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Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 – To search for hidden treasures (3)

Including Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron, these were all treasures that Apothecaries would yearn for in their dreams .

Countless experts on the continent have sought this«Obscure Pill Recipes»in order to curry favors with Apothecaries . However after having flipped over the entire continent in their search, no one was able to find it . Yet, she would never have imagined that in her hunt for Su Luo she had unexpectedly lucked out . She found «Obscure Pill Recipes», and even Zi Huo’s medicinal cauldron .

At this moment, Nen Lu almost went mad with joy!

She trembled with jubilation and extreme excitement . She almost jumped up for joy in her elation .

She reached out for the«Obscure Pill Recipes», but very quickly she withdrew her hand .

She didn’t dare, she was afraid of death .

This was because the corpses lying haphazardly on the floor told her that Elder Zi Huo was definitely a poison expert . His belongings definitely could not be encroached upon by just anyone .

“You, come here!” Nen Lu raised her long sword to Su Luo’s neck, coldly glaring at her as if looking at a dead man .

“You want to kill me to silence me?” Su Luo lifted the corner of her lips in a slight smile that was not truly a smile .

“Kill you to silence you?” Nen Lu laughed out loud . “I definitely will kill you to silence you . Otherwise, if even half a word of what happened here were to spread from your lips, great trouble will befall our Jade Lake Palace . Therefore, you must die . ”

“Really?” Su Luo faintly smiled . Just great, she too had a similar notion .

“But right now, you can’t die yet . ” Nen Lu used the long sword to threaten Su Luo and bellowed, “Bring that«Obscure Pill Recipes»over here . ”

Nen Lu wanted to appropriate everything here for herself, but she would not even dare to touch them .

Obviously, she was being used as a lab rat! Su Luo felt a chill flashed across her heart; her gaze fell upon the corpses on the floor, one had a dagger stabbed into it .

Icy-cold light reflected off the dagger .

“Fine . ” Su Luo did not refuse . She walked over step by step, with a harmless smile on her face .

“Quickly pick it up!” Nen Lu coldly commanded .

She wanted to use Su Luo to test for poison, to see if this«Obscure Pill Recipes»had any poison on it .

Right now, at this crucial moment, she must not die . Discovering Elder Zi Huo’s cave, what other achievement could compare to it? Having this achievement, in the future, even Qing Ning that bitch, would be beneath her .

Perhaps, she could take those things and escape to faraway places . This also was not a bad idea, such thoughts quickly flashed through Nen Lu’s mind .

Su Luo watched Nen Lu’s constantly changing expressions, and a hint of sneer appeared in her eyes .

An inexperienced naive idiot .

But the expression on Su Luo’s face remained unchanged, and when her hand touched the book, she silently mouthed, “Collect . ”

Suddenly, in an instant, the book vanished from the bookshelf .

“Huh— what happened? Where’s the book?” Su Luo pretended to be surprised, and with a expression of having lost her head out of fear, she screamed out loud .

Nen Lu’s whole face had a look of utter disbelief .

She had kept a very close eye on it just now . Her line of sight never once leaving Su Luo’s hand, yet she could only helplessly watch as that book, in an instant, vanished without a trace .

What actually happened? The book was fine, how could it just disappear?

This time, I must have seen a ghost!

Nen Lu could confirm that during such a short time, Su Luo had no chance to pull off any tricks . It was a pity that no matter how much she speculates, she could never have guessed that Su Luo was unexpectedly a space mage, with her body carrying a portable space .

That was why, Nen Lu’s first reaction was to leap to the bookshelf and search for it continuously .

At this time, Su Luo was bending over pretending to search for it, but she furtively pulled out the dagger .

Seeing that Nen Lu’s whole attention was focused on searching through the«Primeval Pill Recipes», the corner of Su Luo’s mouth lifted into an ice-cold, unrestrained, demonic and sly smile .

No sooner said than done ——

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