manner .

Zi Yan with a ‘pfft’ sound, laughed out loud: “Too funny, how could a treasure be inside this stone? I really don’t believe it . ”

Su Luo was all smiles as she responded: “Since you don’t believe it, then if a treasure really emerges from inside, then you must gift it to me . ”

Zi Yan slapped her chest, vouching for it: “Sure, if a treasure really emerges from inside, I won’t raise any objections and immediately——”

Zi Yan saw that curve hooking up in the corner of Su Luo’s mouth and those eyes still containing a smile as before . In a split second, she quivered!

Not right!

Su Luo was as cunning as a little fox, maybe something would really come from inside . She must not be deceived by Su Luo, this cunning little fox!

Consequently, with the words at the tip of her tongue, Zi Yan forcibly changed it: “If a treasure really emerges from inside, I, without demur, will keep it for myself!”

Su Luo let out a ‘pfft’ sound of laugher: “You miser, at least you turned around quickly . Otherwise, you certainly wouldn’t have a share in this treasure . Do you know what this stone is?”

“What?” Wasn’t it just a shining white stone? Not much different from those stones in the surrounding mountains . It was basically, exactly the same .

“We have been deceived by the external appearance of this stone . I tell you, in fact, this stone’s external appearance only looks like a stone . ”

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