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Chapter 948
Chapter 948 - Mother's secret (5)

"Not going to bet . " As soon as Su Luo saw the old emperor smiling like an old fox, she knew immediately what he was thinking about . Therefore, she directly refused in one breath .

"Ah, kids these days are really hard to raise . " Old emperor gave a rueful sigh .

But at the same time, he was also grateful .

Indeed, the remaining blood lineage left behind by that person stood out so much from the masses .

Su Luo rose and took her leave . She returned to little Princess Yulin's Magnificent Gem Palace .

The princess curiously came up, saying this and that . In fact, she just wanted inquire about what the old emperor said to Su Luo .

But how could Su Luo speak about matters regarding the older generation?

Su Luo also rambled on, talking about random topics . The little princess saw that she really couldn't get any answers, only then did she roll her eyes dejectedly .

The night was pitch-black as ink .

Now was the darkest period right before daybreak .

This period was very short . Often, this time was when people were most sleepy during the day .

Su Luo, who was laying on the bed sleeping soundly, suddenly opened her eyes .

In the dark of the night, her eyes shone brightly like daylight, giving off a star-like brilliance .

The corners of Su Luo's lips slowly curled up into a smile . Afterwards, she flipped over and got up from the bed .

With swift and agile movements, she changed into her nocturnal clothes . Then, her nimble leopard-like body flipped out through the window .

The surroundings were very quiet, all the lights were put out .

The bright moonlight poured down like water, covering the whole earth in saffron-colored clothing . It gave off a hazy and blurred beauty .

Su Luo was clad in black nocturnal clothes with speed that was as fast as lightning . She swiftly and quietly disappeared into the endless night .

Before, Su Luo had deliberately inquired about the location of Yunqi's residence .

After getting the approximate location, this matter became a lot easier .

Su Luo could see in the night as clearly as if it was daytime .

At night, the guards patrolled back and forth .

But Su Luo's speed was a lot faster than theirs, so fast as if the wind was blowing by, immediately disappearing .

She blended in with the darkness of the night, and combined with her unparalleled speed, even if Su Luo flew by behind them, they still wouldn't have detected her .

Su Luo didn’t stop along the way, soon, she had arrived at the gate of a magnificent mansion .

"Magnificent Yun Palace . " Seeing these three words, Su Luo's eyes flashed .

That's right, this place was where Yunqi lived .

But Su Luo's mouth still grimaced .

Because as she was coming here, she couldn’t help but notice, every residence in this palace had a name with "magnificent (华 )" in it .

The same "magnificent (华 )" from Yan Hua .

This old emperor was really infatuated with her, after so many years, he obviously knew he couldn't have her but he still could not forget .

The bitterness from a secret love…

Su Luo quickly sorted out her mood and noiselessly entered Magnificent Yun Palace .

Su Luo made sure that the sound of her footsteps were at the lightest, like goose feathers .

She adjusted her breathing to the faintest so nobody could hear it .

Yunqi's strength was unfathomable, even up till now, Su Luo still was unclear about his limits .

If she advanced carefully and slowly, it shouldn't go badly .

She turned and jumped onto a high palace wall . Her delicate body hid behind the red columns with dragon and phoenix engravings, hidden by the darkness of the night .

She lifted her head slightly, surveying her surroundings carefully .

The candles were extinguished, not a single ray of light could be seen .

The surroundings were very quiet, except for light sounds of snoring, there weren't any other sounds .

But Su Luo frowned, finding that things were somewhat difficult .

Magnificent Yun Place was so huge, where could Yunqi have hidden the secret book?

The study? The bedroom? Or a secret room?

Su Luo frowned and pondered for a moment, and still had no idea .

Forget it, just start searching according to his habits from his previous life .

After thinking it through, Su Luo headed towards the most gorgeous building in the center of this residence .

After a few jumps, Su Luo's figure fell behind some doors and windows .