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Published at 21st of March 2018 09:14:58 PM

Chapter 892

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Chapter 892 – Nearly disfigured (2)

Thus, Su Luo sat cross-legged, her eyes tightly closed, her spirit had long ago entered into her space .

In her space was the medicinal cauldron, medicinal herbs, and in addition, the Red Acacia Seeds Su Luo had gathered previously .

The medicinal herbs for the Advanced Apothecary’s test were all already prepared .

Very good .

Su Luo took a deep breath .

Didn’t know when she would encounter such a great time with this kind of burst of inspiration, therefore, Su Luo made a firm resolution to seize this good opportunity . In one move, to be promoted to Advanced Apothecary .

Only after promoting to Advanced Apothecary level, could she then make use of the Primeval Pill Recipes she had inherited from Elder Zi Huo .

Su Luo was inside the medical cauldron .

And at this moment, she had also opened the medicinal cauldron in her space .

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Water Caltrop, Leafy Grass, Ancient Wooden Mushroom as well as a moderately-sized Red Acacia Seed .

In the beginning, she only put in these four herbal ingredients .

The four herbal ingredients gave off four different herbal characteristics, afterwards, they unceasingly condensed, mixing together .

Su Luo kept watch on the side of the medicine cauldron, steadily staring at it .

She placed both hands on the medicinal cauldron, her spirit force entering into the medicinal cauldron through her palms non-stop . She could thereby sense the change of the medicinal herbs inside .

Very quickly, her hands moved slightly .

Then, she put in another three medicinal herbs all at once, at the same time, there was a Red Acacia Seed .

Afterwards, Su Luo then once again continued to steadily stare while sensing the change of the herbal medicine inside the medicinal cauldron .

In fact, there were already eight herbal medicine inside, with two pairs that harmonized and two pairs that repelled each other .

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This period lasted for a very long time .

Afterwards, she once again added three herbal ingredients, and the last Red Acacia Seed .

Nine herbal ingredients, in addition to the three Red Acacia Seeds, were boiled and cooked inside the medicinal cauldron .

Su Luo had both hands placed on the outside of the medicine cauldron, sensing the changes in the herbal medicine inside . At the same time, she had to unceasingly control the change in the intensity of the fire .

When the two medicines with repelling characteristics were mixed, she needed to weaken the fire’s intensity .

At the time when the two medicines harmonized, she needed to increase the fire’s intensity again .

At this time, this tested a person’s perception and sensitivity .

In her space, it was three days and three nights .

Su Luo continuously maintained this posture, sensing the temperature inside the medicinal cauldron and the change in the nature of the medicinal herbs .

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These three days and three nights, she didn’t eat nor drink, standing there like a statue .

Suddenly, her tightly closed eyes abruptly opened .

The corner of her mouth slowly raised into a satisfied smile .

“It’s done!”

As expected, when Su Luo lifted the medicinal cauldron’s lid, a rich fragrance assaulted her senses .

A Spirit Restoration Pill, full of spirit power, quietly rested on the top part of the medicinal cauldron .

That Spirit Restoration Pill was the size of a pigeon’s egg, round and plump, just looking at it made you happy .

Su Luo picked one up to carefully examine it, the smile at the corner of her mouth growing bigger .

“No mistake, this is an Elite level Spirit Restoration Pill, authentic . ” Su Luo smiled like a little fox .

Originally, she thought it would still take quite a long time before she would be promoted to an Advanced Apothecary . She never expected that Yan Xia, that old witch, would seal her inside this medicinal cauldron . However, it gave her the opportunity to be promoted to an Advanced Apothecary .

Of course, this was also thanks to the three Variant Red Acacia Seeds .

Since she had already succeeded in refining it, Su Luo quickly left her space and returned to her body .

Inside her space, three days and three nights had passed, but only less than an hour had passed in the outside world .

At this moment, because the heat inside the medicinal cauldron was absorbed by that stone, as a result, the water temperature was very comfortable .

Su Luo was just about to rest properly and relieve her tiredness, when all of a sudden, she saw the lid of the medicinal cauldron suddenly open .

Could it be that the old witch was planning to let her out?

Merely, the thought was very plump, but reality was extremely skinny .

This was absolutely impossible .

Just like when Su Luo refined medicine, Fairy Yan Xia also needed to sense things inside .

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