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Chapter 893

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Chapter 893 – Nearly disfigured (3)

She needed to know the situation inside the medicinal cauldron .

However, what astonished her was that, when she had bumped the medicinal cauldron, she could feel that the temperature inside was gentler than the spring sun .

How could this be?

As a result, Fairy Yan Xia directly lifted opened the lid of the medicinal cauldron .

“What the hell did you do?!” Fairy Yan Xia glared at Su Luo with displeasure .

However, at this moment, Su Luo naturally had thrown the stone into her space, so as to destroy the corpse and remove all traces .

“What?” Su Luo pretended to be bewildered, a condition as if she completely did not understand what had happened .

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Fairy Yan Xia disdainfully looked at the black ink-like stuff on her face and coldly warned: “I warn you, don’t play any tricks, because it would be of no benefit you . ”

“I don’t understand what you are saying . ” Su Luo unhurriedly said .

In any case, she had the stone in hand, no matter how Fairy Yan Xia tried to cook her, she would never be able to burn her to death .

“Loathsome girl, all these herbal ingredients are extremely hard to find in hundreds of years . You absolutely would not be able to gather them . So, if you wasted these herbal ingredients, than the medicinal juice on your face will never come off . ” Fairy Yan Xia coldly threatened .

She glared at Su Luo: “Of course, your master could find these herbal ingredients . However, let me tell you, the medicinal juice on your face will expire after three days . If it is not removed within three days, then you’ll just have to wait for your face to rot away!”

What? There was really such a thing? Su Luo’s heart was greatly surprised .

“Are you just scaring me?” Su Luo stared unblinkingly at Fairy Yan Xia, trying to find any peculiarities on her face .

However, Fairy Yan Xia coldly smiled: “Scare you? What for?”

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Su luo glared at Fairy Yan Xia . She was able to determine that what she said was true .

If she did not remove the medicinal juice on her face after three days, then… . Just thinking that there was a chance of being disfigured, Su Luo immediately felt anxious .

“Old witch, you didn’t say this before . ” Su Luo’s hands that were underwater clenched into fists .

“What’s the difference if I told you or not?” Fairy Yan Xia disdainfully shot Su Luo a sideways glance, “Even if I said it earlier, did you have any way to oppose me?”

Fairy Yan Xia’s infuriating appearance, just looking at it annoyed Su Luo . She wished she could smash her fists over!

In this world that respected strong experts, only iron fists counted as reason .

Su Luo’s determination to become strong grew even more intense!

In the end, Fairy Yan Xia’s cold gaze glared at Su Luo, an icy intent in the depth of her eyes: “Just you try to play any tricks . ”

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Fairy Yan Xia very fiercely glared at Su Luo . With a ‘bang’ sound, she once again closed the lid .

In the bottom of the medicinal cauldron .

The burning hot flame increased by several folds .

Su Luo, who originally thought she had victory within grasp, stared waveringly at the stone inside her space .

If what the old witch said was true, then…

“What she said was true . ” Little Sky inside the stone seemed to have guessed at Su Luo’s thoughts, so he coldly said a sentence .

“Then why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Su Luo asked with lingering fears in her heart .

Just a bit more and her face would really be ruined .

“Only when your face becomes ugly will you concentrate on cultivating… what’s so bad about that?” Little Sky vaguely muttered .

“What did you say?” Su Luo couldn’t hear it clearly . If she had heard clearly what Little Sky said……then the pitiful Little Sky would suffer a calamity .

Little Sky seemed to detect that these words would piss off Su Luo, therefore, he shrank back his head, pretending to be dead .

Fairy Yan Xia clearly was very angry .

She couldn’t figure out what kind of tricks Su Luo was playing at .

However, Su Luo’s little actions had clearly offended her .

As a result, in a fit of temper . Fairy Yan Xia fanned her sleeves, and with a ‘swoosh’ sound, numerous flames spread in an instant .

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