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Chapter 940

Chapter 940 – Western Jin Imperial Palace (2)

"Father, look, isn't she beautiful?" The little Princess Yulin pointed to Su Luo .

The corner of Su Luo's pursed slightly . What was this little girl thinking of doing again?

Seeing his own precious daughter, so rarely praising someone, the old emperor's followed hers to look over .

In the split second he saw Su Luo, his gaze slowed down for a moment, then stared blankly .

This young lady was as beautiful as a fairy . This was for certain .

However, able to make the old emperor stare in awe, was not merely because of her beautiful appearance .

Instead, it was that exceptional complexion that, previously, had made his mind move, and even until now, his heart still longed for .

This face, even if another hundred years, thousand years, had passed, even if he turned to dust he absolutely wouldn’t remember it wrong!

"Father emperor?" The little princess Yulin, never thought that this time, her old man's reaction would be so big . She was somewhat at a loss . A pair of distinctly black and white, large eyes looked suspiciously at her father .

"Come, let us go back to the palace . " The old emperor placed the little princess Yulin, down . Holding her hand, they walked forward .

He had just taken a step, when he turned his head to instruct Su Luo, "You follow along as well . "

Hearing this, a trace of suspicion flashed across Su Luo's heart .

Earlier, when the old emperor first took a look at her, that shocked expression, although it flashed by and disappeared, but she still caught it .

That was not at a drooling-at-the-loveliness-of-a-woman expression, rather it was, a kind of unable to describe nor understandable complicated mood .

Su Luo pondered secretly in her heart: If this face of hers should look like someone, then that person could only be the painting of a beautiful woman hanging on Beautiful Teacher's wall .

Could it be that the old emperor knew the beauty in Beautiful Teacher's painting?

Su Luo suppressed her suspicions . With an expression as calm as water, she followed behind the old emperor in silence .

Of course, not everyone was like Su Luo, with a sharp recognition that could discern the truth .

With regards to misunderstanding the old emperor's gaze was absolutely not one or two people .

The palace had never lacked people to ignite a fire then fan with wind . Even more wouldn't lack people to throw stones at someone while they were down .

So, although Su Luo had only just entered the imperial palace, yet she had already become an nail like a thorn in one's flesh to certain people .

As for the reason, naturally was that devastatingly beautiful, exceptional and incomparable complexion .

After returning to the imperial palace, Su Luo had originally thought the old emperor would ask her some questions . Thus she naturally could seize the opportunity to probe for news she wanted to know .

To no avail, the old emperor remained extremely calm .

That pair of dignified eyes of his stared at Su Luo for a long time, but in the end, he didn’t even ask a single question .

On the surface, Su Luo was as calm as water, but in her heart, however, she felt somewhat helpless .

The old emperor wasn't curious, but she was still full of questions .

"Step down . " The old emperor waved his hand . His mood couldn't be seen on his face .

However, at this time, senior concubine Li who was sitting by the old emperor's side, laughed: "Your Majesty, this young lady is quite beautiful . Place her in the palace hall, she's naturally like a beautiful scenery . Just don't know if Your Majesty can bear to bestow this palace maid to me your concubine?"

Senior Concubine Li's words and smile were captivating, winsome and skillful, a soft tone that carried a strong wordless meaning . Those who heard it, even felt their bones would go soft .

The old emperor didn't realize he was scowling slightly .

However, before the old emperor could say anything . The little princess Yulin had already jumped out with her little face full of rage: "What's the matter with you? Yun Luo is my good friend and not a palace maid!"

Although the little princess was angry at Su Luo for not knowing what's good for her, but regardless of that was said, Yun Luo was also her people . She must certainly would protect her!

Senior Concubine Li covered her lips as she laughed: "Little princess, just now, wasn't it you who said she is a palace maid? Why isn't she one now?"

The little princess Yulin, humphed coldly: "Even if she is a palace maid, she's still a palace maid that belongs to me alone . You also fit to have her? Humph, you're not even worthy of carrying Yun Luo's shoes, and still wanted her to be your little palace maid?"