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Chapter 996

Chapter 996 – Life hanging by a thread (3)

"Master, disciple is unable to defeat him . " A touch of treacherous radiance flashed through Yun Qi's fluid eyes .

Fairy Yan Xia heavily snorted: "Worthless thing! How could my, Yan Xia's, disciple speak such demoralizing words!"

"Master……" Yun Qi slowly lifted up his head, the original bleak gaze was now like the stars in the night sky, flashing rays of light, "Master, you have a method?"

Fairy Yan Xia coldly snorted: "There is a method, however, you need to pay a heavy price . "

Yun Qi solemnly nodded: "The hatred of seizing my wife is absolutely irreconcilable, so long as I can defeat him, no matter what the price, disciple will not hesitate to do so!"

"Good! Very good!" Fairy Yan Xia howled with laughter, "If you want to be strong within a short time, there is only one method, that is to enter the demonic path!

Enter the demonic path? Yun Qi's thick eyebrows knitted slightly .

Fairy Yan Xia repeatedly sneered: "Yun Qi, do you still want Nangong Liuyun to grab your neck and be powerless when being trampled upon?"

"Su Luo, that cheap girl, abandoned you, isn't it because you are weak, because you are weaker than Nangong Liuyun . So, no matter how you beseech her, she will never return to your side!"

"Yun Qi, don't be naive, this is a world where the strong is respected . Here, only strength is the hard principled reasoning . "

"Entering the demonic path, your strength can be promoted in a very short time . If you don't enter the demonic path, you will be chased to be killed by Nangong Liuyun until there's no gate to heaven and no road to hell . "

Fairy Yan Xia threw out these words, with each sentence stabbing at Yun Qi's heart .

Enter the demonic path……

The scene that day on the overhanging cliff now appeared before Yun Qi's eyes .

Su Luo had repeated over and over again that she didn't want him .

Nangong Liuyun was grabbing him by the neck, as if he was about to cut the flesh off a fish on the cutting board .

Yun Qi's hands clenched into tight fists!

Able to injure Master to this degree, Nangong Liuyun's strength had already become powerful to an unfathomable stage, even if he urged the horses on, he still couldn't catch up .

Only through the demonic path…… enter the demonic path……

'Enter the demonic path', these four words, were like demons firmly nipping at Yun Qi's heart .

"Okay . " Yun Qi thought for a while and finally said one word .

Seeing that Yun Qi had agreed, the corner of Fairy Yan Xia's mouth hooked into a sinister sneer .

"You will swear, this life, if you don't kill Nangong Liuyun, you will not be a man . " Fairy Yan Xia, in an ice-cold manner, commanded .

"I swear, this life, if I don't kill Nangong Liuyun, I will not be a man . " Yun Qi, enunciating each word clearly and made the vow .

"You will swear, this life, don't kill……don't marry Su Luo, you will not be a man . " Fairy Yan Xia knew, Yun Qi would never be able to kill Su Luo .

However, everyone could tell, the person Su Luo liked was Nangong Liuyun . Asking her to marry another person was worse than killing her .

The taunting sneer at the corner of Fairy Yan Xia's mouth became increasingly stronger .

"Okay, I, Yun Qi, swear this life, if I don't marry Su Luo, I will not be a man!" Yun Qi's voice was unprecedentedly firm .

Luo Luo was his from the beginning, no one could snatch her away from his side!

"Very good . " Fairy Yan Xia's spirit was a lot better because of the excitement just now . Now, she calmed down and once again couldn't stop coughing . She was coughing out mouthful after mouthful of blood .

"Because Master's time is limited, now let's begin to cultivate . " Fairy Yan Xia said as she coughed out blood at the same time .

Back in the day, she had accidentally obtained a demon lord's buried treasures, that protective net was one of the treasures from there, another treasure was 《Peak of the Demonic Path》 .

Only males could cultivate《Peak of the Demonic Path》, otherwise, Fairy Yan Xia would have already cultivated it .

As a result, in this quiet cave, a master and disciple pair began to cultivate the demonic path secret book day and night .